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IDC reported this week that 2008’s third quarter saw U.S. domestic notebook shipments cruise past a 50 percent share of the personal computer market, not for the first time but reaching a convincing 55.2 percent. As usual, the broader market trails Apple in the trend line, […] Read more »

Schwarzenegger as Obama’s Energy Czar?: It’s too early to call the polls yet, but not too early to speculate if Republican California Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger would serve as Obama’s Energy Secretary. Schwarzenegger’s energy policy’s are closer to Obama’s than McCain’s – WSJ’s Environmental Capital. What’s A […] Read more »

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This past weekend, I was on the web and doing some writing on my beloved Lenovo ThinkPad X40 sub-notebook, when disaster struck. I had a paper cup full of water sitting next to the computer–too close–and a careless brush from my forearm knocked it over onto […] Read more »

The eighth annual World Toilet Summit and Expo, which opens today in Macau, looks at how to provide affordable, environmentally friendly and basic access to sanitation. Forty percent of the world’s population — 2.5 billion people — do not have access to a hygienic toilet, according […] Read more »

From the news reports of long lines, it looks like voter turnout will soar above the anemic 35-50 percent of presidential elections past, and anyone eager to track early indications of how the outcome will swing can turn to the web for clues. Judging by Google’s […] Read more »

Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between professional industry analysts and Apple fanboys coming up with dream specs for their ideal notebook. Such is the case with the most recent prediction by Neil Mawston of Strategy Analytics. His call for the (immediate) future of the […] Read more »

Netbooks have tackled the world by storm due to their low price, often just $300-$500.  Small useful little laptops that can hit the web running.  Word has been trickling out this week that major carriers are planning on introducing netbooks at super cheap subsidized pricing to […] Read more »

The FCC today opened up the wireless communications market with its approval of a plan to allow independent devices to operate in the spectrum between digital TV channels; it also OKd the merger of spectrum between Sprint and Clearwire as well as Verizon’s $28.1 billion deal to buy Alltel, creating two new wireless networks backed, in part, by Google. Read more »

Despite the pressures of the economic downturn and caution among most of its customers, Dell continues to see opportunity in its enterprise infrastructure and service business, Senior VP Paul Bell said at the Dreamforce conference today. He noted that Web 2.0, social-networking companies and other firms […] Read more »

First, the good news: SingTel reported in a filing to the Singaporean exchange today that it had sold 170,000 iPhones since launching the ha… Read more »

The election here in the states is in full swing and we figured you may be wondering where to get good coverage of the results as they unfurl.  Our sister blog NewTeeVee has produced an excellent summary of coverage that can be found online and you […] Read more »

Atlanta-based Suniva said today it has started fabricating its first line of solar cells at its Norcross, Ga. facility. Current capacity is 32 megawatts but Suniva plans to increase that to 175 megawatts by 2010. Read more »

Say you’re looking for the perfect place to watch the election results pour in tonight, but your living room seems too lonely, your favorite blog seems too impersonal, and (depending on how the vote goes) your neighborhood bar may break out into a fight. How about […] Read more »

Herman Miller, the creator of the wildly popular Aeron chair, have built a high-end chair that will make you all the more comfortable as you sit for eight hours staring in disbelief at your plummeting stock portfolio. At $1,600 the Embody chair doesn’t come cheap, but […] Read more »

Dear America, if you won’t do what famous people tell you to do, will you do what an adorable small child tells you to do? Four-year-old Truett says vote! And YouTube’s Video Your Vote site, collating user videos of their voting experiences, is now in full […] Read more »

The VooDoo Envy 133 is a notebook to lust after and that just got easier to do.  HP has integrated the VooDoo operation into the main notebook unit and as a result the Envy 133 just got $200 cheaper.  Starting today the Envy 133 price is […] Read more »

In a previous post here at WWD, I gave a list of four essential contacts for web workers. The list included a mentor, a newbie, the walking social network, and the non-techie. While those contacts will help you enrich your career, there are other contacts you’ll […] Read more »

In one fell swoop, Apple has put an end to the “speculating.” Stating that their “holiday line-up is set,” Bill Evans, an Apple spokesman, has put to bed the rumors that were circulating Apple news sites stating an update to the iMac and Mac mini was […] Read more »

A crappy economy, a momentous election? We excuse you for having other things on your mind. But come Nov. 13, if you’re a fan of online video, we sure hope you’ll plop your butt down in San Francisco for our NewTeeVee Live conference. We’re even doing […] Read more »

A crappy economy, a momentous election? We excuse you for having other things on your mind. But come Nov. 13, if you’re a reader of this site, we sure hope you’ll plop your butt down in San Francisco for our NewTeeVee Live conference. We’re even doing […] Read more »

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