Stories for Nov. 10, 2008

Today IBM said it will allow people to use its semiconductor manufacturing plants to make power-efficient, higher performance chips that enable startups to compete with the manufacturing prowess of a chip giant such as Intel. Read more »

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Stories for Nov. 9, 2008

Cyworld, the South Korean social network that launched in the U.S. with a splashy party in 2006 has packed up its bags and left the U.S. market. The social network, backed by SK Telecom, will layoff its entire U.S. staff and will continue to operate the […] Read more »

Earlier this month, Cisco Systems came out with an unusually downbeat forecast. As a bellwether of the telecom and infrastructure sector, its gloomy outlook proves just how negatively affected the industry at large will be by the vise-like grip of the economic downturn. Read more »

There’s been a lot of commentary on the Apple/Psystar case, though I believe most of it is based on misunderstanding of the legal process and the normal dance steps that take place before trial. In such cases a “loss” on either side is really not a loss at all, […] Read more »

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MGM will begin posting TV episodes and full-length movies to YouTube on Monday, the studio told the New York Times. However, the content will be very limited. The initial offering will include the old-school version of American Gladiators, action movies like Bulletproof Monk and The Magnificent […] Read more »

As part of a $40 million internal funding round that Tesla is raising from its original seven investors, Musk told the audience at the Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco on Friday afternoon that he will likely put down about half of that figure. Read more »

How does a huge, monolithic and somewhat old-fashioned public broadcaster get the attention of a generation that gets its TV moments via YouTube and BitTorrent? How about a big conspiracy, completely with allegations that the broadcaster is manipulating the public and possibly cooperating with a powerful […] Read more »

Another week of mobile tech news and a whirlwind trip to attend Kevin’s wedding have made it a full week.  Here are the top stories this past week at jkOnTheRun in case you missed them: MobileTechRoundup 153: Windows 7, netbooks and MIDs At what point does […] Read more »

We’re now entering what I call the “Industrial Revolution of Data,” where the majority of data will be stamped out by machines: software logs, cameras, microphones, RFID readers, wireless sensor networks and so on. These machines generate data a lot faster than people can, and their […] Read more »

Stories for Nov. 8, 2008

It’s been a good week for iPhone owners, in particular we’ve had cause to celebrate with AT&T’s announcement of tethering and a sneak peek at the new iPhone firmware revealing podcast downloading on the go. As ever, the App Store has continued to grow like a digital […] Read more »

Things change fast in computer science, but odds are that they will change especially fast in the next few years. Much of this change centers on the shift toward parallel computing. In the short term, parallelism will take hold in massive datasets and analytics, but longer […] Read more »

Stories for Nov. 7, 2008
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