Stories for Nov. 5, 2008

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As a web worker, I have clients who are always looking for new and more affordable ways to market what they do. I’m also faced with the constant need to better promote what I’m doing to continue to grow my business. The landscape on the web […] Read more »

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So in the mess of videos documenting Election Day aftermath, what is the one non-politically-oriented piece to break through the crowd? The latest in the viral ad series promoting Guitar Hero World Tour: Heidi Klum rocking out in her undies. Of course. FYI, Heidi, taking off […] Read more »

Less than a year after announcing its deal with Merrill Lynch, Raser Technologies is set to open its first low-temp geothermal plant tomorrow in Utah. While it remains to be seen what happens when the switch is flipped, the company has so far made good on […] Read more »

The votes have been cast, the winners and losers have spoken, and the euphoria of yesterday will now give way to the realization that a lot of hard work lies ahead. We’re not talking about the U.S. presidential race, but the even longer slog to use […] Read more »

Apple had it so close… That was the first thought I had when Apple unveiled the new aluminum MacBook and MacBook Pro on October 14. Many Mac owners out there are still longing for a successor to the PowerBook G4 12″. I am one of them. […] Read more »

Hot on the heels of our earlier Coworking Roundup comes the news that Cisco has collaborated with the city of Amsterdam to launch its first Smart Work Center (SWC), in the nearby community of Almere, an area which incidentally, has an all-fibre broadband network. The SWC […] Read more »

Californian’s have rejected propositions 7 and 10 which would have increased renewable energy targets and given incentives for alternative fuel vehicles, respectively. Meanwhile, the prospect of a high-speed train is getting stronger as prop 1A leads with more results still coming in. Read more »

You can probably already think of a bunch of different ways to collaborate with your web-working co-workers on editing a piece of text: emailing drafts, wikis, instant messages, online word processors like Google Documents or Zoho Writer. DoingText is a new entrant in this crowded field, […] Read more »

With unprecedented resources for tracking yesterday’s election online, visitors flocked to news sites in droves. But notably, while web and cable viewer numbers were sizzling hot, the big three networks were down 16 percent vs. the election four years ago. ABC was down 2 percent, NBC […] Read more »

Quantcast Signs MTV Networks; company will provide web metrics for MTVN sites. (AdWeek) John McCain on Losing the Election; big ideas site Big Think sat down with the GOP candidate a few months ago and asked him what it would mean to him if he lost […] Read more »

We’ve heard rumors that the Blackberry Storm will be appearing at Verizon on November 16th and that is beginning to look like the real deal.  This ad just appeared in my inbox lending credence to the imminent release of the Storm by Verizon: Read more »

I have been largely silent about my first impressions of the T-Mobile G1 Android phone and that is by design.  I decided to wait until I received the firmware/ software update that T-Mobile indicated was forthcoming to see if it addressed any issues I was having […] Read more »

Apple generally has no reservations of highlighting and making readily available the songs it uses in its commercials and, with the advent of the App Store, it has been doing the same for applications in their iPhone commercials. However, when they declared the iPod touch the […] Read more »

No question we are all concerned about the economy and keeping a close watch on our expenditures.  Those needing a new notebook computer can realize some pretty significant savings by picking up a refurbished model instead of a brand new one.  The common complaint about refurbs […] Read more »

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