Stories for Nov. 10, 2008

It seems everyone is lowering their sights regarding Apple’s projected earning for next financial year. But some, at least, are predicting more “wow” factor to shore up those numbers. No one seems to think they can sustain the kind of numbers they showed this past year, […] Read more »

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I don’t have to track my time for billing anymore but when I did having a good time billing program was essential.  Invotrak is a great online program that lets you track your billable time and generate client invoices.  It was covered a while back by […] Read more »

The UIQ operating system, a variant of Symbian that has been used on Motorola and Sony Ericsson handsets is now officially dead.  The demise of UIQ was a given once Nokia spun off the Symbian Foundation to promote the S60 version of Symbian that all but […] Read more »

BusinessWeek today has a short list of the people being considered to head up the Federal Communications Commission. The decision as to who will be appointed FCC Chair is a critical one, for in coming years the country faces some major issues that will need to […] Read more »

During the Olympics, the iPlayer accounted for nearly 20 percent of the total broadband traffic in the UK, and at present has garnered about 10 percent of the total UK broadband audience. That number is likely to rise with the release of the iPlayer for the […] Read more »

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Many web workers avoid the cost of Microsoft Office productivity applications by using alternatives, including hosted applications online such as Google Docs and Zoho’s applications. Even if you’ve already settled on some Office alternatives for core productivity applications such as word processing and spreadsheets, though, it’s […] Read more »

The Shotgun is Telenav’s first foray into the hardware arena and as a first effort it is a decent GPS solution.  What sets the Shotgun apart from the competition is the GPRS connectivity which can inform you of adverse traffic conditions in your route.  The Shotgun […] Read more »

While the revenue from wireless data plans is rising to about a fifth or a fourth of carrier’s wireless sales overall, a survey released today indicates carriers aren’t satisfied. Taking a page from web firms, they want to know how their subscribers are using wireless broadband, in order to make more money. Read more »

Current state Renewable Portfolio Standards require nearly 40 gigawatts of clean energy by 2030, but in order to deliver that power to customers the total cost of building the necessary transmission and distribution networks could reach $2 trillion, according to an industry report released today. Read more »

Whether you’re new to the Mac or have been using one for some time, there’s usually always something new you can learn about it to make your workflow, personal projects, or fun time a little easier or more enjoyable. To that end, Apple makes plenty of […] Read more »

Nielsen released September viewers stats for web sites of the four major broadcast networks last week, revealing that the number of unique viewers went up across the board. But, in an odd turn of statistics, only Fox, which had the fewest unique visitors, was able to […] Read more »

Although using eBay is pretty simple way to sell old gadgets, some still find it to be too much of hassle. They don’t want to deal with auctions, create a detailed item description or worry if they’re going to get paid. I’m not one of those […] Read more »

It is no secret that I love Twitter. I have to admit that besides email, Twitter is my most important communications tool, particularly for my business but not exclusively so. The more I see where social media and online communications is going, the more I realize how Twitter has transformed the landscape in both big and subtle ways. Read more »

Matt Miller touches more phones than all the rest of us combined and his latest playtime involves the Blackberry Bold.  I had a chance to play with Matt’s Bold at Kevin’s wedding this weekend and I was impressed with the Bold.  It struck me as the […] Read more »

Folks using older notebooks surely have integrated WiFi, but it’s likely that the wireless support is for 802.11b or g flavors. These days, there are plenty of 802.11n routers that typically offer higher transfer speeds and a wider coverage range, but you won’t see the benefit […] Read more »

Someone with a formidable knowledge of iPhone hardware has managed to attach a working external keyboard to his 3G iPhone. For those inclined, there are some technical explanations here and here, though the translation renders them difficult to understand. It would appear that at present this […] Read more »

During the Olympics, the iPlayer accounted for nearly 20 percent of the total broadband traffic in the UK, and at present has garnered about 10 percent of the total UK broadband audience. That number is likely to rise with the release of the iPlayer for the Mac, which is due out this month. Read more »

Updated with information about Nortel cuts: Big job cuts are not just for startups. The grim reaper has started to take its tool on the telecom ecosystem. We have already reported about the job cuts at Nokia (600) and Motorola (3,000) and Nortel is likely to […] Read more »

One True Media, provider of personal video products and small business ad creation tools, has raised $8 million of a $10 million second round of funding, according to a regulatory filing. Read more »

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