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Ars Technica wrote an article about Macs and Blu-ray drives. That’s fine, but they did so under a misguided premise:  In the third quarter earnings call in July, Apple warned investors about an upcoming product transition that would eat away at the company’s cushy margins. However, in the intermediate, no new or […] Read more »

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Solar startup Blue Square Energy tells us it’s looking to raise $25 million for its cells which use low-quality, or “upgraded metallurgical grade” (UMG), silicon. By using UMG silicon the company says it can make high-efficiency cells 30 percent cheaper than traditional silicon alternatives. Read more »

There has been a huge amount of speculation about whether Apple would release a laptop with a trackpad resembling an iPhone or iPod touch screen. While this always seemed unlikely, there’s no doubt that the iPhone has the perfect sized screen to function as an (albeit […] Read more »

We got a reader tip over the weekend on Verizon Wireless femtocells (thanks, Pereira!) and sure enough, news has been trickling out since then and the units have gone through the FCC. Contrary to popular belief, femtocells aren’t molecular building blocks for fembots, they’re essentially miniature […] Read more »

YouTube will start streaming ad-supported feature films from “at least one of the biggest Hollywood movie studios,” according to a report from CNET this morning. The videos could hit the site in the next 1-3 months. The CNET story falls in line with the vibe we’ve […] Read more »

Google Employees Could Stand Trial in Italy; charges of defamation and failure to exercise control over personal data expected to be brought against four employees in relation to a clip posted to Google Video of a disabled teen being bullied. (PC World) Study: TV Ads Should […] Read more »

Chinese thin-film solar developer ENN Solar is bringing in international funding for its first manufacturing plant. The International Finance Corp (IFC), which is part of the World Bank and invests in developing countries, announced yesterday that it will arrange for up to $136 million in financing […] Read more »

In these tough economic times, it’s never a bad thing to trim our spending.  Last month, Aliza Sherman asked us how much we spend on web apps, and while some claimed to spend nothing at all, there were others who paid more than $100 each month.  […] Read more »

Today AT&T said it would buy Wayport, an operator of Wi-Fi hotspots around the country, for $275 million in cash. The deal brings AT&T 80,000 Wi-Fi hotspots all over the country, which will help offload bandwidth-clogging traffic, driven by Wi-Fi enabled phones, from its 3G network. Read more »

Rob Bushway has installed Windows 7 on an old Motion LS800 slate Tablet PC to see how well the next generation Windows will run on hobbled older hardware.  I must say it is impressive how well it appears to run and Rob seemed surprised as well.  […] Read more »

President-elect’ Barack Obama’s “The Audacity of Hope” and “Dreams From My Father” are the two top bestsellers among Kindle e-books and paperbacks on the site and his September policy pitch “Change We Can Believe In” is ranked No. 11. Read more »

Intel’s Classmate program is sort of like the One Laptop Per Child program except without the actual program.  Their super-cheap Classmate "netbook" design is intended to provide educators with a cheap platform to get kids online and studying hard.  Because we all know that’s what kids […] Read more »

As a new contributor to WWD, I’ve been asked to pass on some of the practical knowledge I’ve manged to acquire from more than 25 years as a journalist writing primarily about airlines, airports and hotels. A little about me: Last spring I left a fulltime position as a […] Read more »

Range Fuels, a cellulosic ethanol producer racing to finish construction of a plant in Soperton, Ga., said this morning that it is bringing in David Aldous, a former Royal Dutch Shell exec, as its CEO. Former CEO Mitch Mandich, who was previously senior VP of worldwide […] Read more »

We reported earlier on some of the upcoming features of the iPhone 2.2 firmware, currently in beta release. One feature mentioned at TUAW was the inclusion of podcast support, which explains the rejection of the third-party Podcaster app based on duplication of functionality, although it was […] Read more »

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