Stories for Nov. 7, 2008

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AT&T must be determined to get its subscribers online. First, we heard just yesterday that iPhone tethering is officially in the queue from CEO Ralph De La Vega. Now, there’s more good news for users of Apple’s little smartphone-that-could. Wireless hotspot provider Wayport, one of the […] Read more »

London-based oil giant BP has changed its renewable energy tune, moving its investments in wind to the more favorable U.S. onshore market, and dropping plans for wind developments in the UK, China, India and Turkey. Read more »

Yesterday’s news of AT&T purchasing the Wayport WiFi hotspot network has many folks wondering what other WiFi networks think of the deal. With over 100,000 worldwide locations, Boingo is one of the largest WiFi networks and their CEO, Dave Hagan, chimed in with this comment on […] Read more »

UBS Research analyst Nikos Theodosopoulos in a note to his clients today says that Nortel, the Ottawa, Ontario-based telecom equipment maker, will make steep staff cuts — “possibly amounting to 10 percent or more of its total workforce, or at least 3,000 employees.” Nortel has some […] Read more »

Unlike the many consumers facing unsympathetic lenders, when you’re a money-losing telecommunications firm that has a $9.39 billion market cap, you can still renegotiate your debt. Today after reporting a third quarter loss of $326 million and the defection of 1.3 million customers, Sprint said it had renegotiated its debt. Read more »

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Looks like Yahoo’s Jerry Yang’s ham-handed handling of the Microsoft offer is coming back to bite him. At a Friday business lunch in Australia, Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, put on the airs of a spurned lover and told luncheon attendees that he wasn’t buying Yahoo, […] Read more »

As this week’s column goes live I am probably on my way to Kevin’s wedding near Philly.  It’s a whiz-bang trip of just a couple days that will not give me much time to get work done but I’ll detail here what I’m taking with me […] Read more »

It may have garnered its fair share of complaints, but Apple’s iPhone is still a hit with consumers, at least according to marketing firm J.D. Power and Associates. In their 2008 Business Wireless Smartphone Customer Satisfaction Study, the results of which were released yesterday, the iPhone […] Read more »

Two startups aiming to see utilities use public wireless networks, not proprietary ones, for smart grid deployments joined forces today. SmartSynch, a Jackson, Miss.-based company founded in 1998, said it has bought up Applied Mesh Technologies (or AppMesh), a two-year-old company based in Macon, Ga. The […] Read more »

Stories for Nov. 6, 2008

The California green business competition, the California Clean Tech Open, which has churned out a series of quality cleantech startups over the past two years, announced its winners for 2008 on Thursday night. The 6 winners include sustainable diapers startup Over the Moon Diapers, electric car […] Read more »

Five years ago, the promise of a new networking technology known as Ultra-wideband was a living room without wires, where DVD players, set-top boxes and video accessories could connect with TVs over the air. Ultra-wideband (UWB) is a wireless personal area networking technology that can transmit […] Read more »

Jade, a different sort of digital image processing utility, doesn’t do anything you can’t achieve using tools and filters in Photoshop, Pixelmator, or other image editors, but it can transform your less-than-perfect shots (dark, dim, feeble, pale, badly lit, vague, gloomy) into images you can be […] Read more »

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