Stories for Oct. 28, 2008

For those of us who at one time depended on a Palm device for our pocket computing needs, Documents To Go is a familiar name. The program, which was eventually bundled with new Palm devices, allowed users to access and edit Microsoft Office documents on the […] Read more »

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Although I haven’t used a Dash Express Navigator yet, I like the concept. Not only do you get standard GPS functions, but the unit itself connects to the web for location searches and provides real-time traffic data. Some have griped about the $12.99 price of the […] Read more »

A week before the Federal Communications Commission is set to vote on a proposal to turn over spectrum between the digital television channels for a wireless broadband service, singer/songwriter Dolly Parton has come out against the plan. Read more »

Our buds at OStatic have let us know that the commercial implementation of WINE produced by CodeWeavers, CrossOver, is free today and today only.  CrossOver is the product that lets you run Windows apps in native Linux and Mac installations without the need for a virtual […] Read more »

Put away your credit cards and get your download link-clicking fingers primed and ready, because Codeweavers is offering a copy of either CrossOver Linux or Mac for free to all comers…today only! The programs, which normally retail for $40, will be available free of charge (one […] Read more »

Election day is a week away, and voters have dozens of state and city propositions to acquaint themselves with before stepping into that voting booth. This year in California there are three state propositions that affect renewable energy and because they’re so important we decided to […] Read more »

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If you would have monitored more than 17,000 social media and social networking sites in the last week of September, looking at 3.5 million conversations per day and over 120 million unique users, you might have found that CBS’ Two and a Half Men took the […] Read more »

Stories for Oct. 27, 2008

The advertising network business is going to go through a gut-wrenching shakeout, and its just about getting started. The Wall Street Journal says trouble is looming for 300-odd niche ad networks and points to the shuttering of JellyCloud and lay-offs at San Francisco-based AdBrite. Even, […] Read more »

Brightcove, which just saw its investors at the New York Times fully deploy its product, now has fellow investor AOL using its video publishing platform. Brightcove will take over from AOL’s terrible home-grown video product “beginning in early 2009,” according to an emailed press release. Brightcove […] Read more »

DarkStrand, a three-year-old startup that won the right to offer commercial businesses access to the federally created National LambdaRail in June, will offer Fortune 500 companies access to fat pipes and compete with some of the larger companies. The goal of offering businesses their own fiber […] Read more »

Amidst the venture funding hangover that appears to be descending onto the cleantech industry, the deals that are being made are especially notable. On Tuesday Ice Energy, a company that has developed an ice-based energy storage and air conditioning system for buildings, will announce that it […] Read more »

While it may not win any awards for its name, Twitter fans with new Android mobile phones are going to like Twidroid, an application created by Thomas Marban, the man behind Popurls. The app is available on the Android App store and it has pretty much […] Read more »

While Google claimed long before Android’s release that having their own mobile OS would not dampen their enthusiasm for the iPhone platform, I had my doubts. How was it possible that the iPhone would not get short-changed overall, with preference and primary focus going to Android […] Read more »

Ultracapacitor Startups to Charge Your Car: While many electric car makers are chasing the better battery, ultracapacitor startups are developing devices that allow for rapid recharge and can survive many charge cycles – VentureBeat. Report: Ocean Power Market to Hit $500M by 2015: Our buddies over […] Read more »

YouTube, in its ongoing attempt to defend itself against Viacom’s billion-dollar copyright infringement lawsuit, on Oct. 17 asked a court to help it obtain documents from Viacom’s hired copyright enforcers at BayTSP. We heard about the court filing through a news story on MarketWatch and were […] Read more »

Plura Processing, a start-up funded by Houston’s Creeris Ventures has come up with a new model for game makers to earn some much needed cash: sell distributed network computing power. Read more »

After several months of private beta testing, 123 People has launched its people search application in the U.S. As Webware notes, this service competes with services such as Spock and Wink. It’s different from many other people search engines in that it scours popular sites such […] Read more »

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