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Kashless Raises $5M in Cash: We know ex-Imperium CEO Martin Tobias is working on a new “recommerce” startup called Kashless, but now we learn he’s gotten $5 million in Series A funding led by RRE Ventures – PEHub. “Sun Puts the Social in Social Responsibility”: Corporate […] Read more »

Oh wait. Zach Braff wants me to vote. Let me rescue my mail-in ballot from the recycle bin then. Sigh. The one good thing about this election almost being over is that I won’t have to sit through any more insufferable celeb-studded videos reminding me of […] Read more »

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A little while back, I wrote a post about Google’s Knol site, which was initially announced in December of 2007. A Knol is “a unit of knowledge,” according to Google, and the Knol site collects “authoritative articles about specific topics.” Since that previous post, Knol has […] Read more »

My 8-month-old border collie mix, Crash, has spent a lot of his life at the GigaOM offices. He was on the blog before he even had a name, and he’s been part of more product demonstrations from visiting video companies than I can even remember. (Having […] Read more »

How America can revamp its energy infrastructure, recharge its economy and reshape its future by embracing three major green initiatives. The financial meltdown has rattled the U.S. banking system to its core. The unprecedented increase in the price of oil this summer has wreaked havoc on […] Read more »

We just received word from the folks at Skyfire that the latest beta version 0.8 is now available for download.  Skyfire promises no waiting to get invited to this beta version, just go here and get it.  Skyfire is the browser available for Windows Mobile and […] Read more »

Ever since Solid State Disk technology was announced, we’ve all been going on the assumption that the flash-based drives would save battery life. It’s a fair leap to make since there are no moving parts to power up and down. However, it really hasn’t been clear […] Read more »

One of the ports included with all the new (and previous generation of) MacBook Pros is an ExpressCard slot. Having never had this type of expansion before, I’ve decided to have a look around and see what uses it can serve. This article will give a […] Read more »

JDS Uniphase President & CEO Kevin Kennedy has resigned and will be taking over as the CEO of another unnamed company, though he is going to remain on with JDS’s Board of Directors as Vice Chairman. A replacement CEO hasn’t been named. A telecom industry veteran, […] Read more »

Riffing off a recent post by Imran Ali, “Soocial: The Best Address Book You’ll Ever Use?,” I thought I’d put in my impressions about another contact management service – ContactHero. ContactHero is looking to be your most favorite and most used contact manager, aggregating all of […] Read more »

Here’s a video that combines both Halloween AND politics — the New York Post’s coverage of a dog costume contest. Spoiler alert: the Sarah Palin pup wins 1st prize. And, for some pure Halloween content, Steve Bryant looks at Streets of Fear, which offers horror fans […] Read more »

This morning Earth Class Mail said it has signed up Switzerland’s mail operator Swiss Post as the first national mail provider that will offer the service for a fee to its customers. The company says it also recently raised $5.1 million in bridge financing and is currently raising a $15-30 million Series B round. Read more »

Aquaflow Bionomic today announced a partnership with UOP, a subsidiary of Honeywell, to process algae harvested from open-air sludge ponds and waste streams into high-quality fuels. In an emailed release, the companies say they will also look into sequestering carbon dioxide in ponds to boost algae […] Read more »

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