Stories for Oct. 29, 2008

Aquaflow Bionomic today announced a partnership with UOP, a subsidiary of Honeywell, to process algae harvested from open-air sludge ponds and waste streams into high-quality fuels. In an emailed release, the companies say they will also look into sequestering carbon dioxide in ponds to boost algae […] Read more »

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As web workers, of course, we get plenty of our news from the web. And there are those electronic media out there as well. And yet…I can’t help thinking of all the ways that printed information from periodicals has been useful in my own career. Read more »

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Hulu is doing a big PR push today around the birthday of its beta, with profiles in the New York Times and USA Today. The company shared some nice stats, like its impressive Nielsen numbers (our story) and its viewers’ receptiveness to ads. For instance, a […] Read more »

Did Roku Raise ‘Boku’ Bucks? Maker of the Netflix Player receives an undisclosed amount of Series C funding from Menlo Ventures. (peHUB) Microsoft Turns to UGC Ads; new “I’m a PC” commercial features actual users from around the globe who uploaded video. (Ad Age) Anystream and […] Read more »

The downward trend continues for women-centric media and marketing giant Meredith (NYSE: MDP), with slumping profits and revenues for Q3 in… Read more »

Add Thailand to the list of countries proposing national firewalls. The county’s move to block sites that are “offensive” to the royal family could move toward broader censorship. Other nations, including the U.S. and Australia, are struggling with similar concerns. Read more »

[qi:_newteevee] Next week at this time we’ll have a new President-elect. And though the outcome might get mired in a legal morass, one clear winner from the year-and-a-half campaign has been online video. Now, a new study from Compete and Cisco sheds a little more light […] Read more »

Well whaddya’ know – with the computing industry’s collective consciousness almost fully occupied with Apple, Web 2.0, social computing and web-based applications, it’s almost as though we forgot that the world’s largest software company is still making stuff! Until today, I think I’ve gone 2-3 years […] Read more »

HP has gone live with a pretty cool site for the Mini 1000 and one of the things available there is a look at some of the accessories that will be available for the new netbook.  There’s a sleeve case, the Mobile Drive which is an […] Read more »

When it comes to the next generation of wireless broadband, the carriers seem to have LTE, all sewn up, but WiMAX isn’t anything to scoff at. WiMAX service, deployed in the U.S. by Sprint and 13 rural carriers, is gaining ground in other areas of the world, especially India, according to data published today by TeleGeography Research. Read more »

Some folks are restless, they can’t sit still and one outlet is to constantly break open their gear and see what’s inside.  Tnkgrl is such a person and she mods everything she touches.  She’s already added a lot of functionality to her Acer Aspire One netbook […] Read more »

The iPhone is indeed a wonderful little device and, for some of us, a game-changer in terms of managing our digital lives from the palm of our hands. There are, however, some essential features that Apple neglected to implement. Regular GMail and Google Calendar users will […] Read more »

Y’know, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone with an AOL Mail email address…plenty of AIM users, but no one with AOL Mail – at least no one who will admit it… Regardless, there must be a good number of such users, to encourage AOL to […] Read more »

T. Boone Pickens could scale back his plans for a massive 4,000-MW wind farm in Texas, we’ve confirmed. A local Amarillo news channel was reporting the possibility recently, and SolveClimate had heard the rumor from a distressed asset sales specialist. In a statement that Picken’s team […] Read more »

Looks like Asus is hopping aboard the Android train with a handset planned for the first half of 2009 in Taiwan. No word yet on if they’ll be offering two dozen different models, but expectations are that they’ll be building and offering Android phones for overseas […] Read more »

Comcast, the largest cable provider in the U.S. reported earnings today as did Qwest, the No. 3 telco provider. Comcast watched its earnings rise by 33 percent. Qwest saw sales drop and announced a layoff of 1,200 people. Read more »

It’s a pickle. You just got laid off and now more than ever you need to get a new gig. The best place to meet prospective employers and network is in person at an industry conference (get them drunk!). But now there’s no company paying your […] Read more »

There was no doubt that, when initially released, the Sonos was a game changer. But as time progressed, and Apple introduced the Airport Express with AirTunes, then the AppleTV (also with AirTunes support), and then the iPhone/iPod touch with the Remote app; the Sonos began to […] Read more »

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