Stories for Nov. 8, 2008

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Things change fast in computer science, but odds are that they will change especially fast in the next few years. Much of this change centers on the shift toward parallel computing. In the short term, parallelism will take hold in massive datasets and analytics, but longer […] Read more »

Stories for Nov. 7, 2008
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Former V-P and Nobel Peace laureate Al Gore told an audience at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco on Friday that we need to use the latest web tools to organize a social movement to help rescue the earth from climate change. Read more »

We’d like to say thanks to this month’s GigaNET sponsors: Volo Media: Download a free white paper on advertising insertion, measurement, targeting and campaign management for downloadable audio and video Peer1: Free Flip Video when you sign up for a hosting plan Ironscale Managed Hosting: Why […] Read more »

Many have oft-complained about Microsoft’s hold on users with its monopoly on installed system components such as Internet Explorer and Microsoft Media Player. Even though the OS X counterparts to those programs are engineered better, the truth is that Apple really does engage in the same […] Read more »

If you’re a Windows user, you’re probably very familiar with how files, and even unwanted applications can get littered around your computer over time. Add to that the programs you’ve probably installed but never use, and it can make sense to run an effective Uninstaller application. […] Read more »

Amazon Web Services’ platform is increasingly gaining popularity beyond Web 2.0 and video companies. Case in point is the Amazon Web Services Start-Up Challenge, whose seven finalists are a diverse group of companies, among them Knewton, which provides live online educational testing prep services; remote health […] Read more »

As broadband matures, carriers aren’t merely upgrading their networks, they’re also upgrading their pricing plans realizing that different service levels offer a more nuanced way to manage traffic on their network, and increase their sales. Read more »

The BBC’s iPlayer is nothing short of a digital revelation — providing viewers in the United Kingdom with online access to an ever-changing (and free) selection of the BBC’s internationally-revered quality programming. For an increasing number of us Brit’s, is the site we surreptitiously visit on our […] Read more »

WaWa is very good.  On to Kevin’s shortly, we’ll both be in the same place at the same time thus refuting the conspiracy theory that claimed we’re both one and the same. Read more »

An announcement from Freshbooks got me thinking about how I monitor and bill – or not bill – for the time I spend on the phone with clients. As a web worker, I haven’t felt compelled to consider phone time as consulting time because I am […] Read more »

Updated. BitTorrent, after losing its president and co-founder Ashwin Navin, has laid off more of its staff. We don’t know the extent of the cuts or whom they affect, but we do know they include Lily Lin, the company’s director of communications. Lin confirmed to us […] Read more »

President-elect Barack Obama just held his first post-election press conference and focused on the economy, but it is his forthcoming climate change policies that are spurring the world’s governments and businesses to start reaching out to the next administration. Politicians and business executives are maneuvering to […] Read more »

Even with CodeWeaver’s generous giveaway of CrossOver Mac the other week, there are still times when one has to use a virtualized Windows environment to get work done that just cannot be performed within OS X properly. In talking with other VMware users, I realized that not […] Read more »

When I am in my office I am connected to most everyone I need to work with through some sort of Instant Messaging service. I find it convenient to be able to stay connected and have quick discussions. It is outside of the office where things […] Read more »

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