Stories for Nov. 12, 2008

I was playing Texas Hold’em on the iPhone the other day when it struck me: If Apple allowed one-touch financial transactions inside apps — in the case of Texas Hold’em, for example, to buy $1,000 of poker chips for $1 — the consequences could be huge. […] Read more »

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T. Boone Pickens, the hedge fund manager with a plan to get the U.S. off of foreign oil, is stalling the financing of his massive wind farm due to the debt markets, Pickens tells us. Pickens says he was originally planning to finance his 4,000-MW wind […] Read more »

It’s almost here! Our second-annual NewTeeVee Live conference is less than 24 hours away. If you’re not one of the 500 people with a ticket to the show, you can still tune in to our live-stream here, our live red carpet interviews here, and our live-blogging […] Read more »

The addition of Gmail Voice and Video Chat to Google’s list of services brought back to mind a question I’ve been thinking about for a while: have we gone past the saturation point in having different ways to chat with people? Even if you count only […] Read more »

They say good things come in small packages. That certainly is true of the new INQ Social Mobile phone from INQ, a subsidiary of Hutchinson Whampoa, a global wireless company that runs 3G networks in eight countries around the world, including the UK and Australia. INQ’s […] Read more »

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Social network MySpace launched its new Primetime application today, which lets users watch full-length content from their user homepages and profile pages. To use the new Primetime feature, users must first download the free app, but once it’s running they will have access to premium content […] Read more »

[qi:032] Telephone companies pushing television services will gain customers by offering lower prices than cable or satellite providers, according to a survey being presented today by Heavy Reading. The survey, which consisted of about 200 consumer interviews, found that price, more than special interactive features, will […] Read more »

When clients call you and hear a baby cooing or a kitten meowing in the background, they can’t help but remember that you’re human. You’re not just an invisible web working slave that does their bidding. You have a life, a family, and pets. Your clients […] Read more »

Despite the ongoing global credit crunch, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said today that the world can’t afford to pull back on renewable energy and efficiency programs, forecasting that $4.1 trillion will need to be spent to avoid an energy supply crunch on a much warmer and more energy-hungry planet. Read more »

New Video Chat Options From Google and TokBox; Plugin allows video chat embedded within the Gmail interface (CNET), while TokBox now lets users watch and discuss YouTube videos, SlideShare presentations and video mails together. (emailed release) Pure Digital Ranked Fifth on Deloitte’s 2008 Fast Technology 500; […] Read more »

I read a lot, and have been very impressed with Stanza for the iPhone as an ebook reader. Like many, however, the idea of Classics was appealing, and upon release I purchased the app. So how does it compare to Stanza? Would I recommend it? The […] Read more »

I have settled into a final configuration of my home office, Mobile Tech Manor to many, and when I saw Xavier of had posted his work area I felt it long overdue for me to do the same.  It took a while to get a […] Read more »

At the opening dinner for the Forbes Energy conference on Tuesday night in New York, three former secretaries discussed their opinions about necessary energy and climate change policy, and at least two of them were in strong agreement that a cap and trade system in the U.S. would be bad for business. Read more »

It’s 5 o’clock on a Thursday afternoon and you managed to get through airport security on your way home, with half an hour to spare to check your e-mail and make phone calls. But your electronic device of choice is low on power. Do you know where to find an outlet to recharge and work before your flight leaves? Read more »

The Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 has been anticipated for a long, long time since SE announced they were going to make a Windows Mobile based phone.  The X1 has some innovative UI features designed to augment the austere Windows Mobile interface and it is a capable […] Read more »

Flipswap, a cell phone recycling and trade-in web site, says this morning it is raising $14 million from NGEN Partners and RRE Ventures. The three year old site is one of several e-cycling services that have raised money in the last several months in order to expand and bring in more users. Read more »

Groundbreaking web-based email was not sufficient. Embedded instant messaging was not enough. Google Talk voice chat was too “old-fashioned.” Never satisfied with the status quo, the wizards at Google have rolled out a new Voice and Video service and have made Mac users first-class citizens for the new feature. […] Read more »

Agility Studios launches today as a boutique digital studio. The company aims to offer development, financing, distribution, sponsorship and more to projects made with stars who have established themselves either on the web or more traditionally. Read more »

Growth Energy, a new trade organization for corn ethanol companies, is lashing out against critics of corn ethanol by buying ad space in the New York Times and issuing “policy briefs” (bulky pdf files peppered with Excel graphs). Read more »

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