Stories for Nov. 13, 2008

Callpod is a company that has some unusual products and their newly announced Drone is no exception.  It looks like a simple USB Bluetooth adapter but it’s what it adds that makes it innovative.  The Drone works with any Bluetooth headset or headphones and routes audio […] Read more »

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Downstairs at NewTeeVee Live on our lovely red carpet (Thanks, Target!), Liz Shannon Miller caught up with Martin Sargent, Sarah Lane and Damon Berger, all formerly of Revision3. In the clip below, they tell us how they’re doing post pink slip. Free live streaming by Ustream […] Read more »

I attended an online press briefing this morning where senior management of AMD outlined their strategy going forward.  Mobile nut that I am I was especially looking for news about their mobile computing intentions and in spite of stating in the past that they had no […] Read more »

I’m working away in the local coffee bar and see something that I’ve been seeing more and more of lately and it puzzles me.  A couple of people was working away at the tables and got up to leave to resume their work day.  They each […] Read more »

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In addition to receiving an infusion of cash through its merger with Winrock International, the Environmental Resources Trust’s Greenhouse Gas Registry also got a name change: It is now the American Carbon Registry. But the folks with the money at Winrock are doing more than just […] Read more »

Canoe Ventures outlined its strategy today at the NewTeeVee Live conference held today in San Francisco, where David Verklin, the CEO, outlined the cable industry’s answer to the competition from online video. The vision wraps compelling features for consumers around a hidden advertising and data gathering agenda Read more »

The people who brought you live online coverage of Olympics, Tiger Woods’ epic U.S. Open win, the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, Oprah’s web casts and the presidential debates share tales from the trenches today at NewTeeVee Live. Tom Morgan, Chief Strategy Officer, Move Networks Eric […] Read more »

The Scottish government believes the North Sea could become host to an underwater renewable energy grid, supplying power from wind, wave and tidal power across Europe, but England could be left out in the cold. A new study from Scotland looks at the possibility of a […] Read more »

A MacBlogz source is claiming that the AT&T’s iPhone tethering their CEO Ralph De La Vega mentioned last week as coming “soon” will roughly add an additional $30 to your plan. It is rumored to offer a 5GB/month allowance with the expected speeds of “GPRS: 30k […] Read more »

New Zealand-based Aquaflow Bionomic said today that it’s seeking to raise up to NZ$30 million ($16.6 million) from a new public offering. The three-year-old company, whose algae technology involves harvesting wild algae and squeezing it into green crude oil, plans to sell up to 60 million […] Read more »

I have gone back to the drawing board and started looking again for a good, old-fashioned address book/contact management app I can download and install on my hard drive. So far, no luck. Of the apps I’ve looked at, the UIs are horrific and they just aren’t slick enough. Read more about the search for the perfect contact manager that isn’t in the cloud. Read more »

CLICK HERE to download the file and listen directly.MoTR 154 is 36 minutes long and is a 33.1 MB file in MP3 format. INTRO: Based on “Time v2.1″ by Meta Sektion, additional mixing by James Kendrick.HOSTS: James Kendrick (Houston), Matthew Miller (Seattle) and Kevin C. Tofel […] Read more » was the first to post its broadcast content online with four shows about two years ago. Liz Gannes, Editor, NewTeeVee chats with Alexis Rapo, V-P, Digital Media, Disney-ABC Television Group about how ABC monetizes the content and what it plans to do in online video. […] Read more »

UPDATE: I figured out how to get the 2-line message list view working and have added a screen of it below.  It is really sweet. Kevin recently turned us on to the great Apple Mail plugin Letterbox and I installed it immediately and loved the 3-pane […] Read more »

EventBox is an application created by The Cosmic Machine, which aims to provide one place from which to manage all your online social networking activity. It can ‘pack all your social networks in one box’. I think that an application performing the function that EventBox aims […] Read more »

Google said this morning that it had joined Demand Response and Smart Grid Coalition (DRSG, formerly DRAM, the Demand Response and Advanced Metering Coalition), suggesting that the search engine giant is increasingly looking into managing energy information. The coalition also said this morning it has added […] Read more »

Any freelancer who does computer-related work, whether on or offline, probably understands the value of being able to work in multiple operating systems. That goes double for web workers, who need to know that what they produce behaves no matter who’s looking at it, or what they look at it with. Enter virtualization software. How does the new Parallels fare against VMWare Fusion for Web Workers? Read more »

The show that’s bringing you backstage access to the future of Internet video is finally here! Yes, the second year of our own NewTeeVee Live event kicks off this morning, and we’re about to hear from web video gurus like Hulu CEO Jason Kilar, Netflix CEO […] Read more »

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