Stories for Nov. 14, 2008

Have you ever called into a business’s directory from a BlackBerry and been asked to enter the person’s last name? But BlackBerry has a QWERTY keyboard and the Automated Attendant is looking to see 2 for “A, B or C”, 3 for “D, E or F”, […] Read more »

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When Intel announced their Atom CPU, they envisioned it wouldn’t just power computers, but would also be dropped into a cornucopia of smart devices. I’ve been wondering when we would see that happen. Looks like I didn’t have to wait too long. This morning I noticed […] Read more »

If President-elect Obama is serious about bailing out Detroit and also serious about his campaign goal of putting 1 million domestically produced plug-in electric hybrids on the road by 2015, execs like Bob Lutz, GM’s vice chairman, have no place in tomorrow’s Detroit — at least […] Read more »

We’re all familiar with junkware, crapware, whatever you want to call it on PCs.  This consists of trial versions of programs that are limited unless you buy the full version, or full versions of programs you don’t want.  OEMs get paid by these companies to include […] Read more »

Yesterday, Apple released Safari 3.2 for both Windows and Mac (Tiger and Leopard). As usual, Apple’s normal update announcements are a little short on details. This update is recommended for all Safari users and features protection from fraudulent phishing websites and better identification of online businesses. […] Read more »

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Updated: Adeo Ressi, the serial entrepreneur behind the venture-capital rating site TheFunded, has been getting a lot of attention for a presentation he gave at Harvard Business School in which he argued that the VC industry is “broken.” His central point is that there are simply […] Read more »

Clean Energy Fuels, the natural gas vehicle distribution company of which T. Boone Pickens is a director and largest shareholder, finished raising $32.5 million in a combination of sold shares and warrants, Andrew Littlefair, CEO and President of Clean Energy Fuels, told us this week. The […] Read more »

“The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” seems to be the place to be if you want to pitch your grand energy idea. Author and energy technology evangelist Thomas Friedman was the guest on Tuesday, and last night T. Boone Pickens pitched his Pickens Plan on the […] Read more »

Stories for Nov. 13, 2008

The battle for 4G supremacy is now down to two technologies. After floundering, Qualcomm (NSDQ: QCOM) has officially abandoned the developme… Read more »

Connecticut Gov. M. Jodi Rell announced that Connecticut has launched a $9 million fund to make investments in seed and early-stage companies, focusing on renewable energy, energy efficiency, environmental remediation and clean water. Read more »

This week’s $250 million funding for vacation home rental listing company HomeAway Inc. was the largest web-related venture capital investment since the bubble days at the turn of the millennium. But it also contained a provision that signals how the lack of venture exits may be […] Read more »

Felicia Day, the creator of The Guild and star of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, talked today about how different the world of Hollywood and the web are. Speaking at the NewTeeVee Live conference she said there’s a complete disconnect between the two worlds and told aspiring […] Read more »

Better Wind Turbine Likes Variable Wind: Vancouver, British Columbia-based startup ExRo Technologies has developed a wind turbine that could reduce costs and increase electricity production by 50 percent by tapping winds across a wide range of conditions – MIT Technology Review. Says Who the Cleantech Bubble […] Read more »

GoodGuide‘s recently released application for the iPhone provides you with instant access to their 65,000+ strong database of safe, green, and healthy products. Deemed the “world’s largest and most reliable source of information on the health, environmental and social performance of everyday products and companies,” this […] Read more »

It’s been a long, hard year at Boing Boing TV (the Xeni Jardin-hosted online video show version of the blog Boing Boing) as the show creators figured out how to translate a blog into video. Jardin tells Liz that her most proud moments have been interviewing […] Read more »

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