Stories for Nov. 20, 2008

Today, Ultra-wideband chip makers Artimi and Staccato Communications announced $20 million in funding and a merger agreement, which seems like tying two leaky boats together, giving them some more gas and hoping they make it to shore. Read more »

Thanksgiving is a week away (Wait, really?), and we have a bounty of Apple news to report — though not all of it will make you give thanks. First, the good news. Our colleagues over at the mobile devices blog jkOntheRun are excited that the Orb […] Read more »

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The Blackberry Storm will be available on 11/21 in the U.S. It’s getting some early reviews and they’re a mixed bag. Will this be an “iPhone killer”, will it have similar problems that the Bold encountered, or at the end of the day is it just […] Read more »

I’ve spent the past few days pretty immersed in the SC 08 conference here in Austin, Texas, but I’m still embarrassed that I missed the formation of a new lobbying organization think tank called The Future of Privacy that’s being funded by AT&T. The group hopes […] Read more »

For most of us, there may be no more tedious activity than waiting in a traffic jam. In this case, I mean waiting to clear security at an airport. Since 9/11, we have all become accustomed to the routine of shedding jackets and shoes, removing laptops […] Read more »

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SunRun, a startup that finances solar power for homeowners, says it has secured a tax equity commitment of around $105 million from an affiliate of US Bancorp to buy about 2,000 residential solar facilities. SunRun is one of the first companies to attempt to create a […] Read more »

Google’s “me too” virtual world Lively will be dead by the end of the year — just six months after it launched. It was almost inevitable th… Read more »

Here’s a pop quiz: Biofuels were A) largely responsible for the jump in food prices earlier this year, B) had very little to do with the food price sticker shock, or C) the effects of biofuels are unclear and complex. If you picked ‘C’ then you’re […] Read more »

Stories for Nov. 19, 2008

Late on Wednesday, Apple released the Apple TV 2.3 software update. This update adds a few refinements to Apple TV, but doesn’t offer any breakthrough new features. If you read my post about boxee and installed it on your Apple TV, you’ll want to wait because […] Read more »

The economy is affecting players all over the web video ecosystem, and companies both large and small. Here’s the latest carnage. Content delivery giant Akamai laid off 110 employees today, or 7 percent of its staff. The Cambridge, Mass.-based company described the layoffs as “cost-cutting measures.” […] Read more »

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom is holding a press conference Thursday afternoon where he will discuss “the latest news” from electric vehicle infrastructure startup Better Place. Does this mean San Francisco, or even California, is going to make a deal with Shai Agassi’s company, which has […] Read more »

DirecTV-backed professional videogaming league Championship Gaming Series (CGS) has folded. Launched in January 2007, CGS started with six f… Read more »

T-Mobile is getting deeper into the photo business. The carrier is offering a new service that lets customers email pictures straight from a… Read more »

Gmail, long a favorite of the Web Worker, has seen its share of upgrades and enhancements over the years, but the overall interface has generally remained static. That’s about to change as the official Gmail Blog announced the addition of color and theme options to jazz […] Read more »

It’s the time of year when — love it or hate it — you need to start thinking about Christmas shopping. If you’re the kind of person who prefers to leave their shopping until Christmas Eve, then by all means skip on to the next post! […] Read more »

I’m a geek groupie when it comes to technology. I can’t actually produce any of these life-changing products, but I can recognize something cool when I see it. And the 100-Gigabit data transfer demo that Ciena was showing off at SC 08 in Austin, Texas, today […] Read more »

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