Stories for Nov. 21, 2008

It’s generally taken for granted that a cutting edge company such as Apple has a well oiled system of editors and copywriters who check software releases for errors before they go live. Unfortunately, it seems that the system has broken down with the latest iPhone software […] Read more »

Disney Fights Piracy on Site it Funded;, funded by Steamboat Ventures had bootlegged Disney content like full-length copies of WALL-E up on the site. (The Wall Street Journal) YouTube Testing HD Videos; video giant stealthily trying out the higher quality 720p format. (Epicenter Blog) CNET […] Read more »

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Thin-film solar companies are tired of being asked about their conversion efficiency, which is basically the amount of sunlight a panel can convert into electricity. Part of that is because the thin-film manufacturers say the efficiency standard is flawed. And increasingly some thin-film companies are pushing […] Read more »

Google has pulled back the curtain on a new feature that until now has been in restricted beta: the addition of wiki-style functions in standard search results. In many ways, Google is taking the same principles that power a site like Digg and applying them to search. So will these new wiki-style functions be subject to rampant gaming and manipulation? Of course. Read more »

The Wall Street Journal this morning had a short article pointing out the somewhat obvious reasons why location-based services on cell phones are still not mainstream. It also helpfully pointed out that carriers were working on it. To recap, LBS services need three main things: a […] Read more »

Yieldex, a startup that helps online publishers forecast ad inventory, has won the Amazon Web Services Startup Challenge and $100,000 in cash and services. Read more »

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When our grandparents said that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, they were referring to the fruit, not the computer.  But it’s not far-fetched that the same thing could be said about teleworking.  By opting to telework, employees and freelancers have a better chance […] Read more »

It’s likely you’ve heard mention of the Axiotron Modbook, the third party (and only) Apple tablet computing solution, but I like talking about it anyway. Axiotron, a small company operating out of El Segundo, California, won high acclaim for their Modbook, taking best in show at […] Read more »

[qi:015] If you follow me on Twitter, then you already know that I’m looking for a research assistant, a person whose primary job would be to help me dig up information for longer, in-depth blog posts. This position doesn’t require a special degree or even a permanent […] Read more »

Congressional Committee moves yesterday could herald more regulation for telecommunications firms from issues ranging from rural access to net neutrality. Yesterday Rep. Henry Waxman ascended to the head of the Senate Commerce Committee, which began an investigation into how web firms use a consumer’s data. Read more »

Many of the readers on this site support or invest in cleantech companies, of which green cars are an important component. We’ve all seen the dire predictions about what will happen if the Big Three automakers fold. Millions of people will be thrown out of work, […] Read more »

According to TorrentFreak, The Dark Knight was the most pirated movie of 2008. Ummm, hooray? Somehow I doubt Warner Bros. will include that stat on the DVD packaging. The movie’s been on and off the list of top BitTorrented films throughout the summer as people took […] Read more »

Eps Corp., an energy management company founded in 2001 by former Enron energy management employees, is offering companies a tool it claims offers immediate an return on investment: energy and energy cost savings, without the upfront capital costs of most energy-efficiency projects. Its tool, xChange Point, […] Read more »

Stories for Nov. 20, 2008

Silicon Valley electric car startup Tesla Motors has applied for about $400 million of a $25 billion government loan package designed to help automakers produce more efficient vehicles and meet new fuel economy standards. Diarmuid O’Connell, Tesla’s V-P of corporate development, revealed the amount in an […] Read more »

Using Behind The Set’s new Kiwi device was a bit nostalgic for me. This small box, which lets you surf the Internet on your TV, reminds me of Microsoft’s MSN TV — a device that was big news when it launched several years ago. Today, MSN […] Read more »

With the recession in full swing, industries across the charts have been laying off hundreds of employees — making the job market increasingly competitive. So what’s a freshly unemployed tech professional to do? Hit the streets and start networking. As the hordes of job-seekers descend upon […] Read more »

Verizon Wireless today admitted that some of its employees had been looking into President-elect Barack Obama’s cell phone billing records. In a release, the company said: “This week we learned that a number of Verizon Wireless employees have, without authorization, accessed and viewed President-Elect Barack Obama’s […] Read more »

Wal-Mart Bets on Wind: The mega retailer has signed a deal with Duke Energy to meet 15 percent of its electricity needs at hundreds of Texas stores with wind power, paying rates on par with current electricity prices. — WSJ’s Environmental Capital Dollar Surge Dings Solar: […] Read more »

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