Stories for Nov. 17, 2008

DivX (NSDQ: DIVX), the San Diego-based online video codec and tech firm, has filed a lawsuit against Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO), accusing it of going back on its two-year advertising services agreement announced in September last year. Yahoo notified the company that it intends to breach the […] Read more »

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According to a rumor making the rounds last week, Apple is said to be exploring potential for using more exotic materials in the next revision MacBook Air. Appleinsider’s Kasper Jade reports that scuttlebutt suggests Apple is unsatisfied with the Air’s three-pound weight and looking into substituting […] Read more »

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Schwarzenegger Executive Order to Boost Clean Power: California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed an executive order today calling for an increase in the state’s Renewable Energy Standard to 33 percent renewable power by 2020; up from 20 percent in 2010 — release. Greenhouse Gas Reductions Are Slow […] Read more »

Back when the iPhone 3G was new and the App Store had just launched, it didn’t take much to get the enthusiastic user base to download your… Read more »

The other day, I covered a convenient application called CompFight that lets you do flexible searches for photos on Flickr. If you’re looking for another handy tool for use with Flickr, try jUploadr, a photo uploading application for Windows, the Mac and Linux. Kristin covered the […] Read more »

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology say a shorter-term solution, with cheaper start-up costs, could help spread the use of carbon capture and storage at coal plants and still clean up a large amount of carbon dioxide. Read more »

Virgin Mobile USA (NYSE: VM) said today it’s laying off about 45 employees in its New Jersey and California offices, which represents about… Read more »

Updated: It’s a classic PR play: When you start to look like the bad guy, call out a bigger bad guy. And it seems to be the strategy that the Securities and Exchange Commission — besieged by accusations of lax enforcement before and during the credit […] Read more »

The ongoing back-and-forth between Apple and Adobe over Flash on the iPhone is well-documented. First it was, then wasn’t, then was, then probably wasn’t again a possibility. If we take Apple CEO Steve Jobs at his word, then the problem lies with Flash being too heavy […] Read more »

A study out on Sunday from the Pew Internet and American Life Project found 44 percent of respondents experienced some kind of web connection failure, 39 percent experienced a computer failure and 29 percent experienced a cell phone issue within the last 12 months. Read more »

There’s a Twitter Moms revolution going on, and the manufacturer of the pain reliever Motrin is its first high-profile target. Mothers offended by a Motrin ad’s assertion that “baby-wearing” can cause back, arm, and neck strain lashed out publicly online, bringing down the official Motrin web […] Read more »

Coskata and sugar producer US Sugar are in formal negotiations to build a 100 million gallon per year, $400 to $450 million ethanol plant that can turn sugar cane material into ethanol. The announcement was spurred by US Sugar and the state of Florida coming to an agreement over the sale of US Sugar’s land for $1.34 billion. Read more »

Our friends at Vaja Cases have notified us they are now partnered with Rivet, maker of cases and clip systems.  Rivet has high tech clips that secure just about any gear and their phone and laptop cases look very nice.  I particularly like the leather messenger […] Read more »

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: a client wants you to transfer a project, including your intact file structure, remotely over the internet. FTP is an easy solution, right? If you have the space, and if your client is web-savvy enough to know what […] Read more »

In a previous article I described the abundant tutorials and tips Apple supplies online for their various software products. In this article I’ll examine two other ways Apple provides learning tools for their software. Resources Apple’s resources pages contain numerous links to information on a particular […] Read more »

Ethanol producer Aventine is putting one of its planned ethanol plants on hold and extending the timeline of the construction of another. It’s the latest sign that the financial crisis is battering the already troubled ethanol industry. Read more »

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