Stories for Nov. 18, 2008

[qi:032] Dave Winer wrote a poignant post this week about President-elect Barack Obama’s interview on “60 Minutes,” prompting me to actually go to the CBS web site in search of the most-watched “60 Minutes” episode…ever. It was hard to find the video on, and only after […] Read more »

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I’m intrigued by the idea of personal supercomputers such as the Cray CX1, which was unveiled earlier this year, as well as the Dell Workstation that was given a teraflop boost using an Nvidia Telsa card. So I jumped at the chance to chat with SiCortex, […] Read more »

Although I prefer and primarily use Gmail for the majority of my email needs, I do connect it via IMAP to Microsoft Outlook as well. And while there are many options available to extend the functionality of Microsoft Outlook including taglocity and Clear Context, Xobni is […] Read more »

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J.P. Morgan analyst Christopher Blansett created some buzz in the solar sector Monday with a note urging investors to make a “flight to safety” — noting that companies will have to weather “reduced solar subsidies next year, higher solar system borrowing costs and increasing competition at […] Read more »

Sun Shining In India: Azure Power, a solar developer in India said it has raised its first round of financing from Helion Venture Partners and Foundation Capital — peHub. Extreme Makeover, Nuclear to Green Data Center: “Web-host company 1&1 this week announced plans to build one […] Read more »

Last week I wrote a piece detailing Google’s new voice searching functionality for the iPhone, and at the time sources predicted a Friday launch. Well, it didn’t come Friday, but it’s finally here, and based on early impressions, it’s an impressive piece of software. I downloaded […] Read more »

Last week, President-elect Obama appointed Kevin Werbach, assistant professor of legal studies and business ethics at Wharton, and Susan Crawford, who teaches communications and Internet law at the University of Michigan, to co-chair his FCC transition team. In preparation for his incoming administration, the two, both […] Read more »

Mogees is launching an SDK for Android that will allow developers to charge for applications on the Android Market using its mobile billing… Read more »

You folks who work at home because your company’s one of those straight-thinking ahead-of-the-curve companies probably call yourselves teleworkers.  That term has been the de facto standard for almost as long as there have been workers at home.  That and telecommuter.  Not anymore, those are too […] Read more »

I’ve written about ZoneAlarm’s firewall software before. Many Windows users want a full-featured firewall that goes beyond the default one in Windows, and ZoneAlarm Pro is one of the better choices. It’s also a good added step in a sound strategy to keep public Wi-Fi sessions […] Read more »

Like many of us, I spend quite a lot of time on the web and come across a staggering number of interesting things. In Clearing The Cache I pull out some of my favorites and share them with you here. Geek In Disguise passes on a […] Read more »

My Firefox is jam-packed with add-ons. I love them, I collect them, I use them. I probably overindulge, in fact. Some people, however, are not using them to their full potential, or simply not using them at all. It makes sense if you just have a […] Read more »

In what seems like another addition to a long list of examples of how when you rent digital content, you’re actually renting it with a strict set of conditions, Apple owners are running into trouble with High Definition Content Protection (HDCP). The problem, affecting owners of […] Read more »

I spoke with Brad Booth, chairman of the Ethernet Alliance, at the SC 08 conference here in Austin, Texas today, and he noted that while Ethernet is entrenched in the corporate data center, it is the interconnect standard for little more than half of the Top […] Read more »

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