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As we approach the end of 2008 it is a great time to think about doing a year end review and to begin setting goals for 2009. I’m not usually a fan of the typical New Year’s resolution but the transition into a new year is […] Read more »

After much talk about experimenting with live streaming video, YouTube dipped its toe in the water on the weekend, with a much-hyped event (at least in blogosphere terms) called YouTube Live, featuring some of the “cewebrities” that have emerged on YouTube over the past year or […] Read more »

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Sezmi Secures $28 Million; influx of cash comes on the heels of the set-top box company laying off 20 percent of its staff. (peHUB) KickApps Raises More than $13 Million; white-label social networking site is working on Series C round. (peHUB) SAG Seeks to Authorize Strike […] Read more »

As people in the U.S continue to line up for mobile phone launches, the rest of the handset market is looking pretty grim. Optimistic news about the BlackBerry Storm is akin to Restylane in an aging actress — a plastic filler that hides signs of decay […] Read more »

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa unveiled a proposal this morning to meet 10 percent of the city’s energy needs with solar power by 2020. The announcement was made at Solar Integrated Technologies, an company contracted last month to supply thin-film solar panels for a 1.1 megawatt project by Oregon utility Portland General Electric. Read more »

We’ve looked at freelance outsourcing and crowdsourcing sites in the past – places like 99 Designs for graphics work or Elance for programming and other fields. Generally speaking, it seems that most web workers in our audience view these sites as a threat, encouraging rate cutting […] Read more »

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For basic photo editing, if you’re running OS X 10.5 Leopard you don’t need Photoshop Elements or Pixelmator. Leopard’s Preview graphics viewer application is much more than a viewer; it now incorporates some very handy image correction tools that are not only user-friendly and intuitive to […] Read more »

I think I’m pretty “friendly” on Facebook. I currently have over 400 Facebook “friends,” and some are actually people who I actually would consider my friend in real life while others are just people I know but don’t know well. I have thought about unfriending those […] Read more »

Ever wonder how Microsoft vaulted Internet Explorer to numero uno browser market share? There’s likely several lesser reasons, but the one of the main ones is working deals with OEMs to prominently display that little blue "e" and make it the default browser. In fact, it […] Read more »

I’m not sure whether to heap praise on startup ZunaVision, or be terrified of it. The company, which just incorporated two days ago, has developed a technology that lets you insert and blend ads (almost) seamlessly onto the surface of objects within a video and could […] Read more »

I did it once, three years ago, for 10 whole days! I was coming to Paris and knew it was going to be one of those out and about all day and half the night and with a side trip to another country kind of vacations. […] Read more »

And there was much rejoicing! I noted in my Apple TV 2.3 article that the latest Apple update broke boxee, but now the official boxee blog explains that they have got it working again. It took a little longer to get the USB Creator updated to […] Read more »

Felicia Day, creator of web series The Guild, said during her talk at NewTeeVee Live that she had some major sponsorship on news on the way. Looks like it’s a bit more than just that: The Hollywood Reporter writes that Microsoft has nabbed the exclusive rights […] Read more »

You Windows Mobile 5 or 6 device users who have been wishing for a way to sync your AOL contacts and calendar can wait no more.  AOL has launched the AOL Sync which keeps your calendar and contacts in sync with WM and AOL.  It works […] Read more »

Stealing on the internet is easy. It takes very little effort for someone to copy your work and slap their name on it. Almost every month I hear of a photographer, blogger, or designer I know whose work gets used without their permission. With all this copyright infringement going around, I’d be surprised if a majority of WWD readers claim that this has never happened to them. Read more »

Sometimes you and Google are going to disagree. I know, I know, so far it’s been a fairytale romance, but it happens to the best of us, trust me. When you do disagree, you really haven’t had any option to date but to suck it up […] Read more »

My online activity is driving me bonkers as I am bombarded with a flood of Black Friday heads-ups to make sure I get out the door before sunlight on Friday morning to get those great deals.  I imagine that given the current economic crisis that saving […] Read more »

Not to be confused with Apple’s Remote app for iTunes, iPhone Remote is an application for Mac OS X that puts the contents of your Mac within easy reach of your iPhone or iPod touch. With iPhone Remote, your Mac is in your iPhone. Developed by […] Read more »

[qi:109] The growth of the Internet is both true and greatly exaggerated depending on which web you look at, according to a rundown of data offered last night by Prof. Andrew M. Odlyzko of the University of Minnesota School of Mathematics. Growth of the wireless web […] Read more »

Over the weekend, I ended up on San Francisco’s ritzy Fillmore Street. I stopped by to say hello to my dry cleaner and then to Ed Nahigian, a gentleman who has been taking care of my footwear since I moved to San Francisco. As with everything […] Read more »

Warner Premiere, a digital content production division at Warner Bros., will team up with director Bryan Singer’s (The Usual Suspects) production company, Bad Hat Harry Productions, to create the new live-action sci-fi series H+. The Hollywood Reporter writes that John Cabrera and Cosimo De Tommaso will […] Read more »

President-elect Barack Obama continues to signal his commitment to clean power and the green economy. This weekend Obama said he is working on an Economic Recovery Plan that will create 2.5 million more jobs by January 2011, including jobs in alternative energy industries like wind, solar […] Read more »

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