Stories for Nov. 25, 2008

The economic downturn may be gutting the ethanol markets and souring term sheets, but here’s one silver lining: Math and science grads are turning to engineering instead of investment banking, BusinessWeek reports. Throughout the cleantech business, we’ve heard reports that many startups are finding themselves in […] Read more »

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We’re written about Tactile CRM a couple of times in the past – they’re an excellent choice in the starter CRM market, for people who need some sort of customer relations management product but who don’t want to be overwhelmed by complexity. Now they’re released version […] Read more »

When I read an Inquirer piece about Microsoft launching its own branded phone with a Tegra chipset by Nvidia, it struck me that this would truly be putting lipstick on a pig. The Tegra chipset and the demos shown by Nvidia of it in action are […] Read more »

Is China gearing up to finally issue its long-awaited 3G licenses? Chinese Industry and Information Technology vice minister Xi Guohua said… Read more »

What could you do with a credit-card-sized flat, highly-efficient light bulb? Israeli startup Oree recently raised funds that will help it figure out all the applications of its LED lighting product, like LCD displays, or office environments that need discrete flat lighting sources. The company says […] Read more »

loading external resource Raises $750K; Innovation Ventures led this Series A1 round for the video publishing company. (Silicon Alley Insider) AT&T’s Viral Series Not So Viral; Lost in America stars iJustine, but is not attracting lots of eyeballs. (Advertising Age) Open-Source Movie Lets Fans in on the Action; […] Read more »

Twitter sparked further speculation about the future of its business model on Monday with its purchase of Values of n, whose services include a smart sticky-note application called Stikkit and a personal assistant application called I Want Sandy. For while the founders of both companies said Values of n would be shutting down the two services, both also hinted fairly broadly that aspects of them might find their way into Twitter. Read more »

Lights Out: Shell exec Jeroen van der Veer told the Confederation of British Industry today while the financial crisis will pass, the energy crisis (remember that one?) is here to stay for 50 years or more. Without urgent action, he said, “the lights will go out.” […] Read more »

TiVo (NSDQ: TIVO) is rolling out a mobile site,, that lets subscribers use their cellphones to search for and record TV shows, re… Read more »

You may have caught our round-up of iPhone apps for your car from a few weeks ago. Well, it’s time for another batch, so here’s our our list of 9 fitness-related iPhone apps. Once again, each item on the list links to a full review with […] Read more »

I may be prone to worrying, but I don’t think I’m the only one who feels more than a tinge of concern when I need to fill out an online form, especially when its for something important, like a job application. It just seems like there’s […] Read more »

We are constantly saying that the lines are blurring between feature phones and smartphones and that blur is evident in the new Motorola Hint being released by Alltel in the US on Black Friday.  The Hint is a small slider phone that packs a full QWERTY […] Read more »

Corn ethanol took a big hit with the fall of South Dakota’s VeraSun Energy, which filed for bankruptcy last month. But there’s at least one company out there that sees promise in those refineries. VeraSun announced late yesterday that it received interest from an unnamed third […] Read more »

When I started freelancing, I worked with every potential client who contacted me.  This is normal for someone who is starting out.  After all, you want to get all the experience you can get your hands on.  But after a while, you’ll realize, like I did, […] Read more »

TiVo has partnered up with Mobui to create a web-based method that you can use to schedule recordings to your TiVo DVR. We saw a similar mobile solution announced back in September, but that was specific to RIM’s BlackBerry devices, and I don’t think it’s live […] Read more »

One of the things I loved about the old Mac OS Classic was that to create a bootable disk, all you had to do was make a folder named System Folder, drag in System and Finder files and an Appearance Folder, then drag your bare-bones System […] Read more »

In an order released yesterday, the Federal Communications Commission declared certain parts of the New York City cable market competitive, thanks to Verizon offering its FiOS TV in the area. This means the FCC also revokes the ability of the municipal authorities of New York to […] Read more »

Pocket Communications Northeast, a subsidiary of San Antonio-based cellular operator Pocket Communications, has raised a first round of $100 million to build out a five-city CDMA network in the Northeast that will join an existing network and customer base in South Texas. The Northeast expansion is […] Read more »

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