Stories for Oct. 14, 2008

My favorite ebook reader by far is eReader for the iPhone and they just released another new version free for the taking.  Version 1.3 adds several new features, the biggest for me is adding bookmarks.  Just tap in the upper right corner just like other platform […] Read more »

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It wouldn’t be an Apple event day without a final attempt to corral all the crazy rumors floating about in the last few heady hours before Jobs dons his turtleneck and proceeds to amaze (or underwhelm) us.  The sheer number of predictions, leaked images, price points, […] Read more »

Microsoft today unveiled its next-generation Communications Server product that will allow users to replace their existing phone systems with Microsoft’s software. It’s about time Redmond pushed its VoIP offering further. The product, which goes on sale in February 2009, replaces a PBX system with Microsoft’s VoIP […] Read more »

I apologize for the last minute notification of this but I can’t believe the Microsoft Small Business Summit is upon us already. The Small Business Summit is a free three day online conference featuring a host of experts sharing the secrets of their success. This series […] Read more »

Aside from being a fantastic computer and girlfriend/boyfriend substitute,  your Mac is capable of some pretty amazing things.  In fact, whenever I have a problem that needs solving or a gap that needs filling, I turn first to…well, first to buying things, but once I realize […] Read more »

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No one questions just how important the process of gathering business intelligence is. Knowing about the folks you are working with, or selling to, is always a key component to good relationship building.  Those who do it well can have a considerable competitive advantage. With the […] Read more »

There could have been a drinking game for the opening night of the Solar Power International convention: Take a shot when you hear “credit crunch” or “tax credits.” The current financial turmoil and the renewal of the tax credits for solar permeated both media events — […] Read more »

The Blackberry OS is designed from the ground up to be customizable and as such there is so much power in it that you can use it for years and still learn how to do cool things.  InsideCRM has published a power user’s guide that contains […] Read more »

Let’s take the focus off the big Apple event today and share some news about those other big guys, Microsoft.  On the Microsoft Vista Team Blog Mike Nash has spilled the big beans that the next version of the Windows operating system, code named Windows 7, […] Read more »

Perhaps not everyone in the U.S. is welcoming Samsung’s entry to the notebook market (think: Dell, HP, and Lenovo for starters), but choice is good so my arms are open wide. Besides, I was happy to spring for three Samsung UMPCs in the last two years […] Read more »

The Logitech V550 Nano wireless mouse is marketed as a notebook mouse, but the real story is that this is just a really superb mouse, whatever sort of computer you use it with — notebook or desktop. I never thought I would say that about a […] Read more »

It takes more than 70 pages of tedious paperwork to get a residential solar system connected to the grid and properly rebated, residential solar installer Sungevity estimates. The Berkeley, Calif.-based startup is launching a campaign today to end this wasteful paper trail by asking the Public […] Read more »

Stories for Oct. 13, 2008

New rumors keep cropping up about Apple’s event tomorrow. First, some new pictures have surfaced on Engadget of a supposed new 15″ MacBook Pro. A few other sites have picked these up, but AppleInsider has taken it further with information about a possible new display that […] Read more »

The poor state that U.S. automakers have found themselves in started a while ago. Built to churn out SUVs that were in demand for the last decade, they were sideswiped by the surge in oil prices. Now the recession that likely started this summer and is […] Read more »

YouTube is running ads based on search terms alongside search results, Ad Age reported today. The ads are similar to Google’s killer AdWords, and like them are sold on a cost-per-click basis, but they link to advertisers’ YouTube accounts rather than their web pages. Not too […] Read more »

Web-based self-publishing service Blurb has raised around $5 million in third-round funding, according to peHUB. Previous investors Canaan P… Read more »

Solyndra, a startup which just came out of the woodwork with its rooftop solar system and $600 million in funding, showed off its solar technology at the Solar Power International conference on Monday night. The company says the design, which uses a series of tubes and […] Read more »

Hello all, very pleased to be hopping aboard the TAB train and riding it all the way to Apple central. Being based over in Europe — London and Helsinki — I have the distinct pleasure of bringing you lots of Apple-related news from various awkward time-zones.  […] Read more »

Pickens’ Army Now 1 Million Strong: T. Boone Pickens has marshaled a million Americans in support of the wind and natural gas-powered Pickens Plan in just three months. It’s amazing what a $58 million media campaign can buy you – Press Release. Meltdown Melting European Climate […] Read more »

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