Stories for Nov. 20, 2008

In case you haven’t tried it yet, the recently released OpenOffice 3.0 suite of free, open source productivity applications has a lot of improvements over previous versions, especially for Mac users. Recently, I’ve been working with the free, online-hosted versions of the applications available through Ulteo. […] Read more »

Economic downturns are hard for everyone, at both work and at home. Week after week there are requests for managers to further reduce budgets, lay off more people and cut projects that were previously classified as “necessary to sustain normal business operations.” These pressures forge managers […] Read more »

Black Friday sale prices are coming a little early for those of you looking to buy VMware Fusion this month. Our readers report that VMware is sending out emails with a 25% off coupon. Get 25% off automatically when you purchase VMware Fusion online, using the […] Read more »

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In a striking display of the power of live video, Abraham K. Biggs committed suicide on Wednesday while broadcasting himself on video site As we understand it from various forum posts, the 19-year-old Floridian was apparently egged on by commenters on and fellow forum […] Read more »

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No question one of the most important tools a web worker will adopt is the smartphone. Today’s smartphones can become complete messaging systems that keep the worker up to date and in touch with clients and coworkers.  The Blackberry has long been considered one of the […] Read more »

Building green isn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg, according to a new study led by investment group Good Energies. Although it might not be the best economic time to put up a new building, the study points out that green buildings cost […] Read more »

As if it wasn’t aggravating enough that new MacBook owners had to go out and replace all of their video adapters since Mini-DVI has been phased out and Mini DisplayPort introduced, today those lucky enough to have a 30-inch external monitor are now out of luck…again. […] Read more »

UPDATED: Another project from electric car developer ZAP looks like it’s hit the rails (hat tip AutoblogGreen). The penny stock company is more than a few pennies short on a deal to build a manufacturing plant in Kentucky, according to the Lexington Herald-Leader. Integrity Manufacturing, ZAP’s […] Read more »

Orb Networks has officially announced the availability of their OrbLive 2.0 app for iPhone/iPod touch. OrbLive enables users to stream media content from their computer — music, internet radio stations, videos, photos, webcam streams, and even live TV (with a TV Tuner) — to their touch […] Read more »

Today Qualcomm scored a huge coup for its MediaFLO mobile television service by winning the right to broadcast the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, and create a 27/7 channel devoted to the event. All MediaFLO subscribers will be able to watch the broadcast when it airs on […] Read more »

Today Qualcomm scored a huge coup for its MediaFLO mobile television service by winning the right to broadcast the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and create a 27/7 channel devoted to the event, available on all MediaFLO enabled handsets (of which there are fewer than 10 models in the U.S.). Read more »

Iconfactory and ARTIS Software bring their game, Frenzic, to the iPhone. Finally! I’ve been waiting for this since before the iPhone even came to market. The simple yet challenging pie-based puzzle game really, truly seems like a match made in geek heaven, as the co-founder of […] Read more »

So, um, I watch Gossip Girl. But I do it on my laptop, when nobody else is around. And as I read recently of complaints by Lipstick Jungle‘s creators that its cancellation threats are unfair because much of its audience isn’t measured, I had to wonder […] Read more »

CBS Drops Moblogic; network stops creating new episodes; host Lindsay Campbell is still under contract with CBS, but evaluating new opportunities. (Moblogic: MediaMemo; Campbell: Beet.TV) Netflix on Xbox Missing Sony Movies; omission not because of ill will between competing game console makers, rather Netflix didn’t get […] Read more »

RIM’s recently released Blackberry Storm is a device that tries to outdo Apple’s iPhone by including a beefed-up OS, polishing up the interface and marrying it to a really fast 3G network (instead of AT&T’s pokey 3G network.) The device even has visual voice mail, and […] Read more »

The Los Angeles Auto Show is here, and the theme this year is shaping up to be: its all about the electric vehicle infrastructure. There are three announcements out already about initiatives to build out charging infrastructure in cities and states on the West Coast from […] Read more »

Today, Ultra-wideband chip makers Artimi and Staccato Communications announced $20 million in funding and a merger agreement, which seems like tying two leaky boats together, giving them some more gas and hoping they make it to shore. Read more »

Thanksgiving is a week away (Wait, really?), and we have a bounty of Apple news to report — though not all of it will make you give thanks. First, the good news. Our colleagues over at the mobile devices blog jkOntheRun are excited that the Orb […] Read more »

The Blackberry Storm will be available on 11/21 in the U.S. It’s getting some early reviews and they’re a mixed bag. Will this be an “iPhone killer”, will it have similar problems that the Bold encountered, or at the end of the day is it just […] Read more »

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