Stories for Nov. 26, 2008

Lenovo has not been very forthcoming about the availability, no the very existence of a 6-cell battery for the S10 netbook we’ve covered here.  The 3-cell battery that has been shipping with the S10 to date is short on battery life and our efforts to confirm […] Read more »

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VoIP clients have been a bit slow to make their move onto the iPhone, no doubt that Apple certification process takes a long, hard look at them.  A new client is now available for the fruit phone, Nimbuzz which makes it possible to chat with your […] Read more »

December is fast approaching – this is the perfect time to tighten up portfolios for the incoming year.  In the coming weeks, I know that I’ll be preoccupied with this, especially since I’ve gained some new clients this year. Here are some things we should consider […] Read more »

Microsoft’s battle to conquer the web has a certain Moby-Dick-like quality. Me-too products, muddled branding strategy and constantly playing catchup with competitors has reduced the king of software to a punch line. The more they try, the further they get. In the third quarter of 2008, […] Read more »

Thanksgiving is great for celebrating family and gluttony, but it’s also the last impediment between you and Black Friday, the day stores reel you in with low low LOW prices! But with the economy in the dumps, seems like everyone is making a prediction as to […] Read more »

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The Chinese market is set to get more home-grown alternative energy vehicles, with SAIC Motor joining the list of companies that plan to work on hybrid and electric cars in the country. According to Reuters, the automaker will form a joint venture with its state-owned parent, […] Read more »

Most people know that when you want to remove an app from your dock, you simply need to right click it then drag it to the desktop. The first few times it disappeared in a puff of “smoke”  you probably thought it was cool but if […] Read more »

This is the risk of falling in love with free services. We’ve written positively about I Want Sandy and Stikkit in the past, two simple but effective productivity web apps. The company behind the apps, Values of n, has announced that both services will go offline […] Read more »

The Dark Knight continues to cast its vengeful shadow over BitTorrent, according to TorrentFreak, staying on as the most popular pirated movie. Other than that — there was only one new addition to the top 10 list: Elegy, a smaller film starring Ben Kingsley that came […] Read more »

On the heels of IBM announcing it’s working with French electric utility EDF on smart grid research, the computing giant says today that it is also working with utilities American Electric Power (AEP), and Consumers Energy to deploy and test smart grid technology. For Consumers Energy, […] Read more »

Stories for Nov. 25, 2008

Online retailers are not immune to the current credit crunch and are feeling the heat in a big way. The New York Times says that online spending dropped 4 percent for the first 23 days of November 2008, compared with the same period last year. According […] Read more »

The video encoding and transcoding tool, Handbrake has been updated to 0.9.3. This latest release brings a number of substantial changes to this excellent video utility. The two most fundamental changes make Handbrake more flexible and also more limited. First flexibility — Handbrake will now accept […] Read more »

[qi:032] In a nation with more than 225 million mobile subscribers, only 1.8 million of them watch broadcast television on their cell phones, according to September data from comScore. But a group of more than 800 broadcasters hopes to change all that — by making mobile […] Read more »

The power grid has seen little innovation in the past few decades, but lately battery companies have started to develop energy storage technologies meant to sit on the grid and help prepare the network for a buildout of renewable energy. Last week, lithium ion battery startup […] Read more »

One of the reasons I’m a die-hard laptop aficionado is that I live in a rural area where power blackouts are not uncommon. Late November usually brings at least one with the arrival of the first major winter storm. This year proved no exception, with a […] Read more »

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