Stories for Nov. 26, 2008

There’s not much in a web worker’s life that beats a cheap or free phone service. Perhaps a supporting role in one of David Pogue’s next iPhone video musicals might, but odds are slim. Especially for me and my voice. Or maybe it’s because I have […] Read more »

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I was surprised when I first learned that the Blackberry Storm would not have Wi-Fi. This was especially surprising to me since the other recent new Blackbery, the Bold, does have Wi-Fi.  It seems more and more of the upper-tier smartphones include this feature, and it […] Read more »

Another terrorist attack in India, this time in India’s financial & entertainment capital, Mumbai (Bombay.) I have been following this for a while on Twitter, where people from the city are reporting whatever updates they can get. It is a depressing start to a Thanksgiving weekend […] Read more »

[qi:025] Citing changes to its billing and costs that are doubling every month, Twitter announced that it will no longer support outbound SMS to Canadians. Twitter’s searching for a business model (and a Business Product Manager to help out), and in the meantime it has to curtail […] Read more »

For the past few months, stocks of solar-energy companies have been following the movements of the broader market, only with amplified volatility. So it comes as no surprise that, with stock indexes in general rising for the fourth straight trading day, solar stocks are up big. […] Read more »

Even though WebWorkerDaily is staffed by a team of international writers, expect posting to be light over the Thanksgiving holiday. That gives us a chance to give thanks to the fine companies that sponsor this site. None of this works without you. ki-work: access and outsource […] Read more »

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After a long day, I returned home to find a mound of junk mail clogging my mailbox. Of note was a letter from Citibank informing me that it was jacking up the interest charged on my credit card, adding more fees for foreign transactions and other […] Read more »

India’s Orient Green Power, a renewable energy developer, has raised $55 million in a second round of funding (hat tip PE Hub). The investment was led by Olympus Capital Holdings Asia, which put $35 million into the round. Return backers Shriram EPC and Bessemer Venture Partners […] Read more »

We are regularly reporting on some new high-capacity flash memory card that SanDisk is announcing but today we can share that Toshiba is happily entering into the high-density tiny memory card game.  They are going to start producing a 16 GB microSDHC card early next year […] Read more »

Sling Launches Video Portal; hardware maker’s features content from Warner Bros., Sony, MGM, CBS and more. (See our previous coverage.) Hulu Users Prefer Front-Loading Ads; 88 percent choose to watch a two-minute ad prior to the program in exchange for no ads during the content. […] Read more »

We talk about embracing the cloud a lot here, Kevin’s long cloud journey was a popular one.  There are many good reasons for adopting a cloud computing philosophy and we won’t go into those again here.  There are also some good reasons to fear the cloud […] Read more »

Daily Sprout: A victory for environmentalists in Rhode Island, economic concerns going into the upcoming climate conference in Poland, the buzz of innovation in the energy storage industry, and more news from around the web. Read more »

Lunascape is the product of a Tokyo-based software startup, and it’s raising some eyebrows with claims of being the fastest browser available. It may not enjoy the reputation the big players like Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Chrome do here in the Western world, but Lunascape […] Read more »

Apple has released another update to Quicktime that should be a small bit of good news to unibody MacBook and MacBook Pro owners. Bringing its version number up to 7.5.7, the new Quicktime removes the HDCP playback restrictions from standard definition movies purchased and rented from […] Read more »

Lenovo has not been very forthcoming about the availability, no the very existence of a 6-cell battery for the S10 netbook we’ve covered here.  The 3-cell battery that has been shipping with the S10 to date is short on battery life and our efforts to confirm […] Read more »

VoIP clients have been a bit slow to make their move onto the iPhone, no doubt that Apple certification process takes a long, hard look at them.  A new client is now available for the fruit phone, Nimbuzz which makes it possible to chat with your […] Read more »

December is fast approaching – this is the perfect time to tighten up portfolios for the incoming year.  In the coming weeks, I know that I’ll be preoccupied with this, especially since I’ve gained some new clients this year. Here are some things we should consider […] Read more »

Microsoft’s battle to conquer the web has a certain Moby-Dick-like quality. Me-too products, muddled branding strategy and constantly playing catchup with competitors has reduced the king of software to a punch line. The more they try, the further they get. In the third quarter of 2008, […] Read more »

Thanksgiving is great for celebrating family and gluttony, but it’s also the last impediment between you and Black Friday, the day stores reel you in with low low LOW prices! But with the economy in the dumps, seems like everyone is making a prediction as to […] Read more »

The Chinese market is set to get more home-grown alternative energy vehicles, with SAIC Motor joining the list of companies that plan to work on hybrid and electric cars in the country. According to Reuters, the automaker will form a joint venture with its state-owned parent, […] Read more »

Most people know that when you want to remove an app from your dock, you simply need to right click it then drag it to the desktop. The first few times it disappeared in a puff of “smoke”  you probably thought it was cool but if […] Read more »

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