Stories for Nov. 21, 2008

Fisker Automotive announced plans today to use a four-cylinder General Motors engine in its Fisker Karma, a four-door plug-in hybrid shown in prototype at the Detroit auto show back in January. The gas-powered engine would kick in on trips exceeding the electric battery’s 50-mile range, according to […] Read more »

There were several important updates on the browser front this week, from Mozilla, Microsoft and Google. From where I sit, there is very healthy competition going on in the browser market right now, and if you’re a web worker who favors only one browser, there may […] Read more »

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At the SC 08 show that ends today in Austin, I was struck by how much the lines between supercomputing and corporate computing have blurred. The show even had a panel on high-performance computing and cloud computing! But after visiting with vendors of all types and […] Read more »

Cleantech industry insiders are hailing the selection of Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) as chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee as a win for the environment. In a secret ballot, the House of Representatives on Thursday voted 137-122 for Waxman to replace former chairman John […] Read more »

Apple TV 2.3 was not enough. They could not stop at iPhone OS 2.2. Apple had to introduce the perfect storm of updates to impact users of all their systems and devices by unleashing Quicktime H.264 Compatibility Update (now at version 7.5.5) and iTunes 8.0.2 (plus […] Read more »

A couple days ago I posted an entry about Mozilla’s new Fashion Your Firefox add-on promotional campaign. Among the apps listed was one that I nearly overlooked, but that now strikes me as indispensable. It’s called Thumbstrips, and it’s a product of Intuit Labs, an innovative […] Read more »

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[qi:076] Three years ago, when John Battelle and Chas Edwards met with me for a cup of coffee across the street from the old Business 2.0 offices in downtown San Francisco, their company, Federated Media, was still in its infancy, and our company, Giga Omni Media, […] Read more »

The security of your Mac can fall into a few different categories. One such category would be that of preventing data loss (i.e. making regular backups). Apple has helped to make this easy in recent years with the inclusion of Time Machine in OS X. Another […] Read more »

While I found this earlier in the week, Gabe and Max are so stylish that their style resonates for days. Here is the second installment of their Tips on Man Style for Details Magazine. Use them as you get ready to hit the town tonight! And […] Read more »

Massachusetts battery developer A123 Systems may be best known for its work on lithium-ion batteries for hybrid and electric vehicles, but the company is also working on energy storage systems for electric utilities. This week, the startup announced the installation of its first Hybrid Ancillary Power […] Read more »

The annual Thanksgiving holiday in the US is coming up next week – and a lot of web workers are preparing to take some downtime away from their computers as a result. Before you go, though, why not take a few minutes to participate in our […] Read more »

Computing giant IBM and French electric utility EDF will together research ways to boost the efficiency of power plants and modernize electricity infrastructure, IBM announced today. The collaboration puts them in the thick of what’s known as the smart grid industry, a potentially $65 billion market […] Read more »

So often testing and tweaking a product once it’s released is a nice-to-have but not a need-to-have. Tel Aviv-based startup EyeView believes it can make the refinement process easy when it comes to online product demo videos. The company shoots and optimizes product demo videos for […] Read more »

The idea of a ‘bundle’ promotion is a common occurrence in the Mac software world. The most widely publicized event centered around great deals on indie Mac software is MacHeist. The general idea is that bundling a package of applications together leads to a great deal […] Read more »

It’s generally taken for granted that a cutting edge company such as Apple has a well oiled system of editors and copywriters who check software releases for errors before they go live. Unfortunately, it seems that the system has broken down with the latest iPhone software […] Read more »

Disney Fights Piracy on Site it Funded;, funded by Steamboat Ventures had bootlegged Disney content like full-length copies of WALL-E up on the site. (The Wall Street Journal) YouTube Testing HD Videos; video giant stealthily trying out the higher quality 720p format. (Epicenter Blog) CNET […] Read more »

Thin-film solar companies are tired of being asked about their conversion efficiency, which is basically the amount of sunlight a panel can convert into electricity. Part of that is because the thin-film manufacturers say the efficiency standard is flawed. And increasingly some thin-film companies are pushing […] Read more »

Google has pulled back the curtain on a new feature that until now has been in restricted beta: the addition of wiki-style functions in standard search results. In many ways, Google is taking the same principles that power a site like Digg and applying them to search. So will these new wiki-style functions be subject to rampant gaming and manipulation? Of course. Read more »

The Wall Street Journal this morning had a short article pointing out the somewhat obvious reasons why location-based services on cell phones are still not mainstream. It also helpfully pointed out that carriers were working on it. To recap, LBS services need three main things: a […] Read more »

Yieldex, a startup that helps online publishers forecast ad inventory, has won the Amazon Web Services Startup Challenge and $100,000 in cash and services. Read more »

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