Stories for Nov. 16, 2008

Coal mines are the last thing that come to mind when thinking about renewable energy, but a new partnership between UK Coal and Peel Group, a UK power company, plans to turn more than a dozen former coal mine sites into renewable power plants, putting up […] Read more »

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The reports of layoffs at SiPort, a Santa Clara, Calif.-based company that prompted killing of three executives are wrong, according to a statement issued by the company. Last week Silicon Valley was shocked by the shooting of three SiPort executive by alleged killer, Jing Hua Wu who is currently under arrest by the Santa Clara Police Department. He was terminated individually and not as part of a general layoff. Read more »

Road trip!  That started the week where we saw a lot of tech news that was exciting.  Here are the top stories on jkOnTheRun in case you missed them: First impressions of the Telenav Shotgun GPS What a great community!… thanks for the wedding wishes Three […] Read more »

Macs are definitely not all-work and no-play machines, and this fact is made even more evident via a nifty little application called Poladroid. With holidays coming up, nostalgia will most likely be at an all-time high and Poladroid helps you inject some into your modern pictures […] Read more »

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There’s no question that between viral hits such as “Yes We Can” and his dramatic speech on race, YouTube helped President-elect Barack Obama win this election. But just because the campaign’s over doesn’t mean Obama is ditching his online video success. Obama delivered the weekly national […] Read more »

Anticipating that a financial crisis like the one we’re currently experiencing wasn’t far away, I’ve run my company, richrelevance, on a zero-fat budget, raising small rounds of capital to ensure our team built the discipline to operate with small budgets. Yet, anticipation of the downturn does […] Read more »

Stories for Nov. 15, 2008

The global economic downturn has started to take its toll on Silicon Valley, especially since the news of an emergency meeting Sequoia Capital held for its entrepreneurs, asking them to buckle up for the nausea-inducing ride that lay ahead of them. In the weeks that have […] Read more »

This week we’ve covered a multitude of methods for relaxing and socializing: Apple squeezed a new ultra-cheap “Movies of the Week” section in to iTunes; Google announced an update to Talk, now incorporating video chat; and we reviewed Event Box, a powerful tool that rolls all your […] Read more »

The election is over, so hopefully you’ve had plenty of time to catch up on all the cleantech news, but in case you missed the happenings this week, we’ve gathered the big headlines for your here. Amyris Opens Synthetic Diesel Pilot Plant: Biofuel startup Amyris started […] Read more »

Gaming on the iPhone and iPod touch comes in many forms, but a lot of genres still lack representation on the mobile platform. Cross one more off that list as Tricky Software, Inc. introduces Armado, a 3D platformer for Apple’s handheld devices. Tricky Software is a […] Read more »

We all remember the announcement of the MacBook Air with the image of sliding it out of an envelope showing us how thin it is.  We were enamored of the thought of a Mac that is thinner than any other notebook out there and how portable […] Read more »

Over the last few weeks, we have all heard admonitions to startups (and all companies) to tighten their belts, be realistic about their businesses and hunker down for the long term. This is certainly good advice (in this market, and probably most of the time). But […] Read more »

Stories for Nov. 14, 2008

We’d like to say thanks to this month’s GigaNET sponsors: Volo Media: Download a free white paper on advertising insertion, measurement, targeting and campaign management for downloadable audio and video Peer1: Free Flip Video when you sign up for a hosting plan Ironscale Managed Hosting: Why […] Read more »

From bloggers to designers to those who work full time with graphics, many web workers need to retrieve and use photos on the web. Flickr has become an increasingly popular source for images (I use images from it all the time), so it’s no surprise that […] Read more »

If you own a Slingbox, you’re going to love Sling Media’s site — now in private beta, but launching to the public on Nov. 24 — offers a new, web-based way to watch the content from your Slingbox-connected TV. But does more than that: […] Read more »

I have been using MobileMe, and its previous incarnation DotMac, for just over two years. Everyone has talked about the great features it has as well as some of the near-misses. However, I haven’t seen anyone point out a major flaw in MobileMe — how it […] Read more »

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