Stories for Nov. 26, 2008

This is the risk of falling in love with free services. We’ve written positively about I Want Sandy and Stikkit in the past, two simple but effective productivity web apps. The company behind the apps, Values of n, has announced that both services will go offline […] Read more »

The Dark Knight continues to cast its vengeful shadow over BitTorrent, according to TorrentFreak, staying on as the most popular pirated movie. Other than that — there was only one new addition to the top 10 list: Elegy, a smaller film starring Ben Kingsley that came […] Read more »

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On the heels of IBM announcing it’s working with French electric utility EDF on smart grid research, the computing giant says today that it is also working with utilities American Electric Power (AEP), and Consumers Energy to deploy and test smart grid technology. For Consumers Energy, […] Read more »

Stories for Nov. 25, 2008
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Online retailers are not immune to the current credit crunch and are feeling the heat in a big way. The New York Times says that online spending dropped 4 percent for the first 23 days of November 2008, compared with the same period last year. According […] Read more »

The video encoding and transcoding tool, Handbrake has been updated to 0.9.3. This latest release brings a number of substantial changes to this excellent video utility. The two most fundamental changes make Handbrake more flexible and also more limited. First flexibility — Handbrake will now accept […] Read more »

[qi:032] In a nation with more than 225 million mobile subscribers, only 1.8 million of them watch broadcast television on their cell phones, according to September data from comScore. But a group of more than 800 broadcasters hopes to change all that — by making mobile […] Read more »

The power grid has seen little innovation in the past few decades, but lately battery companies have started to develop energy storage technologies meant to sit on the grid and help prepare the network for a buildout of renewable energy. Last week, lithium ion battery startup […] Read more »

One of the reasons I’m a die-hard laptop aficionado is that I live in a rural area where power blackouts are not uncommon. Late November usually brings at least one with the arrival of the first major winter storm. This year proved no exception, with a […] Read more »

TiVo released its third quarter results today, and while the company reported a profit (thank you, EchoStar for that $105 million patent violation payment) the DVR maker lost 163,000 subscribers dropping the total number of subscribers to 3.46 million — the lowest it’s been since Spring of 2005. Read more »

Recently, I wrote an item on speed tests for next-generation browsers where Firefox 3.1 and Google Chrome showed particularly strong performance. In these kinds of tests, most users have been focusing on JavaScript tests, because both Firefox 3.1 and Google Chrome feature much improved JavaScript engines. […] Read more »

As you all very well know, I have little patience for Comcast and its anti-innovation policy of metered broadband. If you are like me and are looking for an option, in San Francisco you can get 18 Mbps ADSL2+ connection from, a small ISP which […] Read more »

Those crazy folks at Dynamism have long been good buddies of ours and today they launched a new retail site that it beyond description.  Well that never stopped us before so we’ll describe it anyway.  They bill the new Gizmine site as "the world’s largest Japanese […] Read more »

Got experience doing financial analysis inside a media or entertainment company and thinking about a career change? We’d love to hear from y… Read more »

Tata Motors, India’s largest auto manufacturer and would-be maker of the ultra-cheap Nano and the electric Indica, shut down its factory in Jamshedpur today for the second time in less than a month. Set to last five days, the closure is an attempt to keep vehicles — and losses — from piling up as recession puts the brakes on demand. Read more »

Updated with Cisco Confirmation: If you want to know how bad it is going to get for all of us in Silicon Valley, just look at Cisco Systems. For first time in its history the company is going to shut down for four days at the […] Read more »

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