Stories for Dec. 2, 2008

According to a survey in 2005, only 12% of internet users know what RSS feeds are. Despite these low numbers, most of the netizens I know seem to be active subscribers. While RSS feeds give us the latest news, blog posts, and site updates through a […] Read more »

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Today Sierra Wireless, the maker of wireless data cards agreed to spend about 218 million euros ($274.9 million) buying Wavecom, the maker of machine-to-machine communications chips. For Sierra, the deal gives it the ability to follow the web as it moves from people to machines, providing a new avenue for growth as Sierra sees interest in wireless cards fade. Read more »

Syncing Google Calendar with iCal just got a whole lot easier thanks to a new setup tool released by Google called Calaboration. Calaboration is a Google Code project that allows you to add calendars to iCal with a simple point and click interface, a process that […] Read more »

More than two years after Apple launched the iPhone, and months after its rivals launched their versions of touchscreen phones, Nokia today started selling a touchscreen phone (5800 XpressMusic) and announced the N97 superphone, which has a touch screen and a keyboard and will be made […] Read more »

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Avista Corp., a utility based in Spokane, Wash., has become the latest in a series of U.S. companies to pull back on its wind power project plans. The company has delayed plans to build a 50-megawatt wind farm in the state for at least two years, […] Read more »

Stories for Dec. 1, 2008

Yazsoft today announced an extensive Christmas giveaway — their “biggest one yet.” From December 1 to December 24, 2008, everyone has a chance to win 1 of 4 grand packages. No purchase is required to enter, and winners will be drawn randomly during the first week […] Read more »

Yahoo is not waiting around for 2008 to pack it in, and has released the top stories (and top searches) for the year that still has 30 days to go. I just spent 20 minutes on the site, and I love it. The presentation is simple, […] Read more »

Today Clearwire said it had completed the transactions that will allow it to build the first nationwide WiMAX network, to be known as Clear. CEO Ben Wolff took a few minutes to answer some questions about what the upcoming service will look like, how Clearwire might […] Read more »

We’ve covered the Telenav Shotgun and how we like it.  The GPS with connections is the first foray of the Telenav folks into the hardware realm and the Shotgun is a decent offering.  Those connections mean the Shotgun will check continuously while you are driving and […] Read more »

Recently, I’ve done a couple of posts on the growing market share of and impressive performance in speed tests of Google’s open source Chrome browser. Even though Chrome is a very fast browser, though, and even though its ability to load pages and applications in distinct […] Read more »

If you’re like me, sending holiday cards is one of those “necessary evils” of the holidays. A new service,, hopes to make the process a little easier — at least for your friends with iPhones. is a San Francisco, CA startup founded by ex-Microsoft […] Read more »

A raft of startups has set out to harness energy from waves and tides, many of them in the turbulent waters of Scotland’s Pentland Firth. A subset of that group has emerged in recent months with plans (and prototypes) for tapping river flows. Rivers have powered […] Read more »

UPDATE: the 2710p has been SOLD.  Thanks to all who contacted me. I mentioned in a Mobile Tech Manor column a few weeks ago that I have been getting my home office set up.  That process has me evaluating all the gear I own to determine […] Read more »

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