Stories for Nov. 18, 2008

Couple of bits on the Microsoft Zune Player front and I don’t just mean that the device works with Celio’s new REDFLY. Turns out that there’s a minor firmware update ready and waiting for Zune owners according to Zune Thoughts: version 3.1 adds new games and […] Read more »

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Written by Nate D’Amico. At last week’s TelcoTV event, the hot topics were convergence of media, triple-screen plays, and how consumers’ behaviors regarding digital content are evolving at a rapid pace. Strolling through the exhibit hall, I saw some great demos, such as Entone’s Janus set-top […] Read more »

Today, Mozilla has released Fashion Your Firefox, a new Web application that enables Firefox users to customize their browser based on their interests and online activities. It provides a simple way to find appropriate add-ons that fit your lifestyles, showcasing them in a simple and easy-to-install […] Read more »

Vudu Debuts New High-End Box; the XL2 Internet movie player is designed for home theater installation, lets users download and watch movies in Vudu’s high-def HDX format; can going high end save the troubled set-top company? (emailed release) Bright House Launches Road Runner Video Store; online […] Read more »

There’s at least one good outcome of the current power grid being inefficient, wasteful and unintelligent: The market opportunity for a smarter power grid will create a $65 billion industry by 2013, according to a new report out from Lux Research. Lux’s definition of the “power […] Read more »

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Apple has today started to take orders for their new 24″ LED Cinema Display. Shipping is stated to start sometime in November, and the screen is priced at $899. We have previously covered the announcement of the new displays and detailed their features. This new device […] Read more »

Michael Dell, chairman and CEO of Dell Inc., in a speech at the SC08 Conference in Austin, Texas, today highlighted the democratization of supercomputing thanks to the use of standards and off-the-shelf parts. That democratization, he noted, blurs the line between high-performance computing and corporate computing, […] Read more »

I’m a social kind of guy. On the web, that means I’m a social media kind of guy. Which is why I was interested in Glue, a service from AdaptiveBlue that turns Firefox into one big trip to Indigo/DVD night/book club/music exchange. Now Glue for iPhone […] Read more »

One of the obvious needs for a Web Worker on the go is the ability to keep data synchronized across your multiple devices. Your options can vary wildly depending on your combination of hardware. For those with a Mac on your desk but a PC in […] Read more »

Today Amazon Web Services launched the beta version of its pay-as-you-go content delivery network service, CloudFront. But the simple service isn’t everything a video shop could want — there’s no streaming, live broadcasting or transcoding, and a low level of customer service. See the GigaOM story […] Read more »

Nothing like a deep recession to get a company’s management to focus. Carphone Warehouse, a major retail chain in Europe, is going to de-couple its broadband (telecom) business from its retail operations, according to various press reports. In the UK, spin-offs are called “de-mergers.” Funny how […] Read more »

Could Detroit be the first region in the U.S. to sign on with Shai Agassi’s electric vehicle infrastructure startup Better Place? Michigan’s governor Jennifer Granholm is certainly giving appearances that she’s looking into the idea of how the electric charging and battery swap stations would work […] Read more »

Open-source social media center Boxee announced today that it has raised $4 million in its first round of funding from Union Square Ventures and Spark Capital, which split the round 50-50. Read more »

Versions, the GUI-based Subversion client for the Mac, is now out of beta. It must have been at least a year ago, that I remember seeing some screenshots for Versions, and the development community drooled. But we had to wait. And waiting was hard. Fast-forward to […] Read more »

Today Amazon Web Services launched the beta version of its content delivery network service called CloudFront. This is a good move for Amazon, and something that may put the hurt on fellow CDNs such as Limelight and Akamai. Read more »

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