Stories for Dec. 2, 2008

It seems like only yesterday that articles were popping up around the web talking about the unavailability of Apple’s new Premium In-Ear Headphones with Mic and Remote due to the product being redesigned. Wait, it was only yesterday. Well, that was then, and this is now, […] Read more »

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YouTube, in an effort to tame and restrict some of the naughtier bits of content that make it onto the site, announced new community guidelines today. –Sniffle– Our little YouTube is getting all growed up. Accordng to a YouTube Blog post, the new rules are: Tightened […] Read more »

We’ve just received word that RIM has relaunched their site to make it more friendly on Blackberry screens.  The new site is designed to make it easier to interact with the menus and provides a healthy dose of Blackberry tips.  I have been using it […] Read more »

Just a quick reminder that today kicks off a new round of HP Magic Giveaway contests. It amazes me that HP is providing fifty prize packages that are each worth around $6,000! Today marks the beginning of contests at The Gadgeteer, GottaBeMobile, and I Started Something. […] Read more »

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Smaller Automakers Line Up With Big Three for DOE Loans: A $25 billion auto industry loan program from the Department of Energy is open to any company with a plan to make more fuel-efficient cars. Startups EcoMotors, XP Vehicles, and Tesla Motors have applied under the […] Read more »

The closure of Pownce, which was announced Monday via posts by co-founder Leah Culver and her new employer, blog software company Six Apart, didn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone who’s followed Pownce since its launch last year. Despite help from co-founders like Kevin […] Read more »

Blockbuster Partners with Microsoft; two companies plan to use the “Live Mesh” software platform to distribute movies to mobile devices. (Dallas Morning News) 5min Launches Syndication Network; VideoSeed will match relevant how-to videos to keywords used on partner sites. (TechCrunch) AMPTP Says It’s Making WGA New […] Read more »

Ars Technica are reporting that Apple has taken the decision to offer no-fee licenses to companies that develop products utilizing the DisplayPort connection, with the aim of accelerating the port’s ascension to a ‘de facto’ standard. Having recently announced that they will be transitioning their entire […] Read more »

We’ve always wondered why, if high-profile Texas energy storage startup EEstor has such disruptive technology, it did an exclusive deal with small Toronto-based electric automaker Zenn Motor Co. for small- and mid-sized cars. EEstor’s energy storage technology can supposedly provide 10 times the energy of lead-acid […] Read more »

Phorm’s chief operations officer and several members of its board have left the company, citing disagreements with CEO Kent Ertugrul. According to a regulatory filing, Steven Heyer, David Dorman, Christopher Lawrence and Virasb Vahidi — who also served as the controversial ad firm’s COO — have […] Read more »

Either my glasses need another cleaning or the lines keep blurring between cloud, desktop and browser. My latest bout with myopia comes from the new Gmail gadget supported on Google Desktop for Windows. All of the Gmail goodness is in there: message starring, keyboard shortcuts and […] Read more »

What the…??  In spite of what we’ve heard for years, even in Apple’s own "I’m a Mac" ads, the Cupertino firm is now officially recommending the usage of anti-virus software by all Mac owners.  That’s the suck! To be fair the Washington Post points out that […] Read more »

According to a survey in 2005, only 12% of internet users know what RSS feeds are. Despite these low numbers, most of the netizens I know seem to be active subscribers. While RSS feeds give us the latest news, blog posts, and site updates through a […] Read more »

Today Sierra Wireless, the maker of wireless data cards agreed to spend about 218 million euros ($274.9 million) buying Wavecom, the maker of machine-to-machine communications chips. For Sierra, the deal gives it the ability to follow the web as it moves from people to machines, providing a new avenue for growth as Sierra sees interest in wireless cards fade. Read more »

Syncing Google Calendar with iCal just got a whole lot easier thanks to a new setup tool released by Google called Calaboration. Calaboration is a Google Code project that allows you to add calendars to iCal with a simple point and click interface, a process that […] Read more »

More than two years after Apple launched the iPhone, and months after its rivals launched their versions of touchscreen phones, Nokia today started selling a touchscreen phone (5800 XpressMusic) and announced the N97 superphone, which has a touch screen and a keyboard and will be made […] Read more »

Avista Corp., a utility based in Spokane, Wash., has become the latest in a series of U.S. companies to pull back on its wind power project plans. The company has delayed plans to build a 50-megawatt wind farm in the state for at least two years, […] Read more »

Stories for Dec. 1, 2008
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