Stories for Nov. 27, 2008

Regardless of however you spin it, if you are firing 20 percent of your work force and have no real business model to speak of, you are in trouble. That certainly is true of Fring, an Israeli Mobile VoIP startup, which has cut 10 of its […] Read more »

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[qi:076] That’s my personal struggle, but you could insert many all-consuming tasks — such as starting up a company, or training for the Olympics — for blogging and still get to the heart of my question. Most people believe good blogging is about two things: personality and […] Read more »

With their latest lineup of products, Apple is pushing the new environmental features in an aggressive way. Rightly so, they are proud of their achievement — going from a heavily criticized Mac and iPod lineup a few years ago, to a set of very environmentally friendly […] Read more »

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Today we’re all probably doing a lot of timeless things. Feasting with family goes back to the Pilgrims. Great Aunt Mindy’s cranberry sauce recipe hasn’t changed in generations, nor should it. Even watching football games feels like a prehistoric ritual at this point. But that doesn’t […] Read more »

Last week Mike shared some thoughts on some of the reasons he is thankful he is a Web Worker. With the announcement that popular apps I Want Sandy and Stikkit are to close, I thought I would take a moment to list the acknowledge the tools […] Read more »

On Tuesday, Apple sent out emails reminding everyone that the “best shopping event of the year” is coming up in the United States this Friday after Thanksgiving, traditionally referred to as “Black Friday” by retailers. Past Black Friday deals at the Apple Store have been limited […] Read more »

Thin-film solar companies may not like questions about their conversion efficiency, but two new studies out this week from MIT and UCLA could eventually help solar cell manufacturers achieve numbers worth bragging about. In a study published in this week’s Journal of the American Chemical Society, […] Read more »

Stories for Nov. 26, 2008

We’re like a big family here at the GigaOM network of blogs. We look out for each other. We help one another. And once a year we drink too much sherry and sulk because mom always liked you best. But until we get there, we have […] Read more »

Looks like for once I am in agreement with The New York Times gadget columnist David Pogue, who eviscerated the new Blackberry Storm device in his review published earlier today. “But I’ve got a better name for it: the BlackBerry Dud. The first sign of trouble […] Read more »

The Bay Area mayors who set out last week to make their region a capital of electric vehicles have a new rival overseas. Ireland’s government today announced a goal to have 10 percent of all cars running on electricity by 2020. Read more »

I’m a huge fan of Aurora Feint: The Beginning for the iPhone and iPod touch. It’s just the right blend of nerdy and casual for a mobile platform, and I could spend either hours or just a few minutes with it, depending on my schedule. And […] Read more »

The prospect of outsourcing servers and storage to the cloud has an irresistible lure of operational simplicity and cash efficiency for today’s application developers. Cloud computing vendors help operate social networking applications, micro-blogging sites, global gaming networks and a plethora of applications that we use everyday. […] Read more »

If you haven’t heard about the widget wars yet, you are about to. Last week, I moderated a panel at the Open Mobile Summit. The subject was… Read more »

With the Thanksgiving holiday upon us and an economic mania going on, it’s a good time for all of us who have gainful employment to be thankful. For those who don’t,  there are some good resources to tap in order to rectify the situation. In this […] Read more »

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