Stories for Nov. 29, 2008

Google shares recently fell as much as 67 percent from an all-time high in November of 2007. But while there is plenty of reason for concern in the short term, there are also signs that Google is growing slowly more integrated into many facets of our online experiences. So does that mean it’s time to buy Google shares? Read more »

Thanks to our friends over at jkOnTheRun for letting us know about the huge HP Magic Giveaway contest. They are one of 50 participating sites that are each giving away a $6,000 prize package containing some great stuff for the Web Worker. The package includes notebooks, […] Read more »

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Update: Few online events have ended as horrifically as the Lori Drew case. Befriended by a boy on MySpace who later began bullying her, a teenager named Megan Meier hung herself, and her online friend later turned out to be the mother of a school classmate, […] Read more »

Stories for Nov. 28, 2008

It’s far from certain — it’s even a fairly remote possibility — but the possibility of an economic depression is being discussed more and more these days. As is to be expected, the discussion tends to be centered around how much of what we’re used to […] Read more »

“When I am president,” President-elect Barack Obama said in a videogram sent to a participants of a climate change summit organized by California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger last week, “any governor who is willing to promote clean energy will have an ally in the White House.” And […] Read more »

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Slight navel-gazing on a U.S. holiday: a good longish story from Andrew Sullivan in the latest issue of The Atlantic magazine. One of the ea… Read more »

If you’re a security nut, browsing at a public hotspot can be like showering in a public bathroom. You might have no other option, depending on your circumstances, but you’re bound to feel a little creeped out and you’d probably rather have some flip flops on. […] Read more »

French recycling company Recupyl, which uses hydrometallurgy to recycle batteries, displays and other materials, said yesterday that it raised €14.5 million ($18.4 million) in financing (hat tip Green Car Congress). Recupyl joins a long list of recycling companies taking in funding this year, but unlike those […] Read more »

Random public service announcement: What’s on TV?, an iPhone/iPod Touch TV listings app, is free today. It usually only costs 99 cents, but every penny counts in this global economic climate, right?! Apparently the discount applies today only, so if you want it, go and nab […] Read more »

I have been saying for some time that the launch of the 3G iPhone was going to jump-start the demand for wireless broadband. The subsequent release of additional web-friendly mobile phones (we like to call them superphones ) — the Samsung Instinct, the BlackBerry Bold, the […] Read more »

If T. Boone Pickens has decided the capital markets can’t fund his plan for a 4 GW wind farm right now, we’re wondering how a group called the Ocean Energy Institute plans to build one of the world’s largest wind farm — made up of 5GW […] Read more »

What does the highly esteemed Criterion Collection, distributor of film buff collectors’ editions, do in a digital age? Very few of its chosen “important classic and contemporary films” are available in any online format. If you want to buy a movie online, chances are it’s going […] Read more »

We told you what we thought about the Mophie Juice Pack 3G, the extended battery solution for the iPhone 3G.  Reader Jeff just let us know that the Mophie folks have a today-only Black Friday deal for the Juice Pack that will get you a full […] Read more »

It’s time for some more alchemy involving your beloved laptop or desktop companion. Just like last time, we’ll look at a few different apps that allow your Mac to perform some unusual tricks. That Apple is far from a one-trick pony, so forget about boring old […] Read more »

Gas on the Cheap: Retailers in Missouri have slashed fuel prices by selling gas without ethanol, the grain-based alcohol that many states require as a gas add-in to reduce air pollution. — Reuters Environmental Investing: Some of the world’s biggest pension funds and foundations in are […] Read more »

It’s hard work to set up and supervise a teleworking team for some projects.  In the web content service I run, I need to gather work-from-home writers together and help them work as a team.  This is especially important for projects that require group cooperation and […] Read more »

TVTonic Shuts Down Service; popular Windows Media Center application that moved content from your PC to the TV being retired. (Zatz Not Funny!) Mobuzz TV Closes; popular European online video show couldn’t afford to keep going, closes down. (Mobuzz) The Economics of TiVo; how much is […] Read more »

[qi:109] Carl Icahn, a hedge fund investor and corporate rabble-rouser, has bought 7 million shares of Yahoo for $67 million. That works out to about $9.92 a share. With that, his stake in Yahoo is now 75.6 million shares, or nearly 5.5 percent of the company, […] Read more »

Since Wednesday afternoon I have been glued to my computer screen in search of updates on the situation in India. Despite the tremendous volume of information — and its immediacy — coming from Mumbai via Twitter, getting context about the situation has been a struggle. And it has left me to wonder: How does one make sense of the torrent of information that comes with this immediate media? And what role, in this environment, does traditional media play? Read more »

There’s a new power couple in the thin-film industry. Japan’s Sharp announced plans yesterday to invest at least ¥100 billion yen ($1.05 billion) in a venture with Italy’s Enel to manufacture thin-film solar cells and build and own solar power plants in Italy and across the […] Read more »

A big chunk of web working has to do with managing your online presence. That means staying on top of social media trends, managing Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other profiles, and making sure all these communities are working to your advantage. A well-managed online presence could […] Read more »

Stories for Nov. 27, 2008

Black Friday –- the day after Thanksgiving, and one of the busiest shopping days of the year — might be a bit darker this year. Consumer spending is expected to drop slightly with 128 million shoppers planning to head to the malls Friday, Saturday or Sunday, […] Read more »

Give an Ugly Betty fan more Ugly Betty, and attracting viewers to your online video is like shooting fish in a barrel. Millions of views, at your service. But “purely original” web content hasn’t worked nearly as well for ABC as leveraging TV programs like Betty […] Read more »

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