Stories for Dec. 3, 2008

Many people use Quicksilver as a replacement for Spotlight, but if you’re happy with the native file search and app launcher in Mac OS X, then why change? You probably know that you can access Spotlight quickly with the Command-spacebar keyboard shortcut, but here are a […] Read more »

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As we covered on OStatic today, the excellent open source online conferencing application Dimdim is out in a new version 4.5. If you use other free online meeting applications, there were already solid reasons to consider Dimdim instead, and the new version adds a co-browsing set […] Read more »

A new report from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory touts the potential of combined heat and power systems for large and small industrial, commercial and residential buildings to increase energy efficiency and cut emissions of carbon dioxide in the U.S. The Oak Ridge lab is part […] Read more »

The New York Times’ Claire Miller attended a Churchill Club function to fete Twitter co-founder Evan Williams last night. In an onstage interview, Williams talked about many different aspects of his micro-blogging service, which now has 6 million subscribers. First of all, wow — that is […] Read more »

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Google recently announced an extension framework for Chrome, adding the ability to run extra software in the browser. It’s a feature many had long considered missing from Google’s browser — and one that has been key to Firefox’s popularity. But with the Chrome extensions, Google is […] Read more »

Crowdsourcing is a relatively recent workplace trend that isn’t going away. On the one hand, it definitely generates healthy competition, and companies stand to win out in a big way when service providers and freelancers are openly vying for your dollar. We’ve looked at some examples […] Read more »

When you’re an itty-bitty company and your first big customer win is CBS, you turn a few heads. And so it is with iWidgets, which makes video applications that are customized for the likes of MySpace, Facebook, iGoogle and other social networks. Now that they’ve landed […] Read more »

American Electric Power Co., the country’s largest producer of electricity from coal, has begun studying the possibility of building a 1,000-mile transmission line to connecting wind farms scattered across the Upper Midwest, the company announced yesterday. The project, now in a “conceptual stage,” would involve high-voltage […] Read more »

The iPhone is a lot of things to a lot of people. You can control your home, buy movie tickets, track projects, play games, and more. Now, you can also use it to help the environment. A Real Tree, a recent addition to the App Store, […] Read more »

Like many of us, I spend quite a lot of time on the web and come across a staggering number of interesting things. In Clearing The Cache I pull out some of my favorites and share them with you here. In light of the Values of […] Read more »

In the year and a half since we launched Earth2Tech, it’s become really clear to me that the technologies that were created in the Internet, computing and IT industries will be at the forefront of the fight against climate change. Think I’m drinking my own Kool-Aid […] Read more »

[qi:_earth2tech] Two of the biggest challenges facing our society — economy and climate change — are so intertwined that it is virtually impossible to solve one problem without fixing the other. To eternal optimists, these challenges also offer opportunity and we are seeing that with major […] Read more »

Updated: Yahoo, one of the largest web sites on the planet, is being plagued by series of problems related to Domain Name System (DNS). A test using Gomez’s testing service shows error messages in certain cities such as Chicago. Others are experiencing slower access to Yahoo […] Read more »

As expected, the FCC said today it will take up the issue of creating yet another wireless network, and set rules on cable pricing and programming, at its Dec. 18 meeting. As commenter Tom Evslin pointed out, the alternative wireless broadband network proposed is slow, will […] Read more »

If you are familiar with Zuma, Magnetica, Luxor, or any of the other clones, then Puzzloop Endless is nothing new. If none of these names ring a bell, these games pit you against numerous balls of varying colors rolling down a coiled track with you in the […] Read more »

The Sunshine State this week moved one step closer toward capitalizing on its namesake and becoming one of the largest producers of solar energy in the country. Florida utility Florida Power & Light Co. (FPL) said yesterday that it has broken ground on a 75-megawatt solar […] Read more »

For those who consider themselves cruciverbalists, Imangi ($2.99) is a game after your own hearts. As a user in the App Store accurately commented, Imangi is a “cross between Scrabble and a Rubik’s cube.” Through four game modes: Standard, Speed, Daily Challenge, and Friend Challenge; you’re […] Read more »

The latest numbers from Net Applications’ Operating System stats are available, and they provide a nice epilogue to last month’s numbers. In October the Mac’s share was down, and Vista’s was up, prompting some to write about the apparent anomaly. I countered that notion with my own writeup that […] Read more »

Online Video Companies Raise $75 Million in the Past Two Months; despite economic gloom and doom, VCs still opening their wallets to entrants in this sector. (Streaming Media) Content Added to TiVo; subscribers to the DVR service will have access to the “top-peforming” shows on […] Read more »

There is something to be said for apps that are so focused, their entire function can be summed up in one word. Spin ($2.99) is just that, a game that revolves around spinning (pun intended). The premise is that you are given a silhouette and an […] Read more »

Like ever ubiquitous flashlight apps, Sudoku games in the App Store are a dime a dozen. However, while the game play between them is roughly the same, there is a staggering difference between the graphics and what they offer in terms of options. The current king […] Read more »

Remember the good old days when all you had to worry about was .com? (Well, and .org, .net, and .edu for special cases). Long gone, of course. Today a new top-level domain, .tel, is opening up for sale. The launch is being run by Telnic, though […] Read more »

Carbon Market Now Worth $48B: The world market in greenhouse gases grew to $48.26 billion in the first half of 2008, an increase of 41 percent over the same period last year, according to an International Emissions Trading Association estimate presented at this week’s UN climate […] Read more »

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