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If you are familiar with Zuma, Magnetica, Luxor, or any of the other clones, then Puzzloop Endless is nothing new. If none of these names ring a bell, these games pit you against numerous balls of varying colors rolling down a coiled track with you in the […] Read more »

The Sunshine State this week moved one step closer toward capitalizing on its namesake and becoming one of the largest producers of solar energy in the country. Florida utility Florida Power & Light Co. (FPL) said yesterday that it has broken ground on a 75-megawatt solar […] Read more »

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For those who consider themselves cruciverbalists, Imangi ($2.99) is a game after your own hearts. As a user in the App Store accurately commented, Imangi is a “cross between Scrabble and a Rubik’s cube.” Through four game modes: Standard, Speed, Daily Challenge, and Friend Challenge; you’re […] Read more »

The latest numbers from Net Applications’ Operating System stats are available, and they provide a nice epilogue to last month’s numbers. In October the Mac’s share was down, and Vista’s was up, prompting some to write about the apparent anomaly. I countered that notion with my own writeup that […] Read more »

Online Video Companies Raise $75 Million in the Past Two Months; despite economic gloom and doom, VCs still opening their wallets to entrants in this sector. (Streaming Media) Content Added to TiVo; subscribers to the DVR service will have access to the “top-peforming” shows on […] Read more »

There is something to be said for apps that are so focused, their entire function can be summed up in one word. Spin ($2.99) is just that, a game that revolves around spinning (pun intended). The premise is that you are given a silhouette and an […] Read more »

Like ever ubiquitous flashlight apps, Sudoku games in the App Store are a dime a dozen. However, while the game play between them is roughly the same, there is a staggering difference between the graphics and what they offer in terms of options. The current king […] Read more »

Remember the good old days when all you had to worry about was .com? (Well, and .org, .net, and .edu for special cases). Long gone, of course. Today a new top-level domain, .tel, is opening up for sale. The launch is being run by Telnic, though […] Read more »

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Carbon Market Now Worth $48B: The world market in greenhouse gases grew to $48.26 billion in the first half of 2008, an increase of 41 percent over the same period last year, according to an International Emissions Trading Association estimate presented at this week’s UN climate […] Read more »

Google announced today that advertisers will be able to buy commercials on The Hallmark Channel and The Hallmark Movie Channel through the Google TV Ads service starting early next year. While the deal will give Google access to both networks’ national audiences, the announcement did not […] Read more »

MetaSquares, developed for the iPhone/iPod touch by MetaTools, Inc., is one of those games with such a devilishly simple concept that you can only think to yourself, “how much fun could this possibly be?” Then minutes become hours and eventually the reality sets in — you’re […] Read more »

Say you took Labyrinth — you know, the old wooden game (or the iPhone/iPod touch version) where you roll a metal ball around a maze avoiding traps to get to the goal — and doused it with a couple gallons of cute, what would you get? […] Read more »

Chromatin, a company that uses genetics to enhance crops, announced today that it raised $12.4 million in funding and plans to use the new cash to enter the biofuel feedstock industry. This is the third round of financing for Chicago-based Chromatin, which pulled in the cash […] Read more »

I have a love/hate relationship with the $2.99 Quordy. While probably one of the better, if not the best, word related puzzle game, and the most addictive game I’ve played thus far, it is a bit frustrating when for me to complete a round only to […] Read more »

Microsoft Data Center Chief Mike Manos posted a blog entry yesterday on the company’s vision for next generation data centers. The blog post (and the accompanying animated video) has extensive details on how Microsoft envisions building the data center of the future — and it definitely […] Read more »

When our desire to connect and communicate with one another crashed headlong in to the digital behemoth that is the Internet, we ended up with Twitter: a true 21st Century social phenomenon. Like a chimerical parrot, each head squawking a different one-liner, Twitter can seem odd […] Read more »

Do not be fooled by either its name or the cutesy screen shots, Smiles is as serious about casual gaming as it is colorful and adorning. Smiles is, at its core, a tile matching game. However, with two modes, Zen and Drop, it manages to differentiate itself […] Read more »

UPDATED In the interest of avoiding another Jetgate, Detroit’s Big Three auto executives are leaving their leased corporate aircraft on the ground this week. All three will drive to Washington, D.C. to present “viability plans” as part of their second bailout plea. Ford CEO Alan Mulally […] Read more »

Lumen is a deceptively involving game. The premise makes it appear simple: use mirrors and colored filters to guide a laser beam through checkpoints with the appropriate color to win. However, you will quickly find yourself double and triple guessing your moves when you’ve realized that […] Read more »

Last week, the folks from EdgeRift released an update to their iPhone app, FastCall. Now, there are many apps for the iPhone that enable a faster form of dialing, but FastCall takes a different approach. For those who are used to how the Palm OS and […] Read more »

Japan’s second largest wireless carrier, KDDI, has taken the plunge into the Long Term Evolution (LTE) standard, by building an LTE overlay on top of its existing CDMA network. KDDI is using equipment from Nortel and Hitachi for the fourth-generation wireless network, which will be operating […] Read more »

Press release speaks for itself: Merry Christmas Steve, from Everyone at GetJar Networks LONDON, December 3, 2008: GetJar Networks, the world’s most popular mobile application distribution and developer community, today thanked everyone in Apple’s marketing department for helping to put mobile applications on the map. Ilja […] Read more »

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