Stories for Dec. 1, 2008

The Internet is close to a meltdown, according to The Register. The culprit, according to author Richard Bennett, is the popular BitTorrent client uTorrent, which introduced a new type of file transfer with its most recent alpha version. BitTorrent clients have long been using the TCP […] Read more »

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Personally, I can’t get enough of the new podcast features rolled out in the iPhone/iPod touch 2.2 firmware update. They’re now an indispensable part of my daily commuting. That’s why I was looking forward to Joost for the iPhone (free). It seemed to have the potential to […] Read more »

The people who gave us gOS have announced the Cloud operating system for netbooks and the like.  Cloud will be an instant-on browser-based operating environment to allow the mobile user to get up and running instantly without running full Windows.  Cloud will be installed alongside Windows […] Read more »

California’s SunPower announced its second supply contract in as many months today, an agreement to ship 100 megawatts of solar panels to German solar power plant integrator City Solar Kraftwerke. Under the 3-year deal, SunPower will also provide City Solar with commercial rooftop and ground-mounted systems. […] Read more »

Pownce, a microblogging service started by Leah Culver and others back in May 2007, has been acquired by blogging software giant, SixApart and will be shutdown. Culver and other members of the Pownce team are going to work for San Francisco-based Six Apart, well known for […] Read more »

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If you’re like me, the beginning of December means one thing: regretting not having started your Christmas shopping earlier. The malls are packed, Black Friday has ravaged store stock, and you don’t have a clue what to get anyone anyway. I hope I can help with at least one of those problems, with this list of great gifts for that web worker on your list. Read more »

Dare to be Creative has released Sponge, a system cleaning and optimization tool for Mac OS X. The tagline for the product, summing up the aim of Sponge well, is: You’re running out of disk space? You want to clean your disk to free up some […] Read more »

As we covered last week, free services I Want Sandy and Stikkit are closing shortly, joining a growing list of Web 2.0 free-to-consumer startups that have shuttered their sites. It’s not just the little guys that are going out of business, either: Google Lively is set […] Read more »

We’re all very aware of how cell phone companies are claiming to make “greener” phones — less toxic parts, more recyclable, using less energy. But according to a report out from ABI Research this morning, aside from the efforts of a couple large companies, most attempts […] Read more »

I recently spoke with Ross Mayfield, founder of Socialtext, about his product – an enterprise-level group collaboration platform – and he shared some theories of collaboration that led to the development of the software. He spoke about the construction of a social network and how our […] Read more »

The Toronto Star’s Tyler Hamilton has a profile of VantagePoint Venture Partners co-founder and CEO Alan Salzman (who was born and raised in Toronto) out this morning, which briefly mentions VantagePoint’s investment in the stealth startup SuperBulbs. And while the Redwood City, Calif.-based company that’s developing […] Read more »

[qi:004] Poor Beaumont. The tiny Texas town gained fame in the technology world when Time Warner Cable said in January that it would use it as a testbed for its tiered broadband trial. Then Hurricane Ike hit in September. And right before Thanksgiving, AT&T told the […] Read more »

We have covered all facets of mobile technology for years and the one undying fact, perhaps the only one, is that the more mobile the tech the more personal it is.  Devices and computers that are meant to be highly portable will have strengths and compromises […] Read more »

UK to Cut Emissions: The UK government’s Climate Change Committee issued its first report today, calling for greenhouse gas emissions to drop by at least one-fifth by 2020. — Guardian Mighty Cheap Wind: A new turbine design from FloDesign Wind Turbine based on jet engine technology […] Read more »

You can’t please everybody. There’s a reason why that line is a cliché.  I’ve yet to hear of a freelancer who never encountered a client who was disappointed in their work.  Some clients keep their frustrations to themselves or simply stop working with you.  Others, however, […] Read more »

Baofeng Gets $15 Million; Chinese video software company that is “like the Brightcove of China” gets funding round led by Matrix Partners China and IDG. (paidContent) The FeedRoom Acquires ClearStory; white label video provider completes acquisition of digital asset management firm. (emailed release) Will.I.Am Tops Truveo’s […] Read more »

Apple fans found their beloved company satirized Simpsons-style last night. The latest installment of the Fox cartoon featured a “Mapple” store in the beginning of the episode, a tech store where hip, young t-shirted employees take brand loyalty very seriously and display an inordinate amount of […] Read more »

Ever since the Android Developer Challenge awarded one of its Top 10 prizes to Locale, I’ve been intrigued by handset apps that smartly use location based services. Locale offers something that I haven’t yet found on my iPhone: it changes phone settings and takes other actions […] Read more »

UPDATED: Southern California Edison is set to hit a milestone today in its plans to install two square miles of solar panels in California — the completion of the largest rooftop solar installation in the state. Details on the size of the installation have not yet […] Read more »

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