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Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, or Kwanza, there is one undeniable fact. The holiday season is around the corner, and it is time to find the perfect gift for the Mac Addict in your family. As good as an iTunes gift card or iPod case may […] Read more »

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I just had an interesting briefing on the Mobile Internet Device (MID) outlook that is driving Intel’s strategy for their Ultra Mobility Group.  Intel is certainly enjoying the explosion in sales of the Atom processor that have come with the current netbook craze.  They are expecting […] Read more »

These days, everyone’s looking for another way to cut costs. One relatively painless way is to make the switch to a prepaid cell phone plan. According to 2008 data from the Cellular Telephone Industry Association, of the 262 million cell phone subscribers in the U.S., only 16.9 percent of them are on prepaid plans. Here are five reasons that a prepaid plan might be right for you. Read more »

Live-streaming company Mogulus launched its pro service today, as the company looks to develop a revenue, err, stream beyond just overlay advertising. But given the prices Mogulus is charging, the company is definitely going after professionals and not the casual user. The new pro service offers […] Read more »

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Aptera‘s three-wheeled vehicle — you know, the one that looks like it should be driven by Barbarella — is supposed to go into initial production before the end of the year and larger scale production in 2009. To meet those goals, the startup, which is backed […] Read more »

GM Viability Plan Includes Smart-like Car: General Motors’ long-term viability plan, put together as part of its bailout plea to Congress, includes introducing a small four-passenger vehicle with better fuel economy than the Smart ForTwo. Read more »

Today, boxee is releasing their latest alpha build for the flexible media player. The big news for this release is the tantalizing Netflix support and new custom interfaces for various channels like Hulu, CNN, Flickr, Picasa, and YouTube. There are a few new content sources as […] Read more »

This isn’t the bailout U.S. automakers are looking for, but it is government money. The same week the Big Three are back on Capitol Hill asking Congress for a big bailout, Ford Motor and General Motors are among a group of companies that have been awarded […] Read more »

One of the things I love about online freelancing is the flexibility.  I can choose the projects I want to work on and have a customized schedule.  It’s this kind of freedom that entice many traditional employees to become freelancers, or at least to work from […] Read more »

Netbooks are already getting pretty darn cheap but cheap gear giant Coby plans on breaking the $100 mark with their new "Midget" PCs.  They don’t want to call them netbooks because they are so much cheaper but they sure sound like netbooks.  They will offer the […] Read more »

There’s a lot of confusion about terminology when it comes to portable computers.  We’ve got MIDs, UMPCs, handhelds, netbooks, lions and tigers and bears, oh my!  Seriously, we tend to define  MID (mobile internet device) as a handheld that is designed to just work on the […] Read more »

AMD ditched its fabs to stay alive, but apparently that isn’t doing the trick. Today the chipmaker announced that its revenues from continuing operations for the fourth quarter ending Dec. 27, 2008 will be approximately 25 percent lower than third-quarter revenue of $1.585 billion. The company […] Read more »

[qi:011] AT& T announced this morning that it is going to cut 12,000 jobs, or 4 percent of its workforce, joining a long list of companies that are making cuts in response to the economy’s growing woes. These job cuts are not a surprise, because AT&T […] Read more »

Funtastic Photos is an amazingly powerful, feature-packed, easy to use little photo editor application. The user interface is clean and uncluttered in homage to iLife conventions, but a vast array of photo correction and enhancement tools are included. Funtastic Photos taps into OS X technologies like […] Read more »

In an effort to cut costs, Viacom announced today that it will be restructuring its organization, resulting in layoffs of 7 percent, or 850 positions that will be implemented across all divisions of the company, as well as suspending pay increases for senior management in 2009. Read more »

Thin-film manufacturer Global Solar Energy has flipped the switch on its 750-kilowatt solar project in Tucson, Ariz., which it claims is the world’s largest system using solar cells made of copper-indium-gallium-diselenide. The company, which makes CIGS solar cells, announced this week that the project is fully […] Read more »

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