Stories for Nov. 18, 2008

Sun Shining In India: Azure Power, a solar developer in India said it has raised its first round of financing from Helion Venture Partners and Foundation Capital — peHub. Extreme Makeover, Nuclear to Green Data Center: “Web-host company 1&1 this week announced plans to build one […] Read more »

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Last week I wrote a piece detailing Google’s new voice searching functionality for the iPhone, and at the time sources predicted a Friday launch. Well, it didn’t come Friday, but it’s finally here, and based on early impressions, it’s an impressive piece of software. I downloaded […] Read more »

Last week, President-elect Obama appointed Kevin Werbach, assistant professor of legal studies and business ethics at Wharton, and Susan Crawford, who teaches communications and Internet law at the University of Michigan, to co-chair his FCC transition team. In preparation for his incoming administration, the two, both […] Read more »

Mogees is launching an SDK for Android that will allow developers to charge for applications on the Android Market using its mobile billing… Read more »

You folks who work at home because your company’s one of those straight-thinking ahead-of-the-curve companies probably call yourselves teleworkers.  That term has been the de facto standard for almost as long as there have been workers at home.  That and telecommuter.  Not anymore, those are too […] Read more »

I’ve written about ZoneAlarm’s firewall software before. Many Windows users want a full-featured firewall that goes beyond the default one in Windows, and ZoneAlarm Pro is one of the better choices. It’s also a good added step in a sound strategy to keep public Wi-Fi sessions […] Read more »

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Like many of us, I spend quite a lot of time on the web and come across a staggering number of interesting things. In Clearing The Cache I pull out some of my favorites and share them with you here. Geek In Disguise passes on a […] Read more »

My Firefox is jam-packed with add-ons. I love them, I collect them, I use them. I probably overindulge, in fact. Some people, however, are not using them to their full potential, or simply not using them at all. It makes sense if you just have a […] Read more »

In what seems like another addition to a long list of examples of how when you rent digital content, you’re actually renting it with a strict set of conditions, Apple owners are running into trouble with High Definition Content Protection (HDCP). The problem, affecting owners of […] Read more »

I spoke with Brad Booth, chairman of the Ethernet Alliance, at the SC 08 conference here in Austin, Texas today, and he noted that while Ethernet is entrenched in the corporate data center, it is the interconnect standard for little more than half of the Top […] Read more »

You’ve got a problem with your Internet service but every time you call your Service Provider’s support line you have to branch out through their phone tree to get through to technical support via a series of voice menus that get repetitive quickly. What service are […] Read more »

Japan’s Nissan Motor is heading to China with new plans for electric vehicles. The president of the car maker’s China division says that the company will start selling electric cars in the country by 2012, according to Bloomberg. The news comes the same day that Detroit’s […] Read more »

Couple of bits on the Microsoft Zune Player front and I don’t just mean that the device works with Celio’s new REDFLY. Turns out that there’s a minor firmware update ready and waiting for Zune owners according to Zune Thoughts: version 3.1 adds new games and […] Read more »

Written by Nate D’Amico. At last week’s TelcoTV event, the hot topics were convergence of media, triple-screen plays, and how consumers’ behaviors regarding digital content are evolving at a rapid pace. Strolling through the exhibit hall, I saw some great demos, such as Entone’s Janus set-top […] Read more »

Today, Mozilla has released Fashion Your Firefox, a new Web application that enables Firefox users to customize their browser based on their interests and online activities. It provides a simple way to find appropriate add-ons that fit your lifestyles, showcasing them in a simple and easy-to-install […] Read more »

Vudu Debuts New High-End Box; the XL2 Internet movie player is designed for home theater installation, lets users download and watch movies in Vudu’s high-def HDX format; can going high end save the troubled set-top company? (emailed release) Bright House Launches Road Runner Video Store; online […] Read more »

There’s at least one good outcome of the current power grid being inefficient, wasteful and unintelligent: The market opportunity for a smarter power grid will create a $65 billion industry by 2013, according to a new report out from Lux Research. Lux’s definition of the “power […] Read more »

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