Stories for Dec. 5, 2008

[qi:058] The UK telecommunication regulatory agency Ofcom has issued its own broadband bill of rights — perhaps we should call it the broadband Magna Carta? Starting today, British Internet service providers that have signed up to the code have to tell customers which speeds they can […] Read more »

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Swedish telecom equipment maker Ericsson and Australian phone company Telstra today announced the launch of an HSPA Evolution-based wireless broadband network that has peak speeds of up to 21 Mbps. In the U.S., AT&T is playing around with this evolutionary broadband technology as part of its […] Read more »

I love my TiVo DVR, so I had high expectations for Nero’s LiquidTV | TiVo PC, a combination of hardware and software that brings the features of a TiVo DVR to a PC. But after testing out a newly updated version of the product, I’m a […] Read more »

Delegates from 190 countries have gathered in Poznan, Poland, this week as part of negotiations for a climate change treaty expected to be finalized in Copenhagen next year. According Yvo de Boer, the top climate change official at the UN, delegates today focused largely on adaptation, […] Read more »

Stories for Dec. 4, 2008
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Below is a partial snapshot of MacDailyNews’ home page as of 18:00 PT on December 4. These two AT&T headlines, one immediately after the other, struck me as kind of funny:  Not sure if we should consider AT&T as “defying an economic slump” when it’s laying off […] Read more »

Just the other day, I was using Shazam to tag music while watching a movie. Every time I use it, I’m still vaguely amazed, like I’m watching a mini-magic show. Well, now the magician has even more tricks up his sleeve thanks to a 30 percent […] Read more »

[qi:046] For the past two years, I have been pointing towards a subtle but important shift that has started to take place – the globalization of the Internet. Thanks to a broadband boom in Europe, Asia and in new emerging economies such as Brazil and China, […] Read more »

Okay, I was trying to be clever there, but it seems Real Networks has joined a long list of companies that are slashing jobs in light of the current economic situation. Media Memo first reported the news and now AllThingD has managed to get hold of […] Read more »

In an effort to combat DVR misinformation, our friends over at TV by the Numbers have added more data to their weekly rundown of the top time-shifted shows to include additional information about same-day viewing. Grey’s Anatomy continues to top the list of biggest DVR audience […] Read more »

UK Electric Car Distributors on the Brink as EV Sales Plummet. NICE Car Company, one of London’s two electric-vehicle distributors, entered administration yesterday. That’s akin to filing for bankruptcy, a term that does not apply to companies in Britain. Going Green, which distributes the G-Wiz, a popular electric two-seater, is struggling to stay afloat. Read more »

According to this MacRumors report, Apple has started to dispense promotional codes to App Store developers. With them, developers will now be able to grant free access to their app for up to 50 users. Previously, developers would have had to resort to the ad-hoc distribution […] Read more »

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