Stories for Nov. 19, 2008

T-Mobile is getting deeper into the photo business. The carrier is offering a new service that lets customers email pictures straight from a… Read more »

Gmail, long a favorite of the Web Worker, has seen its share of upgrades and enhancements over the years, but the overall interface has generally remained static. That’s about to change as the official Gmail Blog announced the addition of color and theme options to jazz […] Read more »

It’s the time of year when — love it or hate it — you need to start thinking about Christmas shopping. If you’re the kind of person who prefers to leave their shopping until Christmas Eve, then by all means skip on to the next post! […] Read more »

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I’m a geek groupie when it comes to technology. I can’t actually produce any of these life-changing products, but I can recognize something cool when I see it. And the 100-Gigabit data transfer demo that Ciena was showing off at SC 08 in Austin, Texas, today […] Read more »

Electric Mini at the LA Auto Show: BMW has sent about 200 electric minis to the U.S., and they’re showing one off at the LA Auto Show. Someone snap a photo and send it to us! — MIT Tech Review. China’s AutoMakers Want Bailout, too: The […] Read more »

In the interests of all those readers who need to unlock their iPhone 3G’s for use on different carriers, I donned my investigative hat and tested an iPhone 3G unlock that really seems to work. While the iPhone Dev Team plunder the secrets of the mysterious […] Read more »

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After a very successful debut last year, The Crunchies are returning to once again celebrate the best of entrepreneurship and new startups. With the economy being what it is, 2009 is going to be a tough year for everyone and I see events like The Crunchies […] Read more »

We’re nearing the end of the year, and now happens to be a good time to single out some of the disruptive technologies that are likely to affect web workers next year. 2009 is slated to bring a few very major connectivity technologies that have been […] Read more »

Can a solar company run a carmaker? And do we really want to find out? Well, Germany’s SolarWorld announced today that it wants to take the plunge into the auto industry with a bid for Adam Opel, the well-known German brand and a subsidiary of struggling […] Read more »

The folks in charge of the SC 08 conference being held in Austin, Texas, this week have trumpeted the phenomenal growth of the supercomputing show, with attendance up by almost 10 percent from the previous year, but I’m beginning to doubt that high-performance computing is driving […] Read more »

Recently MacLife magazine reviewed Apple’s MobileMe service. My problem with the review is that it lists something as a negative that continues to spread misinformation:  Doesn’t “push” your email instantly, rather every 15 minutes. This is wrong. In this article I’ll touch on what gets synced […] Read more »

This weekend Chris and I will be at YouTube Live, the online video site’s first big in-person event in San Francisco. We really have no idea how exactly you turn a website into a variety show, but we’ll be there covering both the pre-show festival and […] Read more »

By now Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt has said several times that he’s not interested in the position of Chief Technology Officer in the next administration, but that doesn’t mean he’s stopped giving politically tinged speeches on the topic of energy. Schmidt gave a talk yesterday for […] Read more »

Move Networks Partners with Permission TV; adaptive streaming company hooks up with online video platform provider to resell integrated services to smaller media companies. (Broadcasting & Cable) ITunes Numbers Still Tiny for NBC; TV by the Numbers says at most, iTunes downloads are less than one […] Read more » Hear that noise, traditional magnetic storage? It’s the sound of Solid State Disk technology that’s creeping up behind you. jkkmobile shares news and the above video on Runcore’s new mini-PCIe SSD products, which are fast but won’t totally break the bank. How fast? jkk ran […] Read more »

Well it took long enough! Your favorite blog has finally got its act together and jumped on the social bandwagon! You can now follow TheAppleBlog on Twitter! We won’t be doing anything lame like just streaming our articles directly to our Twitter account…there’s a real, live […] Read more »

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