Stories for Dec. 4, 2008

I’ve written before about one of my favorite sites on the web for quickly learning web development skills: W3Schools. All of the tutorials housed at the site are free, and they’re designed to equip you with useful skills very quickly, so that you don’t have to […] Read more »

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The only Mac Tablet just got updated as Axiotron has announced a brand spanking new model for 2009.  The new Modbook is a MacBook that Axiotron modifies to add tablet functionality with a pen digitizer.  The new features that Axiotron is touting today: Better system performance, […] Read more »

[qi:030] It’s been awhile since I put together a list of random stuff I’ve found on the web and cool tips that have made their way into my inbox. So today I’ll try to make amends with an extra-long list: The Bureau of Labor Statistics is […] Read more »

Just in time for last minute Christmas shopping, has released their mobile app for the iPhone and iPod touch. It offers searching, Wish List and account access, and purchasing directly from the app. If you’re already an impulsive internet shopper, then this may just be […] Read more »

Automakers aren’t the only companies seeking federal aid this week. Yesterday members of the Solar Energy Industries Association, or SEIA, urged Congress and President-elect Barack Obama’s administration to help tide over solar companies until January, when a 30 percent solar investment tax credit passed in the […] Read more »

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I’ve recently been researching ways to promote my own site, at places like Facebook, among others. The problem, as is always the problem with internet advertising, is finding a simple, cost effective way to bring my ads to potential customers who’re actually looking for my services. […] Read more »

Whither BitTorrent? The company is picking itself up and putting itself back together after recent exec departures and layoffs. And it has finally shed its consumer business, the download store that had helped kicked off Hollywood’s last few years of digital dealmaking, but never did much […] Read more »

Canada could take a lead in tackling climate change while still prospering economically, according to a study released today. The report says that the country could reduce its greenhouse gas pollution to 25 percent below the 1990 level in the next decade, and at the same […] Read more »

Virgin Mobile (NYSE: VM) in the UK is opening up its mobile portal to users from other networks, in a move that repositions the company from… Read more »

Want fiber to the home? If you’re not in FiOS territory, it’s going to cost you. I’ve been following the various research projects over at Google and up in Canada debating the benefits and business models of building fiber to the home, and wondered how much […] Read more »

The weakening ad market has NBC Universal (NYSE: GE) taking the cleaver to 30 ad sales positions, AdAge reports, citing unidentified sources… Read more »

Tapulous, maker of the popular Tap Tap Revenge (now with 3 million users), has today announced two new applications for the holiday period. Tap Tap Revenge has attracted game and music lovers alike with tracks by Katy Perry, Kaiser Chiefs, Weezer and The Offspring all being […] Read more »

Gabe Rivera, the creator and programming genius behind a series of news aggregation sites including Memeorandum, Ballbug and Techmeme, has admitted that the algorithms he uses to find the latest hot news haven’t been working all that well. As a result, he has added the services of a real live human being to the mix to try and improve things — a move that should be seen as a bright spot in these otherwise dark economic times. Read more »

What could be more greentech: broadband without wires, powered by the sun. Wi-Fi network startup Meraki said today it’s started selling its solar-powered Wi-Fi gear. Interested parties can throw down either $1,300 or $1,500 for a kit that contains a 20- or 40-watt solar panel, the […] Read more »

Blockbuster Set-top Box Has Problems; slow-filling screens, password issues, and a DRM message said to hamper this movie rental service. (ZatzNotFunny!) Relaunched; Comedy Central brings back the bite-sized bits of stand-up with more than 5,000 clips from the likes of Demetri Martin, Sarah Silverman and […] Read more »

Given how much has already been written about Facebook Connect, you would think that the service has been available for eons. In fact the service that was first announced in May — which allows you to use your Facebook login to access Facebook’s partner web sites, […] Read more »

Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, or Kwanza, there is one undeniable fact. The holiday season is around the corner, and it is time to find the perfect gift for the Mac Addict in your family. As good as an iTunes gift card or iPod case may […] Read more »

I just had an interesting briefing on the Mobile Internet Device (MID) outlook that is driving Intel’s strategy for their Ultra Mobility Group.  Intel is certainly enjoying the explosion in sales of the Atom processor that have come with the current netbook craze.  They are expecting […] Read more »

These days, everyone’s looking for another way to cut costs. One relatively painless way is to make the switch to a prepaid cell phone plan. According to 2008 data from the Cellular Telephone Industry Association, of the 262 million cell phone subscribers in the U.S., only 16.9 percent of them are on prepaid plans. Here are five reasons that a prepaid plan might be right for you. Read more »

Live-streaming company Mogulus launched its pro service today, as the company looks to develop a revenue, err, stream beyond just overlay advertising. But given the prices Mogulus is charging, the company is definitely going after professionals and not the casual user. The new pro service offers […] Read more »

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