Stories for Dec. 7, 2008

The slumping economy will make the going tougher for companies like Cisco Systems and Dell, mostly because failed companies and closing offices will lead to the dumping of servers, switches, routers and such gear on the gray market. The gray market equipment sales could account for […] Read more »

Another week, another dollar.  Or whatever they say.  It’s been a busy week in the mobile tech world and we covered it all for your education, or at least your entertainment.  Here are the top stories of the week in case you missed them: MobileTechRoundup 155: […] Read more »

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We’ve been so very busy but it’s important to take time to remind you that various sites have contests underway for the HP Magic Giveaway.  Our contest will kick off on December 16 but right now you can enter the contests underway at these participating sites: […] Read more »

Last week, Stacey came up with five reasons to consider prepaid mobile phone calling plans, especially in these tough economic times. Some wondered why we wrote about that topic, and to them we say: look at the recent trends. There is growing body of evidence that […] Read more »

I have some friends (mac-using friends) who are gaga over some of the new commercials they’ve seen of touch screen Windows-capable machines — namely the HP TouchSmart PCs. On one level I understand — that stuff looks cool! But I quickly come back and think, realistically […] Read more »

Stories for Dec. 6, 2008

Speaking today in his weekly radio address, President-elect Barack Obama listed upgrades to the information superhighway as one of the essentials of his economic recovery plan. Decrying our nation’s rank as 15th when it comes to broadband adoption (he’s using OCED numbers), Obama seems willing to […] Read more »

If you are planning on getting started in developing for the Mac, one of the first things I recommend setting up is a version control system. Beanstalk is a hosted Subversion system, so you can access your code from anywhere you have an Internet connection, team […] Read more »

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As we speed down the information superhighway, we’re left with a few moments to glance in to our rear-view mirror and see the week that was fade in the distance. And what a week it has been, with TAB pointing out AT&T’s 12,000 redundancies and apparent […] Read more »

Listening to most executives talk is a hard thing to do for more than two minutes at a time. There’s so much verbal obfuscation it starts to resemble a game of how to use the most words to say the least, leading to achievements like JetBlue […] Read more »

We’ve read a few articles lately claiming that survival is not a strategy. The arguments in Anand Rajaraman’s article on GigaOM last month are sound, and if we understand them correctly include not prolonging a business that will never likely “win” or be healthy or have […] Read more »

I often keep in touch with companies I write about, and occasionally there is news which amounts to continuation of my original post, and is worth sharing. Hope you guys are having a great weekend. FanSnap, a vertical search engine for live event tickets secured $5.5 […] Read more »

The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) this week published its annual prison census, which puts the spotlight on imprisoned journalists from around the world. 2008 marks the first year in which the report is dominated by online journalists, with 45 percent of those jailed bloggers, online […] Read more »

Stories for Dec. 5, 2008

Netbooks are little laptops and while most of them seem to be comparably equipped there are some things to consider before you commit your money to a particular model.  There’s an article on GigaOM, 5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Netbook that provides food for […] Read more »

Facebook just announced a major upgrade to its year-and-a-half-old video application. The site will now play videos of quality up to 720p, though it has a file size limit of 1 GB and time limit of 20 minutes. Videos will be embeddable (but not in HD) […] Read more »

A netbook as we’ve come to know it is a small laptop that is cheap. That’s about it, although the term can be confusing, as larger notebooks are sometimes called netbooks, since that is currently the hot buzzword.  So you want to get a small, cheap […] Read more »

We’d like to say thanks to this month’s GigaNET sponsors: OSI Hardware: Used Cisco gear, 50 to 95 percent off list prices. Volo Media: Download a free white paper on advertising insertion, measurement, targeting and campaign management for downloadable audio and video Peer1: Free Flip Video […] Read more »

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