Stories for Dec. 8, 2008

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Though we talked to Brightcove at the end of last week regarding their partnership platform announced today, we missed the fact that they made layoffs on Wednesday. That’s mostly our bad, since the layoffs — 25 out of 172 employees across multiple departments — were reported […] Read more »

Broadcom released a new chipset today that integrates Blueooth, an FM radio and Wi-Fi (in the 802.11n flavor) for mobile devices. Broadcom is trying to own the segment of the market that wants multiple radios on a chipset, while Texas Instruments tries to keep up. The […] Read more »

The music industry has got to be prepared to give music away for free, according to analysts Screen Digest. In a study of 27 countries inclu… Read more »

The launch of Apple’s new unibody aluminum Macs hasn’t been the smoothest ride, for both the company and its loyal customers. There was disappointment over what didn’t (Firewire) and what did (HDCP) make it into the new machines. The innovative new trackpad design nearly underwhelmed thanks […] Read more »

Darrell Etherington recently came up with a list of holiday gifts, and I wanted to add some ideas to the mix. I’m more of a gadget gal, myself. I like tangible items that I can unwrap and hold in my hands, marvel at the construction and […] Read more »

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First it was the London Array; now its the UK’s Cirrus Array that’s getting the cold shoulder from Royal Dutch Shell, dealing the latest blow to the UK wind market. Netherlands-based Shell confirmed with the Sunday Times that the planned 270-megawatt Cirrus Array offshore wind project […] Read more »

Cloud computing management software provider RightScale has scored $13 million in second round venture funding. Index Ventures led the round and was joined by returning investor Benchmark Capital, which led a $4.5 million round in April. Index Ventures partner Danny Rimer has also joined the RightScale’s […] Read more »

In the course of playing and reviewing a number of iPhone games, I realize I’ve come to expect, and even allow for, certain shortcomings. I expect lag in a graphics-intensive game. I expect buggy controls that feel less than intuitive. I expect omissions that are promised […] Read more »

Only in France would the theme of a tech conference be “love,” but we wouldn’t have it any other way, would we? It’s not surprising, really, considering that the conference founders are France’s highest-profile high-tech couple, Geraldine and Loïc Le Meur. LeWeb ’08, the largest Web […] Read more »

Reader Grant pointed us to an unusual netbook being sold that is powered by a 400 MHz MIPS processor in place of the standard Intel Atom.  The Alpha 400 MIPS netbook runs Linux and has 1 GB of flash memory for storage and a mere 128 […] Read more »

[qi:066] Instead of trying to finish up nearly half a dozen unfinished posts, I ended up spending my entire weekend curled up with Ian Ayers’ Super Crunchers, a book that talks about how analyzing numbers can open doors to incredible insights. When you look at our […] Read more »

When you’ve got to grow a $40 billion-a-year company, sometimes there’s just no way to do it other than to capitalize on fear. In the case of Cisco’s medianet concept, defining a series of networks transporting video, launched today, the company seems to be capitalizing on […] Read more »

Here’s a fun new Facebook game app that just went live: The Mplayit Mobile Arcade, where you can play dozens of free mobile phone game demos, including top titles like Spore Origins and Guitar Hero Mobile. It’s a Facebook version of the Mpowerplayer web site, so […] Read more »

“If we are lucky, we will come out with a bill next week that nobody likes.” With those words, Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), chair of the House Financial Services Committee, wrapped up two days of testimony from auto executives intended to be something like a truth […] Read more »

IBM and researchers from Harvard University launched a joint effort today to identify more efficient and lower-cost solar cell materials using distributed computing. Leveraging small amounts of computing power from potentially hundreds of thousands of personal computers, this latest addition to the company’s World Community Grid […] Read more »

[qi:006] In response to a post by Steve Hodson, “Is Social Media Becoming a Social Mess?,” Elliot Ng said something that resonated with me deeply, even more than the valid question being asked by the original post. “My problem with social media is that it is […] Read more »

Stories for Dec. 7, 2008

Over the next two years, virtually every major car company is promising to deliver their version of an electric vehicle. That means car makers are increasing their efforts to push forward standards that will specify how vehicles are charged by the power grid, what the plug […] Read more »

Venture capitalists seemed to be taking a break from battery funding last month, but investment in Infinite Power Solutions last week could indicate the pause might be over. The Littleton, Colo.-based thin-film battery manufacturer announced last Wednesday that it had raised $13 million in its second […] Read more »

With economic conditions slowing project financing, cellulosic-ethanol startup Coskata‘s commercial plant might get pushed back a bit, Chief Marketing Officer and VP Wes Bolsen tells us. The company said in January it had expected to break ground on the plant — planned to make 50 million […] Read more »

The slumping economy will make the going tougher for companies like Cisco Systems and Dell, mostly because failed companies and closing offices will lead to the dumping of servers, switches, routers and such gear on the gray market. The gray market equipment sales could account for […] Read more »

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