Stories for Dec. 24, 2008

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To all of you who have had a rough time traveling this holiday something to put a little smile on your tired face. Hope you have arrived at your destination and are enjoying some quality family time. And to all of you who are part of […] Read more »

The global market for electric vehicle batteries could grow to $19 billion by 2010, and Japan’s Toshiba Corp. wants an ample piece of it. The electronics giant stepped up the race to supply rechargeable batteries to automakers with news that it plans to build a second […] Read more »

Keep Your Word, produced by Bamboo Apps is a tool for those learning a new language. It allows you to build your own dictionary as new words are discovered, classifying and grouping the terms exactly how you want to, while helping you learn a large vocabulary […] Read more »

With the economy continuing to crumble, it’s little wonder that even Hollywood turned to e-cards this holiday season — according to Variety, such a move has saved major studios up to $40,000 on printing and mailing costs. But what these old-school production companies are doing is […] Read more »

During the hectic holiday season and its multitude of inconveniences, like delayed flights, icy roads and traffic jams, it’s easy for travelers to forget about the impact their travel has on the environment. But some early-adopter airlines have started to offer carbon offsets for travelers concerned […] Read more »

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As any reader of this blog knows, I’m not entirely sold on mobile TV, and I’m especially skeptical of Qualcomm’s MediaFLO network. But earlier this week I chatted with Matt Milne, SVP of marketing and sales for MediaFLO USA, to see if he could change my mind. […] Read more »

Just two weeks after we profiled his live video startup, BlogTV CEO Guy Eliav has left for greener pastures. Eliav, who had worked for more than nine years at BlogTV parent company the Tapuz Group, took a new gig as CEO of Israeli TV web portal […] Read more »

When’s the last time you played with Photo Booth? I’m guessing you and your friends had some raucous laughs with it when you first got your Mac, and then haven’t done much with it since. Well I’m here to suggest you bring it out of mothballs […] Read more »

We’ve looked at note organizer Evernote before, and liked what we saw. Th combination of desktop and web clients, text recognition, and the promise of universal information availability, make it very useful as a general-purpose place to store, well, everything. A new feature, introduced just in […] Read more »

SlingPlayer Mobile for Windows Now on More Devices; 15 new handsets supported, including Sprint Treo 800w, Sony Ericsson X1 and Palm Treo Pro. (Gizmodo) FCC Releases Maps of Digital TV Coverage; commission says 89 percent of full-power U.S. TV stations will see a net gain of […] Read more »

We first caught wind of a mystery Sony “netbook” device recently and speculation mounted as to what it could be.  Sony Japan has put up a promo video showing a woman removing this  “Vaio new mobile” from a handbag. What makes this mystery device so unusual […] Read more »

Solar Subsidies Strike Back: Japanese officials announced plans today to bring back subsidies for solar panels on homes, starting with $99.6 million for the first quarter of 2009. — Reuters End of the SUV Era: Factory closings in recent years have left the Big Three with […] Read more »

Most would agree that Time Warner overpaid when it bought social network Bebo back in March. Given the challenges faced by the company’s online businesses since then, among them declining ad sales and the difficulty of monetizing social networks, the $850 million price tag for Bebo […] Read more »

Festivus, the alternative to Christmas introduced in an episode of Seinfeld more than a decade ago, is still going strong. In keeping with that faux holiday spirit, it’s time for the annual “airing of the grievances,” which according to Wikipedia, “consists of lashing out at others […] Read more »

Despite switching from Windows to OSX  a year and a half ago, I’ve yet to find the perfect task management tool for my Mac. I need something that’ll exist on the web, my desktop environment and a mobile handset. Sadly, Gmail’s recently introduced Tasks feature doesn’t […] Read more »

Laminar Research has recently released two new versions of its X-Plane flight simulator for the iPhone and iPod touch; X-Plane Airliner and X-Plane Helicopter. Each can be purchased for $4.99 from the App Store — around half the price of the standard X-Plane game for iPhone. […] Read more »

Our sister site, jkOnTheRun, is reporting that certain netbook enthusiast sites are getting cease-and-desist orders from Psion Teklogix, maker of the Psion netBook in the early 2000s. They have a copy of a C&D order and are trying to find out more. They did confirm that […] Read more »

Yesterday’s news that notebooks had overtaken PCs in the number of units sold last quarter owes a huge debt to Wi-Fi and a smaller one to 3G cellular networks. Without those Intel unwired commercials and images of folks surfing the web at Starbucks or sitting in […] Read more »

Are cellphones really displacing laptops? [WebWorkerDaily] Don’t expect mass enterprise iPhone adoption in 2009. [TheAppleBlog] The Year in Review: Mobile 2008. [jkOnTheRun] TV Shows people love tweeting about. [NewTeeVee] Why father of the Ethernet, Bob Metcalfe is betting on new energy networks. [Earth2Tech] How to filter […] Read more »

‘Twas the geek’s night before Christmas, and all through the house, Not a hard drive was whirring, not a single clicking mouse; The gadgets were charging in their docks so fine, In hopes that St. Nick shopped at Best Buy online; The geeks were all snuggled […] Read more »

A kerosene-based aviation fuel called Jet Propellant 8 made up more than 90 percent of the fuel used by the Department of Defense in 2006, at a cost of $6 billion, according to Cleantech Group. Take all of that fuel, and combine it with commercial airlines’ […] Read more »

Stories for Dec. 23, 2008

[qi:080] Darkstrand, a Chicago-based startup planning to commercialize the fiber network built as part of the National LambdaRail (NLR) project, is — like most of its telecom brethren — facing a rocky road. NLR is a federally funded network that connects about 30 universities across the […] Read more »

Glitchy 10.5.6 Update Gets Improved – A week after its initial release, Apple has updated their, ahem, update, making it significantly less glitchy. People were experiencing problems with Bluetooth and, among others. I jumped the gun, and I haven’t had problems yet, but I don’t […] Read more »

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