Stories for Jan. 10, 2009

The new year means new opportunities, even for web content you’ve previously dismissed. And so in today’s Station Conversation, Jill Weinberger and Liz Shannon Miller revisit future Late Night host Jimmy Fallon’s ongoing web prelude to his on-air series — which definitely gets their vote for […] Read more »

Our buds over at WebWorkerDaily are sharing info from Microsoft engineers on power consumption in modern notebooks. Some of you are probably already aware that the display draws the most power. Did you know it was nearly 50%? This is why I favor the newer LED […] Read more »

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After our first week proper in 2009, we’ve run smack-bang in to a hurricane of Apple news courtesy of this year’s Macworld event. Over at Apple’s final MacWorld Keynote, standing in for Papa Jobs, Uncle Phil unveiled brand new iLife and iWork suites, alongside completing the […] Read more »

Heavy traffic put Windows 7 beta download on hold yesterday, but we’re hearing reports that things are humming along nicely now in Redmond. Here’s the link in case you missed it: you can find both the 32- and 64-bit versions. Early reports of installs and impressions […] Read more »

The CES 2009 is still going although it’s obvious today that a lot of attendees have had enough and are not attending today.  Kevin and I will be seeing a few things today that we’ve got on our short list of things we must see first-hand.  […] Read more »

I like this concept from Celio because it leverages the smartphone platform, and more importantly, your data. They showed me this working mock-up. Look close because the automobile dashboard is solely a representative picture. It’s the 7-inch touchscreen display that’s real. That screen is commonly available […] Read more »

Pubescent, cracked-voice TV teen Peter Brady (and his TV siblings) once sang: “It’s time to change, you’ve got to rearrange.” Fast forward to today, and you’ll see Christopher Knight, aka Peter Brady (and you kids might know him better from his reality show “My Fair Brady”), […] Read more »

Updated: Old-media newsrooms are dying, as are some of their less-lucky online rivals. One seemingly immune cottage industry has emerged: chronicling the demise. A Twitter feed focusing on this grim theme has gathered 8,400 followers, and the parade of unsavory little scoops is relentless and oddly […] Read more »

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Written by Max Bloom. A 20-foot great white shark came at you while you were diving, and your friends want evidence. Good thing you had along your Liquid Image underwater digital camera mask. Liquid Image’s latest offering, a diving mask that records HD video in 720p/30fps […] Read more »

Stories for Jan. 9, 2009

I haven’t found the BenQ U101 here at the show, but you’ll be able to get your own here in the U.S. Yesterday, the company changed their minds and decided to market the device here in the U.S. But don’t hold your breath for this 10.1-inch […] Read more »

The poor economy dominated the scene at CES this year, and it led highly anxious exhibitors to highlight lower prices for gadgets like netbooks, cell phones, and A/V devices. The jittery economy is pushing consumers to look for value, and aggressive price points are the best […] Read more »

We’d like to say thanks to this month’s GigaNET sponsors: Concentric: Hosted IT Solutions from Concentric. Rackspace: Experience fanatical support Peer1: Free Flip Video when you sign up for a hosting plan Ironscale Managed Hosting: Why rack when you can automate? Read more »

For goodness’s sake, will the people at Apple responsible for iLife go talk to the Pro Apps folks so that iDVD and Final Cut Pro actually works together? You’d think that Apple would ensure both their video applications work seamlessly together, especially when such interoperability is […] Read more »

Just a quick update if you’re still trying to get at the Windows 7 beta. You can stop trying because it’s on hold according to CNET. They source to a post on the Windows team blog, but even hitting that gets me a “Server Busy” error. […] Read more »

Tay Zonday, an elder of the viral video set, has once again capitalized on his “Chocolate Rain” fame, this time for TurboTax. His new original song “Freeloader Nation” hit YouTube (in HD, no less!) earlier this week, and I guess it’s supposed to get you excited […] Read more »

The other day, in my post 9 Ways to Get Better Battery Life,  I detailed a number of steps you can take to greatly extend the time you spend with your notebook unplugged. As I mentioned there, quite a few of the tips collected came from […] Read more »

Yesterday AMD announced that it was building a specialty supercomputer to deliver gaming through a computing cloud. Aside from the coolness of being able to play your video games on an iPhone, pause them, and pick them up at home, the news bolsters the cloud business […] Read more »

A number of different email clients are available for the Mac, but a new piece of software announced at MacWorld takes a new and different approach. Postbox is a new way to manage online communication, aiming to let you spend less time managing messages and more […] Read more »

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