Stories for Jan. 9, 2009

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Here I thought the Slacker folks were all done at CES, since they outed their free edition for BlackBerry devices yesterday. Nope, they’ve got another platform in the works, although it’s not available just yet. Dave Zatz cajoled the Slacker team to open up their loose […] Read more »

Wind energy company Ecotricity has launched an investigation into what caused blades to spontaneously snap off one of its wind turbines in Lincolnshire, England, last weekend. UK health and safety inspectors say a collision did not occur, and Ecotricity says it has not ruled anything out. […] Read more »

Skype, which has a long standing relationship with Boingo, is making it simpler (and easier) to get access to Boingo hotspots around the world. It announced a new plan that allows Skype users to pay for Boingo Wi-Fi hotspots using Skype Credit. The feature is called […] Read more »

There was so much NewTeeVee-related news coming out of CES yesterday that this item slipped under the radar. Mobile TV got a potentially big boost this week as the Open Mobile Video Coalition (OMVC) announced that a first wave of broadcasters has committed to launching mobile […] Read more »

Admittedly, not everyone needs a Mac-based application to manage pictures taken by a microscope. If you’re a scientist, though, you probably won’t find an app that’s as useful and well-designed as Macnification. More than just an image organizer, this app lets users edit and analyze pictures […] Read more »

When I first heard of GetSatisfaction, I started using it as a repository for my rants about bad customer service and software or Web apps issues for companies and their products. I liked the premise of GetSatisfaction – dialogue with other customers who may be experiencing […] Read more »

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[qi:032] President-elect Barack Obama is asking Congress to delay the transition that will force the nation’s TV broadcasts to switch from analog to digital signals. Depending on how long the delay is, it could affect the deployment of several services destined for the spectrum currently occupied […] Read more »

Intel solar spinoff SpectraWatt has put its plans to build a factory in Hillsboro, Ore., on hold after being unable to get enough financing, The Oregonian reported this week. CEO Andrew Wilson told the newspaper that SpectraWatt is searching for an existing building that it could […] Read more »

Well, well, well. After all of the brouhaha over the “netbook” term, we found out that Coby filed a trademark application for just that. Yet, they company claimed they wouldn’t be producing such a device. Funny how Engadget eye-spied a row of Coby-branded netbooks, eh? I’ve […] Read more »

Stories for Jan. 8, 2009

The pain the recession is currently causing for the semiconductor industry has been well documented, but it may also escalate tensions between chip equipment vendors and their customers. An ongoing debate over the need to invest in the next cycle of manufacturing plants has pitted equipment […] Read more »

Solar firms dominated cleantech investments in 2008 — will the sector continue its stranglehold on VC dollars in 2009? Well, solar funding is off to a promising start. On Friday SolFocus, which builds solar power plants that concentrate the sun’s rays onto photovoltaics, will announce it […] Read more »

Online video viewing continues to surge, but the ad dollars flowing into the space still aren’t scaling accordingly. Panelists at the Reinve… Read more »

Nokia (NYSE: NOK) said today it is no longer producing its only WiMax device — the N810 edition handheld tablet — striking another blow fo… Read more »

Today, after a nearly year-long delay, Palm announced WebOS, a brand-new web-centric mobile operating system, and the Palm Pre, its first WebOS-powered device. With this twin release Palm hopes to stage a comeback in the mobile business. But while most gadget gurus seem to be quite taken with the newest shiniest object, I remain highly skeptical of Palm’s chance to succeed with this new effort. Read more »

Pandora 2.0 Comes to the App Store – Everyone’s favorite internet radio app gets a major upgrade today. Cover flow is introduced, and an improved recommendation engine. Us here in Canada are still out of luck. There’s also other new features, but I’m too bitter and […] Read more »

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