Stories for Dec. 24, 2008

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A kerosene-based aviation fuel called Jet Propellant 8 made up more than 90 percent of the fuel used by the Department of Defense in 2006, at a cost of $6 billion, according to Cleantech Group. Take all of that fuel, and combine it with commercial airlines’ […] Read more »

Stories for Dec. 23, 2008

[qi:080] Darkstrand, a Chicago-based startup planning to commercialize the fiber network built as part of the National LambdaRail (NLR) project, is — like most of its telecom brethren — facing a rocky road. NLR is a federally funded network that connects about 30 universities across the […] Read more »

Glitchy 10.5.6 Update Gets Improved – A week after its initial release, Apple has updated their, ahem, update, making it significantly less glitchy. People were experiencing problems with Bluetooth and, among others. I jumped the gun, and I haven’t had problems yet, but I don’t […] Read more »

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Because Heroes continues to dominate the Top Twittered TV shows (is alliteration a bad thing?), stat provider Trendrr also showed us what the chart looks like without Hiro et al hogging all the Tweets (both versions below). Family Guy made a bit of a comeback, but […] Read more »

The Aloha State will be getting a smart grid under a new contract announced today between Hawaiian Electric and Sensus Metering Systems. Sensus said that Hawaiian Electric, which provides electricity for 95 percent of Hawaii’s residents, plans to install Sensus FlexNet smart meters for 430,000 residential […] Read more » is a boot-strapped startup that has been a labor of love for the three founders, Sol Lipman, Jacob Knobel, and David Beach. A host of other characters have helped along the way, influenced by promises of burritos, but the small group hasn’t taken any outside […] Read more »

AltSearchEngines has an interesting post up on a new kid on the search engine block: Worio, which is currently in beta testing. It uses a mix of recommendations and learn-as-you-search features to filter search results for what you’re likely to mean when you search, and deliver […] Read more »

EA dropped SimCity ($9.99) for the iPhone recently, and I actually almost missed it. I was still buzzing over Hero of Sparta and I Love Katamari, both of which are also recent releases. Of course, I had to put everything on hold and take a crack […] Read more »

As we close out 2008, we look to our most-read stories of the year, a list that nicely highlights all the different things happening in online video: shows, stars, tech; companies large and small. (Of course, we couldn’t legitimately call ourselves a blog without a bread-winning […] Read more »

With 2008 coming to a close and CES just around the corner, I’m thinking about what 2009 will bring us. One idea, which at first may sound far-fetched, gets easier to believe if one considers two of the hottest trends right now: netbooks and Android. Could […] Read more »

Poptiq, the video recommendation service for mobile devices (see our previous coverage), said today it’s received an additional round of funding from Tech Capital Partners that brings the total amount it’s raised to “over $2 million.” The company says the money will be used to expand […] Read more »

The year is winding down and it’s always appropriate to review what we saw in mobile gear this year to prepare our minds for what’s in store in 2009.  This year was highly unusual as we saw a number of new things appear that changed the […] Read more »

The world of the web worker is fundamentally a fabric of digital relationships that opens opportunities to work across previously insurmountable cultural, economic and geographic constraints. However, teleworking, remote working and web working introduce their own complexities, notably in how to motivate, manage and (yes) manipulate […] Read more »

The iPhone has a lot of potential for enterprise use. It’s a powerful device, and it supports Exchange synchronization, and more and more, businesses are integrating Apple computers into their current IT loadout. Still, BlackBerry dominates the business market. Especially in more traditional corporate climates, the […] Read more »

Not surprisingly, there are some latent — and blatant — Santa issues surfacing over on the Holiday Hell channel at So ol’ Saint Nick is not the jolly humanitarian his publicist would have us believe? Videos of Santa trolling the mean streets for ho ho […] Read more »

Ocean energy could have a big part to play under President-elect Barack Obama’s environmentally friendly administration, but a coalition that’s pushing for more wave and tidal power says change is needed to expand the number of projects in the U.S. Right now, there are only a […] Read more »

Following up on our announcement last week, the Streamy Awards are now open for nominations. Feel free to submit your favorite web series (including, let’s be honest, your own) for consideration in the following categories: Overall: Best Dramatic Web Series Best Comedy Web Series Best Hosted […] Read more »

Germany’s Federal Court of Justice (Bundesgerichtshof) in Karlsruhe has ruled that a license from the country Read more »

VantagePoint Raises $435M for New Fund: VantagePoint Venture Partners, backer of cleantech poster children Better Place, Tesla Motors, and BrightSource Energy, has raised $435 million for its second fund. — Venture Beat It’s a Bird, It’s a Hybrid, It’s an Emergency Generator: A Toyota Prius powered […] Read more »

Funny or Die Raises $3 Million(?); cash comes from undisclosed investor, though news reports unsure of whether this is a new round or part of the previous $15 million round. (Reuters) ESPN to Launch Interactive TV Apps Next Year; sports network to launch three iTV initiatives, […] Read more »

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