Stories for Dec. 29, 2008

Herzliya, Israel-based startup SolarEdge gave its first press interview earlier this month and closed on a $23 million Series B round of financing. So why has the company — which has raised a total of $34.8 million in venture capital from Vertex Venture Capital and Genesis […] Read more »

Cisco Systems, a company best known for selling mundane (albeit very lucrative) routers, switches and other networking gear, plans to launch a whole series of products at the upcoming CES that fall under the connected, networked entertainment category. But in order for Cisco to compete with Samsung, Sony and even Apple in the consumer electronics space, the company would need to rewire its entire DNA. And unfortunately, it ain’t got the skills. Read more »

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There’s a cash prize in them thar waters! The government of Scotland said today that its £10 million ($14.5 million) Saltire Prize for ocean energy has pulled in 33 registrations of interest from around the world. Scotland, already a major hub for wave and tidal power […] Read more »

Given how old most web phenomena are, the folks at Rocketboom have their work cut out for them with the Know Your Meme video series and accompanying database, an attempt to track the origins of various Internet culture standards (and expand the Rocketboom brand). You might […] Read more »

Earlier today, a reader reminded me about OpenGoo, a free,  open source suite of web-hosted productivity applications. I’ve used OpenGoo in the past, but hadn’t checked back in on it for a while. It has a nicer interface than it did before, and delivers word processing, […] Read more »

SolarWorld AG’s photovoltaic solar module prices will decline more than 10 percent during the next two years, tightening a squeeze on the German manufacturer’s profit margins. That’s the forecast revealed in an interview with SolarWorld CEO Frank Asbeck set to be published in tomorrow’s edition of […] Read more »

Last month’s SIAA OnDemand Conference saw the launch of RocketLawyer’s ‘web-based law office’ – a service that may prove to be a useful DIY legal utility for freelancers, web workers and startups. RocketLawyer is essentially a library of legal forms  – covering the spectrum of business […] Read more »

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I’m not going to lie to you — this is going to get geeky. Not run-my-mac-from-the-command-line geeky, but more pocket-protector-and-green-visor geeky. I am an accountant after all. That being said, someone asked me the other day what the big deal was with Apple’s war chest. For […] Read more »

As the need for fast, large-scale computing to power sites like Facebook or even computing clouds has grown, manufacturers such as Rackable Systems are taking notes on server design from Google, which builds its own systems. The goal of their mimicry is to provide more computing […] Read more »

Positive Energy, a startup that makes software and analytics systems used by utilities to provide better smart meter services, has raised a $14 million round from New Enterprise Associates. The funding was reported by the Washington Business Journal and by VentureWire. (Update: The company confirmed the […] Read more »

In Gold, we witness an American team striving for top prize in the world championship of a fantasy role-playing game known as Goblins & Gold. The Yanks have one goal: to snatch victory from the jaws of their gold-hogging archrivals, the Brits. Gold offers up an […] Read more »

Kilar on Original Content; in a Q&A, Hulu CEO says he expects library content like recycled TV shows will remain the biggest “bucket” of premium content, but originals like Dr. Horrible will be the fastest-growing segment. (MediaPost) Cuban Acquires Stake in Carmike Cinemas; Cuban, who also […] Read more »

At the urging of state officials, Texas oil giant ExxonMobil has undertaken a $70 million project to capture and store 6 million metric tons of emissions annually from its natural gas plant in La Barge, Wyo., an increase of 50 percent from the current 4 million […] Read more »

During the rest of the year, my life is filled mostly with other technology workers and freelancers who easily understand what I do for a living. However, the holidays can be a different story when I’m faced with people who know little about what it means to be a web worker. Read more »

Faced with a free moment on Saturday night, I succumbed to the temptation to check the GigaOM site on my BlackBerry. But when I clicked on my browser, I ended up in the Verizon start page. After checking that I had indeed clicked through the correct […] Read more »

Rolando has arrived, amid murmurs that it may be the best game out for iPhone and touch. And with compelling gameplay, awesome artwork and foot-tappingly funky music, it’s certainly my favorite game of the year. Alongside being the season for frivolity and festivity, it’s that special time […] Read more »

2008 is almost gone, and for most of us, this is a slack week at work – whether we’re self-employed or working for someone else (you may even be on voluntary or enforced vacation in the latter case). Traditionally, that makes it a good time for […] Read more »

Tesla vs. Recession: Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk says the Model S sedan factory is no longer a done deal, but the company will survive the recession if it watches expenses “like crazy.” — San Francisco Chronicle Here Come the Californians: California Democrats hold key positions […] Read more »

Let the CES news parade commence! We still have a week till the Las Vegas gadgetcon, but companies are already hyping what they’re bringing to the show. CNET has a nice read today on Intel and Yahoo’s Widget Channel, which overlays simple forms of interactivity (e.g. […] Read more »

Sometimes, the cause of freelancing mistakes lies in forgetting to ask the right questions. I know this because it has often happened to me, whether I’m applying as a contractor for a project or I’m the one hiring others to work with me.  Asking these questions, […] Read more »

The season two opener of the HBO comedy series Flight of the Conchords has been watched more than 250,000 times on comedy site Funny or Die (which HBO has a stake in). The Hollywood Reporter goes on to compare this stat with the 950,000 viewers the […] Read more »

The world of electric vehicle batteries has been heating up over the past few weeks, and now it looks like Nissan Motor and NEC are accelerating their plans for hybrid and electric vehicle battery production. The two Japanese companies are expected to invest at least ¥100 […] Read more »

Let’s face it, we may love our mobile gear but most of it is not very game friendly.   Those netboots we are all enamored with are good for a lot of things but playing current games isn’t one of them.  They don’t have the muscle under […] Read more »

In mid 2008, amid growing evidence, NVIDIA acknowledged that a significant number of its previous-generation GPUs (graphics processing unit) and MCPs (media and communications processors) for notebooks are failing at higher-than-normal rates. For readers who are not aware of this story, TheAppleBlog covered this piece of […] Read more »

The creation of Address Book 2.0 – the evolution of contacts applications into something more distributed, social and elegant – is a prize being hotly contested by many startups. Just recently, Web Worker Daily has examined Soocial, ContactHero and some of the privacy pitfalls of web-based […] Read more »

A week after Warner Music and YouTube got into a public spat resulting in Warner music videos being pulled from the site, The Financial Times is reporting that major music labels might strike up a deal with premium content darling Hulu. Options being mulled by the […] Read more »

BroadSoft, of Gaithersburg, Md., has finally said what has been rumored for so long: It has acquired Sylantro Systems Corp., a VoIP applications developer based in Campbell, Calif., for an undisclosed amount of money. From what I’ve heard, no cash changed hands, though BroadSoft might have […] Read more »

Samsung Electronics is making its own WiMAX and LTE baseband chips for wireless handsets, according to an article in EETimes. The move by the Korean electronics maker shows how much opportunity it sees as the wireless industry transitions to 4G, and the fortunes of the biggest […] Read more »

Our parental units at GigaOM help put on The Crunchies, a live awards show for tech startups and products. This year the powers that be decided there will be no “best video startup” (last year Hulu won), but online video is still well-represented in the finalists […] Read more »

Add another log to the rumors igniting around energy storage startup EEStor. According to a patent application with World Intellectual Property Organization that was recently published online (via, military-industrial giant Lockheed Martin is researching developing body armor and utility garments that could include using EEStor’s […] Read more »

Last week we brought you the 10 Biggest Cleantech Disappointments of 2008 — such as electric car maker Tesla hitting a wall, and T. Boone Pickens putting his massive wind power project on ice. But nascent industry also saw a lot of significant milestones in 2008. […] Read more »

Stories for Dec. 28, 2008

This past weekend, we had yet another tempest in a teapot here in the blogosphere, this time over what, exactly, determines the authority of a tweet on Twitter. Some argued that the number of followers is the best yardstick with which to measure how important a […] Read more »

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