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According to research from Instat, ZigBee may be following in the footsteps of now-ubiquitous Wi-Fi, thanks to the growth of the “smart energy” marketplace. Earth2Tech reports that chips and nodes used to build wireless networks based on the leading standard, 802.15.4, (the one the ZigBee specification […] Read more »

Making buildings more energy-efficient has started to move into the national spotlight with President Obama’s green portion of the stimulus package. And it might be geeky, but wireless networks that will monitor energy consumption will play a significant role in efficient buildings. How significant? According to […] Read more »

Running QuickBooks for Windows in a virtual machine (VM) on your Mac is often the best way to get all the advanced features of QuickBooks that are only available in the Windows version and still have fun using your Mac the way nature intended, running OS […] Read more »

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I’m late to the game on this news, but recently the StyleTap folks announced full support for Symbian S60 devices. StyleTap is basically an emulator that allows you to run older Palm OS applications on a non-Palm device. The S60 version joins the Windows Mobile version […] Read more » Getting Viacom Content; video from MTVN, BET and Paramount pictures coming to the video portal, deal was struck separately from distribution agreement with Sling’s parent company EchoStar. (paidContent) Extreme Reach Gets $1.5 Million; video ad firm’s first round led by Village Ventures and Long River […] Read more »

At the Clean-Tech Investor Summit in Indian Wells, Calif., this week, Peter Gleick, co-founder and president of the Pacific Institute and one of Wired magazine’s 15 people President Obama should listen to, compared the global water situation to that of oil and said that a time […] Read more »

The impact of declining desktop and laptop demand on the PC industry became that much clearer this morning, as Microsoft reported lower-than-expected second-quarter earnings driven, in part, by a deterioration of its client PC business (sever software sales are flat) and said it would cut 5,000 […] Read more »

For quite a while (heck, pretty much forever), the knock on Apple has been that it’s overpriced, that the same thing can be had for much less elsewhere. A much more recent complaint is that somehow Apple never gets any critical reviews, it’s all just shoddy […] Read more »

In a rare change of pace, this piece will deal with software you actually download and install on your computer, instead of a web or cloud-based solution. The tool is Collanos Workplace, and it allows you to set up different Workplaces (note the key difference in […] Read more »

Nielsen reported today that more than 6.5 million U.S. households (5.7 percent) are not ready for the national switch to digital TV that is less than one month away. These latest numbers mark an improvement of 1.3 million homes from Nielsen’s December report on DTV readiness. […] Read more »

Hidden in an obscure section of the economic stimulus plan that the U.S. House of Representatives is set to consider next week is a provision that could provide the refundability that has been at the top of the clean-energy industry’s wish list. If it becomes law, […] Read more »

The nation’s largest cable provider is taking a page from Verizon and offering an online backup drive and limited file-sharing, according to DSL Reports. According to the report, the Comcast backup service will offer several storage options: 10GB worth for $4.99 a month, or $49.99 per […] Read more »

Instead of shoveling coal into the furnace, Ontario wants to go big with biomass. The province’s four coal-fired power plants are set to be phased out by 2014, but why let those plants go to waste when they could keep on working, but with lower emissions? […] Read more »

We received word that an Israeli company called Innovid is “coming out of stealth mode” today. That expression strikes us a little strange considering there seems to be plenty of coverage on what the company does, and the company has presented at IAB, tech industry, and […] Read more »

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