Stories for Jan. 21, 2009

The Twitter-verse worships an American Idol, as the popular singing contest/parade of trainwrecks returning to oldteevee dominated the micro-blogging service for the first part of the week ending January 20, according to Trendrr. However, when you take out Idol skewing the graph, you see that CSI, […] Read more »

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One of my favorite tips to share with clients is to take a moment every day to learn a new feature or shortcut in one of your software tools. These small steps can lead to huge gains in efficiency and productivity. This is something I try […] Read more »

AppTheater is a new site with an interesting concept — provide videos of iPhone/iPod touch applications allowing you to thoroughly preview before you buy. Hundreds of videos are already available, and the site has a respectably wide coverage of most popular App Store games. The creators […] Read more »

Today Ericsson reported a 31 percent drop in its fourth-quarter profits to 3.9 billion kronor ($465 million), announced 5,000 job cuts and said its core telecommunication equipment business was still unaffected by financial turmoil. Ericsson saw a large loss in its handset unit, but demand from […] Read more »

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While much of the focus on the media recession this past year has focused on newspapers, radio has been quietly suffering the effects of the… Read more »

A new partnership between Italy’s Fiat Auto and Chrysler is no Renault-Nissan. It involves zero infrastructure deals or grand electric vehicle schemes. As Chrysler chief Bob Nardelli said today when he announced Fiat’s 35-percent equity interest in the smallest of the Big Three, the automakers’ markets line […] Read more »

Stories for Jan. 20, 2009

A lot has been written about the venture capital industry and how its problems affect Silicon Valley’s (proverbial) innovation machine. And that certainly is true, but the bigger problem for the technology industry has been the IPO market, which mirrors the pitching average of New York […] Read more »

[qi:101] Riverbed Technology, one of the big players in wide area network optimization, today acquired network management software maker Mazu Networks for about $25 million in cash with some incentives based on sales performance. For Riverbed, this is a bargain-basement way of adding features that would […] Read more »

As revelers at the National Mall in D.C. braved the cold to watch today’s inaugural parade, I’ve been “braving” the 80-degree weather in Palm Springs, Calif. No, I’m not taking a post-holidays holiday; I flew south to attend the annual Clean Tech Investor Summit, hosted by […] Read more »

I think the folks at Mobipocket secretly know that I’ve recently been considering a BlackBerry purchase. They’re pushing me closer to making that a reality with the news that they now support the Bold and Storm with their eBook software. Actually, it’s just the beta of […] Read more »

– Warner Bros.: Time Warner’s Warner Bros. Entertainment is slated to lay off 10 percent of its staff worldwide — or about 800 jobs — ac… Read more »

After giving up on watching President Barack Obama’s inauguration online, I started thinking about how spoiled I am to be able to choose between watching the speech online or on a HD television set. More than 10 percent of Americans couldn’t watch a live stream, even […] Read more »

I have been using the HP Mini 2140 netbook for a few days now and I am more impressed with it the longer I use it.  It is the smallest 10-inch netbook around and yet has all the features you’d expect including an ExpressCard slot.  This […] Read more »

Updated with info from the company: Sega has laid off an undisclosed number of about 30 employees from its North American division, the video game software developer has just confirmed (while we’re waiting to hear back on exactly how many in the San Francisco office were […] Read more »

Burning garbage is so yesterday — now you can gasify it. And Waltham, Mass.-based IST Energy wants to bring the waste-to-energy technology to the masses. The business masses, that is. The Green Energy Machine, or GEM, which IST is launching today, is about the size of […] Read more »

President Obama’s transition site now points readers to the revamped The AP notes that the site has retained some… Read more »

Earlier this month I wrote about Whostalkin, a beta search engine that focuses on finding content on social media sites and blogs.  It seems that the whole notion of expanding searches to social sites is gaining momentum. Today I’ve been experimenting with Twingly, from a Swedish […] Read more »

There are dark days ahead for the studio behind The Dark Knight. Warner Bros. announced today that it would be cutting 800 jobs or 10 percent of its worldwide staff. Despite a boffo box office last year, the studio is blaming the global economic downturn for […] Read more »

With much of the U.S. at the office instead of in front of their TVs for today’s inauguration festivities, the many, many outlets carrying the action gave online video a big boost. We’ve been covering the various angles throughout the day on GigaOM and NewTeeVee. – […] Read more »

Yesterday, I looked at QuickBooks 2009 for Mac and while the new version is an improvement in many areas, it does not replace the Windows version in all situations. In fact, there are a number of good reasons to continue to use the Windows version of […] Read more »

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