Stories for Jan. 26, 2009

Today IBM  announced that six universities are using its cloud computing expertise to set up and manage clouds located in Qatar, Africa and in Japan. It is using Hadoop for allocating resources in the cloud — something it first began doing in 2007 when it teamed […] Read more »

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Biting Mad About Bus Emissions: A woman in New York City bit a driver’s arm (through three layers of clothing) because she was upset his bus was not a hybrid. Ouch and yikes. — New York Daily News Cleaning Up Cement Production: Mexico-based cement maker CEMEX […] Read more »

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has appointed Todd Stern special envoy on climate change, making him the country’s top diplomat for international climate negotiations. Stern worked on the Kyoto Protocol talks as an official in the Clinton administration, but he has no plans for a repeat […] Read more »

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Has any comic book movie borne the weight of expectations that Zach Snyder’s upcoming adaptation of Watchmen does? Created by Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons and John Higgins, the legendary graphic novel isn’t like Batman or X-Men, comics that have been reinterpreted numerous times by various writers […] Read more »

Sprint Nextel is shedding 8,000 jobs in the next three months as the struggling wireless and wireline carrier tries to weather the recessio… Read more »

With two months to go until our Green:Net conference, which will be held on March 24 here in San Francisco, it’s nice to see smart grid technologies take center stage in the public discourse around energy conservation. President Barack Obama on Saturday, in his first weekly […] Read more »

ABI Research today issued a new report in which it forecasts shipments of netbooks will reach 35 million in 2009, and 139 million in 2013. Back in September, the firm released a report saying it expected 200 million ultramobile devices to be shipped by 2013, so […] Read more »

Lockheed Martin Corp. and Ocean Power Technologies plan to develop a utility-scale wave power project off the coast of California or Oregon, the two said this morning. Lockheed will construct the project and handle operations once it’s up and running, and New Jersey-based Ocean Power will […] Read more »

Discovery Channel Mines the Vault; clips from 23 years’ worth of shows get new life (and ad dollars) on the web. “‘Cheetahs are still killing gazelles the same way they did 3,000 years ago,’ Doug Craig, the senior vice president for digital media production, said, ‘and […] Read more »

Digitalsmiths has added strategic funding from Cisco, the Research Triangle Park, N.C.-based startup said today. The amount of funding was not disclosed. Digitalsmiths had just announced its $12 million Series B funding at our NewTeeVee Live conference in November. Digitalsmiths has always had some nice technology […] Read more »

Smart-charging startup Coulomb Technologies, announced today that it has raised $3.8 million in its first round of venture capital funding. The round, led by Berlin’s Estag Capital, could be the cash the company needs to make a move into overseas markets. Richard Lowenthal, founder and CEO […] Read more »

Today Verizon Wireless is expected to launch its first femtocell product, which will boost cell phone reception inside a person’s home and cost $249.99. Despite the fact that there are no monthly fees, Om’s right, the femtocell is a ripoff. But while the press release may […] Read more »

Community management is one of those careers that I think of as a quintessential web worker position. In my first full-time community manager position, I worked from my home in Portland for a company based in the Bay Area. Now, I work from home as a freelance online community consultant. Even when I was working in a more traditional company with a local office, I tended to behave a little more like a web worker, since almost all of my work was online. Read more »

We looked at QuickBooks 2009 for Mac last week, and also slated to be updated for 2009 is QuickBooks Online. Intuit was showing off the latest version at their booth at Macworld Expo running in the Safari web browser (which was not previously possible). QuickBooks Online is […] Read more »

Samsung recently entered the U.S. notebook computer market and I’m not sure they could have picked a worse time to do so. They’re fighting a war on two fronts: an economic meltdown on one side and low-priced netbooks eating into traditional notebook sales, a place where […] Read more »

Is it possible that the best ideas to fight global warming will come from the garages of the masses, not cultivated in universities or by elite venture capitalists? Google thinks so, and the search engine giant is asking the public to start voting on Tuesday for […] Read more »

There’s funny business going on at MTV Networks today, as two divisions within the company made separate announcements that broadened its comedic presence online. MTV Networks expanded its “Tribes” vertical ad network with the launch of its Comedy Tribe. While the new ad network is anchored […] Read more »

Today, troubled Sprint Nextel said it would eliminate 8,000 jobs, freeze salaries and cut its 401(k) match in an effort to save $1.2 billion. Sprint currently has 56,000 employees; only 850 of the job cuts will be voluntary, and layoffs should be completed by March 31. […] Read more »

What do mig33, iSkoot and Truphone have in common? They are all startups that have raised gobs of money from venture capitalists. They all offer mobile VoIP clients. And now, all three are looking beyond plain vanilla voice services as they try and navigate the new, […] Read more »

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