Stories for Jan. 12, 2009

Just as the advertising market goes into New Year overdrive selling detoxifying foods and gym memberships, RevaHealth, a Dublin-based search… Read more »

There’s pretty universal consensus in the Mac portable community that Apple jumped the gun in dropping FireWire support from the new unibody MacBooks, with nothing adequate to replace its full functionality. Sure, you can transfer and backup files reasonably efficiently over a USB 2.0 connection, but […] Read more »

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We just got word that the social game site is selling Boonty, the company’s underlying digital distribution platform, to Nexway, a leading EU player in legal online distribution, for an undisclosed sum. Nexway gets a top casual games platform already operating more than 25 countries; […] Read more »

We noted last month that hybrid car startup Fisker Automotive planned to unveil a concept car called the Fisker Karma S (for “Sunset”) at the Detroit Auto Show. At the time, Fisker had leaked a close-cropped image of a car with an absent B-pillar, suggesting that […] Read more »

Motorola will soon lay off as much as 50 percent of its handset division, according to mobile industry blog, PhoneScoop, citing an unnamed source said to be familiar with Motorola’s plans. The post also claims that Motorola will skip the CTIA Wireless trade show in April, […] Read more »

GreenFuel is encountering even more hurdles in its path to producing algae, fed with recycled CO2, that can be turned into biofuel. This time it’s the battered economy throwing up roadblocks, and the company has cut nearly half its staff, according to XConomy. One of the […] Read more »

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“How do you find jobs?” This is one of the most common questions I hear after I tell someone that I’m an online freelancer.  My answer to this question is varied.  Most of the time, new clients find my website or hear about me through referrals.  […] Read more »

[qi:_newteevee] Sling Media co-founders Blake and Jason Krikorian, along with Sling Media Entertainment Group President Jason Hirschhorn and Chief Creative Officer Ben White, are all leaving the company that was acquired by Echostar for $380 million more than a year ago. The news was first reported […] Read more »

There are those who assume that the automobile — at least when working properly — is merely a utilitarian machine that facilitates transportation from Point A to Point B. For this particular demographic, the mere existence of a daily web show devoted to everything cool on […] Read more »

General Motors has contracted Compact Power, a Michigan subsidiary of Korea’s LG Chem, to supply lithium-ion polymer battery packs for its electric Chevrolet Volt. GM CEO Rick Wagoner announced the plan this morning at the Detroit Auto Show after more than a year of competition for […] Read more »

UPDATED paidContent is reporting that Sling Media co-founders Blake and Jason Krikorian, as well as Sling Media Entertainment Group President Jason Hirschhorn and Chief Creative Officer Ben White, are all leaving the company, just a little over a year after its acquisition by Echostar for $380 […] Read more »

In Part 1 of this little series of posts, I talked about my move from Anchorage to Tok, Alaska. I went from acceptable Internet speeds at a fairly reasonable price ($60-ish/month) to barely 512K up and down, a 10 Gig monthly limit and $180/month plus $30 […] Read more »

Automakers kicked off this year’s North American International Auto Show, commonly called the Detroit Auto Show, yesterday with less glitz and more conspicuous frugality than in years past. But new plans for hybrid and electric models were hardly in short supply. Things picked up again this […] Read more »

Many ways to share vCards on an iPhone. [theAppleBlog] Missing at CES: Google’s Andorid. [jkOnTheRun] CBS re-launches as Hulu-like destination. [NewTeeVee] Unemployment, economy and growing number of workers. [WebWorkerDaily] Why Refundable Tax Credits Are Important for Clean Power. [Earth2Tech] Read more »

As the recession becomes more and more prevalent, networking will become a more necessary tool in making sure that you can stay afloat — whether it is making new clients for business or a contact to help you get a job, should you find yourself needing […] Read more »

Move over Judson Laipply and Tay Zonday, there’s a new crop of YouTube stars gunning for you. Their name? The United States Congress. In conjunction with the 111th session of Congress kicking off today, YouTube is launching channels for the Senate and the House of Representatives. […] Read more »

Fairfield, Conn.-based General Electric is already one of the biggest manufacturers of wind turbines in the world, but it could be expanding its reach in Asia with a move announced today to form a joint venture with Shenyang, China’s A-Power Energy Generation Systems to manufacture wind […] Read more »

Evolution of Dance 2 has finally — finally — been released. After a long gestation, during which he dealt with song clearances, sponsorships and hosting (back story here), inspirational speaker Judson Laipply has put out the sequel to his chart-topping Evolution of Dance snap-shot tour of […] Read more »

Some of the first news we heard coming out of the Detroit Auto Show, which kicked off on Sunday, is that Silicon Valley electric car maker Tesla will be offering a high-performance “Roadster Sport” which will cost about $20,000 more than its currently available luxury Roadster. […] Read more »

Fox Interactive Media Shutters Flektor; online video editing and slideshow company closed down along with SpringWidgets. (paidContent) Opponents Pipe Up About Possible DTV Delay; FCC Chair Kevin Martin urges the incoming Obama administration to not push back the transition because it would create more confusion (DSL […] Read more »

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