Stories for Dec. 4, 2008

Below is a partial snapshot of MacDailyNews’ home page as of 18:00 PT on December 4. These two AT&T headlines, one immediately after the other, struck me as kind of funny:  Not sure if we should consider AT&T as “defying an economic slump” when it’s laying off […] Read more »

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Just the other day, I was using Shazam to tag music while watching a movie. Every time I use it, I’m still vaguely amazed, like I’m watching a mini-magic show. Well, now the magician has even more tricks up his sleeve thanks to a 30 percent […] Read more »

[qi:046] For the past two years, I have been pointing towards a subtle but important shift that has started to take place – the globalization of the Internet. Thanks to a broadband boom in Europe, Asia and in new emerging economies such as Brazil and China, […] Read more »

Okay, I was trying to be clever there, but it seems Real Networks has joined a long list of companies that are slashing jobs in light of the current economic situation. Media Memo first reported the news and now AllThingD has managed to get hold of […] Read more »

In an effort to combat DVR misinformation, our friends over at TV by the Numbers have added more data to their weekly rundown of the top time-shifted shows to include additional information about same-day viewing. Grey’s Anatomy continues to top the list of biggest DVR audience […] Read more »

UK Electric Car Distributors on the Brink as EV Sales Plummet. NICE Car Company, one of London’s two electric-vehicle distributors, entered administration yesterday. That’s akin to filing for bankruptcy, a term that does not apply to companies in Britain. Going Green, which distributes the G-Wiz, a popular electric two-seater, is struggling to stay afloat. Read more »

According to this MacRumors report, Apple has started to dispense promotional codes to App Store developers. With them, developers will now be able to grant free access to their app for up to 50 users. Previously, developers would have had to resort to the ad-hoc distribution […] Read more »

I’ve written before about one of my favorite sites on the web for quickly learning web development skills: W3Schools. All of the tutorials housed at the site are free, and they’re designed to equip you with useful skills very quickly, so that you don’t have to […] Read more »

The only Mac Tablet just got updated as Axiotron has announced a brand spanking new model for 2009.  The new Modbook is a MacBook that Axiotron modifies to add tablet functionality with a pen digitizer.  The new features that Axiotron is touting today: Better system performance, […] Read more »

[qi:030] It’s been awhile since I put together a list of random stuff I’ve found on the web and cool tips that have made their way into my inbox. So today I’ll try to make amends with an extra-long list: The Bureau of Labor Statistics is […] Read more »

Just in time for last minute Christmas shopping, has released their mobile app for the iPhone and iPod touch. It offers searching, Wish List and account access, and purchasing directly from the app. If you’re already an impulsive internet shopper, then this may just be […] Read more »

Automakers aren’t the only companies seeking federal aid this week. Yesterday members of the Solar Energy Industries Association, or SEIA, urged Congress and President-elect Barack Obama’s administration to help tide over solar companies until January, when a 30 percent solar investment tax credit passed in the […] Read more »

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