Stories for Jan. 15, 2009

There is a way to solve our energy crisis with strong leadership. Either candidate could have done it, and President-elect Barack Obama should. If our rich and prosperous country’s leader defines the strategy, implements the tactics and requires results, he could free the U.S. of dependence […] Read more »

DisplayPort got a big boost as a video connection standard when Apple decided to use it across its entire notebook line. Of course, being Apple, they couldn’t use it as is, and instead introduced the Mini DisplayPort version, which was more compact, and, sadly, would also […] Read more »

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By now you’ve heard that Apple co-founder Steve Jobs has taken a medical leave of absence from his CEO position, and has named COO Tim Cook as his temporary replacement. Today TheAppleBlog takes a closer look at just who Tim Cook is — and more importantly, […] Read more »

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Throughout the course of the workday, I open and close dozens of apps on my MacBook. There are five tools, however, that I keep running continuously in the background on my laptop. They’ve got small enough footprints that I don’t have to worry about using up […] Read more »

NVIDIA hopes you do want high-definition support in that netbook and just to tease you, they’re showing it off over at In the video demonstration, they’re driving a large HDTV from a netbook that pairs an Intel Atom and the NVIDIA GeForce 9400M. This is […] Read more »

Although it may not be a new concept, indirect marketing has experienced tremendous gains in popularity in recent years. Chalk this up to the growing influence of the social network as a culture-shaping force. That said, does marketing through these channels in an indirect fashion actually […] Read more »

Nuance Communications said today it’s bought several patents related to IBM’s speech recognition technology, joining Microsoft as one of the two the largest licensors of such technology. IBM, Nuance and Microsoft all provide speech-to-text and voice recognition products, an industry that’s growing in importance as devices makers […] Read more »

It seems like I am always looking for inspiration. In my case, I need inspiration for the many places where I contribute blog content: WebWorkerDaily, Fast Wonder, Shizzow, and others. I work on client projects and need inspiration for ways to solve issues and find innovative […] Read more »

Do you ever make business or personal calls on your cell phone while driving? If so, you may want to pay close attention to a campaign launched this week by the National Safety Council (NSC) to prohibit even turning on a phone while behind the wheel. […] Read more »

One of the announcements coming out of Macworld last week was the upcoming release of Lightspeed 3.0, an update to the Mac Point-of-Sale software. Lightspeed is a complete POS solution that covers both front counter and back office retail needs, and one of the few that […] Read more »

With Apple’s new GarageBand ’09, you can watch celebrity musicians like Sting and John Fogerty show you how to play the guitar, and that’s nice — but can you look over their shoulder to make sure you’ve got your fingering technique just right? That’s pretty much […] Read more »

On Tuesday, I visited Dell’s Data Center Solutions group, a separate unit inside the computing giant that design, builds and sells servers for companies that need a huge, highly scalable server infrastructure. I also was given the rare opportunity to visit the testing lab. Alas, I […] Read more »

Wikipedia Ramps Up for Video; expecting a crush of video uploads in the coming years, the sum of all human knowledge boosts its storage to 48 terabytes. (Network World) IPTV to Grow 32 Percent Annually Over the Next Six Years; cable and satellite growth rates will […] Read more »

Electric vehicle infrastructure startup Better Place has been on a roll, convincing countries, and lately U.S. states, to test out its network of chargers and battery swap stations. So why not our neighbors up north? According to the Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail, Better […] Read more »

More than 70 applications have been submitted to the Department of Energy seeking loans under its Advanced Auto Loan program, which aims to help companies build the next-generation of cleaner vehicles, a DOE spokesperson told us on Wednesday. The program was created under Section 136, of […] Read more »

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