Stories for Jan. 27, 2009

Mobile Advertising Platform AdMob said today it has started serving mobile ads to applications built for the the Google (NSDQ: GOOG) Android… Read more »

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A group of seven investment bodies, including the New York City Pension Fund, have teamed up in an effort to get major U.S. Internet service providers to detail their privacy practices through the power of the shareholder resolution. As powers go, shareholder resolutions are far more about […] Read more »

When I sat down to watch last week’s episode of Lost on a mobile phone, I thought the hardest part would be squinting to see the video on a 2.8-inch screen. Turns out I was wrong: The hardest part was getting AT&T’s CV video service to […] Read more »

Nearly a year ago, 400 Denver residents and city employees had their vehicles rigged with greenhouse gas-tracking systems in order to find out whether online feedback regarding how idling, sudden braking and rapid acceleration increase carbon dioxide emissions and fuel costs would change driving habits. Today, […] Read more »

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QuickBooks is a critical tool for many small businesses, and one of the more frustrating issues for switchers to figure out as they come to the Mac from a Windows PC. While the options for running QuickBooks on the Mac are improving in 2009, there are […] Read more »

On the OStatic blog today I covered some of the early benchmarking results appearing for Release Candidate 1 of version 8 of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser.  The speed results from ZDNet Australia that I discussed there are corroborated by other testers, including DownloadSquad. Depending on which […] Read more »

You may not agree with all the tactics of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), but you gotta appreciate their online marketing moxie. The organization said it created the sexy “Veggie Love” ad to run during this weekend’s Super Bowl, only to have it […] Read more »

Tired of tinny-sounding speakers in notebooks? Some systems offer nice sound but most the netbooks and smaller notebooks I’ve used lately have me plugging in a decent headset. It’s challenging to find room for speakers when you have to cram in various ports, jacks and card […] Read more »

If the rest of the country had followed California’s lead in supporting clean energy, improving efficiency, and creating green jobs, it might not be in the economic doldrums it’s in today. That’s the assertion made by venture capitalist F. Noel Perry, founder of the nonprofit policy […] Read more »

Project and Communication Manager Staction, which I reviewed back in September, dropped its beta tag today and has officially launched to the general public. You may recall that I was very smitten with Staction, particularly how the sparse interface (one page – two boxes) makes it […] Read more »

Break Media announced today it had formed an “internal development and production organization” called Creative Lab. But this is hardly the first time Break has gone down the original content route. Egg Drop Record Breakers – Watch more Free Videos Founded in 1998, Break has bought […] Read more »

Should eBay spin off Skype? While it’s a bad time for eBay to try and spin off it or anything else as the company tries to refocus itself and save its core franchise of online auctions, the answer to that question is yes. Armed with comments […] Read more »

[qi:083] On its earnings conference call today, Verizon says it still hopes to have LTE commercially available by the first half of 2010. Verizon President and COO Denny Strigl gave the time frame, and didn’t indicate that the four-month delay in accessing the 700 MHz spectrum […] Read more »

Getting cheaper solar power into the market isn’t just about making the solar cells more efficient at converting sunlight into energy, it’s also about streamlining the manufacturing. To that end, Israel’s BrightView Systems said it has raised $6 million in its first round of funding that […] Read more »

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