Stories for Jan. 13, 2009

Graphene Energy, an Austin-based developer of ultracapacitor technology, has raised $500,000 in seed investment from Quercus Trust and 21Ventures. The investment represents yet another move by David Gelbaum’s Quercus Trust, which was the third-most active venture fund investing in cleantech in all of 2008, according to […] Read more »

WiMAX, with its promise of super-speed wireless Internet access, is nearly here. Defined as “a standards-based technology enabling the delivery of last-mile wireless broadband access as an alternative to cable and DSL,” WiMAX is capable of data speeds around 100 megabits per second, and can send […] Read more »

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Pickens Plan, Redux: T. Boone says “the wind stuff is deader than hell right now,” but promises to push on with his plan to reduce U.S. reliance on foreign oil. — Wall Street Journal Who KO’d the Electric Car?:The concept of all-electric cars has faced resistance, […] Read more »

The MobileMe trial began to seem like it was going to go on forever, since Apple kept tacking on more time to make up for having released a half-baked service to begin with. Sadly, not so. My own trial term recently came to an end, but […] Read more »

Written by Nate D’Amico. Cisco had its living room coming out this year at CES, while Yahoo, Intel Samsung and the gang are banded together to bring the Internet into the living room via their TV widgets platform. But Microsoft wasn’t sitting on the sidelines, and […] Read more »

Driving a Prius to the mall isn’t the only way to cut the environmental impact of shopping — malls are now getting their own cleantech makeovers. Petaluma, Calif.-based HydroPoint Data Systems announced today that its WeatherTRAK smart water management system has been installed at 30 shopping […] Read more »

Israeli Defense Force Using YouTube; the military is uploading videos to explain, in English and Arabic, their operations. (Variety) First Video Shot with G1 Phone…Sucks; garbled, “colored mess” is because the G1′s firmware has big problem with video codecs. (VentureBeat) Sanctuary Ends First Season on a […] Read more »

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The first thing I want to say about this resource is that it is a little out of the ordinary. Incredibly useful, but different in that its obvious target is students. I’m not pitching it as a resource for students, although it does satisfy that job […] Read more »

Today, graphics chipmaker Nvidia said it expects its fourth-quarter sales to come in 40-50 percent lower than the $897.7 million it posted in the third quarter. That puts its revenue estimate between $448.9 million and $538.6 million — a huge drop from last year’s record-setting fourth-quarter […] Read more »

President-elect Obama will reportedly name Julius Genachowski as the new chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, replacing Kevin Martin. Genachowski will have to work hard to shift the focus away from incumbents telecommunication providers, and to come up with a broadband strategy befitting a country that has long been a technology leader and innovator. Instead of focusing on today’s access technologies of DSL and cable, the new FCC must focus on nurturing future opportunities. We’ve talked to some of our most trusted sources to come up with a detailed technology and broadband task list for the new administration to tackle. Read more »

If you’ve got young children, chances are they’re already quite adept at using the computer. This is a new generation of wired little ones, and we’ve got our work cut out for us as we attempt to stay ahead of them. I’ll wager that you’re more […] Read more »

The Supreme Court decided yesterday that it was not going to hear the case of Cablevision vs. the Hollywood networks and studios over remote storage DVRs. Instead, the high court asked the Justice Department to weigh in on whether Cablevision’s proposed centralized video recording service would […] Read more »

[qi:110] Aster Data Systems, a Redwood City, Calif-based startup that makes data warehousing software, has raised $12 million in new funding from JAFCO Ventures along with participation from existing investors Sequoia Capital, Cambrian Ventures and First Round Capital. The company had previously raised $10 million in […] Read more »

Colaab is a brand-spanking-new web app in the design and content review space. The app is not about project or task management. It’s for real-time or asynchronous collaborative work on files (documents, images, videos, and even websites). It’s ideal for remote collaboration if you work in […] Read more »

If your core business is making corn ethanol, you’ve got to evolve. Companies producing ethanol made from corn are canceling plant plans and struggling to stay afloat. Poet is one of the larger corn ethanol makers, and it has been trying its hand at producing next-generation […] Read more »

European newspaper publisher Mecom has sold its German newspapers, including the Berliner Zeitung and Hamburger Morgenpost, to Cologne-based… Read more »

It’s Always Sunny in Hulu-delphia…until it isn’t. The beloved video portal recently yanked virtually the entire three seasons of the FX show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia from its service, prompting users to bomb Twitter with negative feedback. To its credit, Hulu ‘fessed up and said […] Read more »

Unlike most hard protective cases that typically consist of separate front and back parts, the Power Support Air Jacket for iPhone 3G is a single plastic case for only the back of an iPhone 3G. Available in either black or clear, the black version is notable […] Read more »

A massive cauldron of bubbling construction debris doesn’t seem that valuable, but a group of investors that are backing waste-to-power startup Ze-gen certainly think it could be. This morning, Ze-gen said it has raised $20 million in a Series B financing from Middle Eastern industrial conglomerate […] Read more »

Any downed poles in your neighborhood in the last winter storm? Montreal’s Enerkem may be interested. The biofuel startup, which plans to make cellulosic ethanol using wood from used electricity poles, said yesterday that its first commercial-scale plant is within a few months of starting production. The […] Read more »

We’ve all read the ugly news: some 500,000 jobs lost in December, and layoffs happening all over the tech industry. And while the solar industry may be the darling of the media, venture capitalists and policy-makers, it isn’t immune to job losses. In fact, it seems […] Read more »

Stories for Jan. 12, 2009

Why Little Guys Threaten the Big Three: Technology levels the playing field for a latecomer to the auto industry, China’s BYD, to compete with established manufacturers in the race to market an electric car. — Wall Street Journal Audi’s Diesel Bet: While other automakers have gone […] Read more »

Last week, President-elect Obama suggested that the country push back the upcoming nationwide switch to digital TV (DTV) on Feb. 17. After bailing out banks, Wall Street and the automotive industry, would such a move just be bailing out procrastinators? Nielsen reported in December that 7.8 […] Read more »

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